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Local Movie release.
Date: 3/21/2017

Ho Ho Hola Colleagues:

This indy film is using my press list to get the word out on its completion.

Hope you will want to talk with Daniel Bollag if you are interested in learning more about his newest film, “A Rabbi, a Priest and an ex-Gumba… (Walk Into a Bank).”
Be sure to check out all the local names at the end of the release.

As always, many thanks in advance for your kind consideration.

Happy Holidays from Santa’s PR Elf.
Mo McFadden

“A Rabbi, a Priest and an ex-Gumba… (Walk Into a Bank)”

For Immediate Release




New Surreal Indy Comedy Reveals Sometimes Crime Does Pay

(Santa Barbara, CA) Daniel Bollag (“Identical” award winning writer/director) and Meni Philip (“Sinner” Winner of the Venice Film Festival 2009) introduce a new ingénue in film, Janelle Odair (Rabbi’s daughter), in a dark comedy entitled “A Rabbi, a Priest and an e-Gumba…” - you know the rest. But then again, you really don’t.

This is the movie we have all been waiting for. A film where the line of distinction between good and evil is so blurred it blows away any preconceived notions of story telling in the traditional sense. Based on the famous joke, this movie takes you for a wild ride.

Gambling away all of his banks money, evil banker (Daniel Bollag) hatches a plan to conceal his crime. He hires a Rabbi (Tim Whitcomb) to put together a crew and rob his bank. The Rabbi recruits the Priest (John Brindle) and ex Mobster (Anthony Ferro) to help him with the job. Once the money is stolen, no will ever know how much they took or how much was gambled away to begin with.

So, with the help of a safety deposit box, a gun and a vial of liquid LSD, this motley crew initiates their scheme. What happens next is anyone’s guess as we enter the surreal world of this madcap adventure gone awry.

In the end, through the myopic haze of this surreal comedy, the audience comes to realize, “Sometimes crime pays.”



WIDE RELEASE - 3/21/17


Dennis Klein - (Creator of The Larry Sanders Show) calls the movie, “Daringly creative.”

James Kahn - (Author of Return of the Jedi and Raiders of the Lost Ark) says; "Great acting, funny and poignant….Utilizing re-mastered footage from Charlie Chaplin and other silent era heroes and in the unique style of a young Woody Allen, Daniel Bollag brings a comedy for the ages."

Local Cast: Janelle Odair, Matt Sammartine, Stuart Orenstein, Ken Volok, Adam Childs, Emiliano Campobello, Mashey Bernstein, Ryan Dafoe, Deborah Cristobal, John Leo Brindle, Tim T. Whitcomb and Anthony Ferro – NY actor.

Local Crew: Garrett Benson – Cinematographer, Meni Philip – Editor, David Mann – Post Sound, Michael Bell, Ryan Quinn – Boom Operator, Vincent Ferro – AD, Tracy Siciliano – Producer, Matt Sammartine – Script, Travis Prow – Gaffer, Charles Ekstrom, Agustin Gonzalez, Jesse Lee, Justin Stern - Camera




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