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First Steps to Freedom
Date: 1/12/2017

An Introduction to Buddha’s Teachings and Authentic Spiritual Practice in Modern Times
with Dharma teacher Dawa Tarchin Phillips

This class provides a solid foundation in understanding the meaning and aim of the path of awakening. Whether you are a student, a seeker, a scholar, a practitioner or simply curious, this short series will show you how to joyfully take first steps in the Dharma toward reducing your own and others' suffering once and for all. This class is especially suited for newcomers.

All are welcome and donations are appreciated.

3 Thursdays, Jan 5, 12, and 26 7-9 PM

Appreciated by students for his joy, insight, and clarity of presentation, Dawa Tarchin Phillips embodies the unique perspectives of Western scholarship and neuro-scientific research and the traditional training of an authentic Buddhist Lama.

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