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Goal Setting & Feng Shui Workshop
Date: 1/13/2018

Learn how to set your most passionate goals and achieve them using the magic of Feng Shui at the beautiful Kimpton Goodland hotel. 10am-2pm PST.

Join this mother daughter duo for a day of discovery, design and action.

The workshop will begin with Lauren (daughter) teaching you how to set and achieve your most passionate goals. Her unique approach to goal setting will leave you with the tools and knowledge to design your dream year. Her three step system will reveal your crystal clear, 2018 goals and action plans.

Following that, Pamela (mother) will teach you the basic principles of Feng Shui and show you how to make your 2018 goals manifest in your home or office space. She teaches Feng Shui in a simple, approachable way and you'll leave with the knowledge and tools to elevate your spaces to support your new goals.

Simply put, learn to set goals and how to implement them in your space to create the best year of your life.

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