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Folk Orchestra of Santa Barbara - Celtic
Date: 3/26/2017

El Presidio de Santa Bárbara State Historic Park
123 East Canon Perdido Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101

TIME: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Price: $25

The premiere concert of this exciting new ensemble! A LOCAL orchestra of Santa Barbara's best musicians playing a rich amalgam of folk and classical music in exciting, unique arrangements!

Tickets are $25 and it is strongly encouraged to buy before ahead of time as seating is very limited!

Take a look and see the musicians!
Founder/Music Director - Adam Phillips

*Nicole McKenzie
*Kristi Holstein
Carmalisa Jorquia
DeeDee Nussmeier
Zela Goettler
Kristine Pacheco
Lalia Mangione
Marie Hčbert

*Angela Miller
Jimmy Chen
Helena McGahagan
Esther Frankel

*Jeannot Maha'a
Laura Hemenway
Karen Spechler
Gerrie Fausett

*Rob Moreno
Robert Else

Harp - *Laurie Rasmussen

Bagpipes, Bodhran - *Alan Wood

Flute, Whistles - *Erin McKibben

Acoustic Guitar/Mandolin:
*Neil Newton
Ian Martyn
James Watson
Pat Hackney
Andrew Manos

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