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  Lama Dog Tap Room + Bottle Shop in Santa Barbara, California has twenty taps of craft beer from around the country with the occasional international selection. Our bottle shop consists of the best beer available from local distributors, as well as beer that I hand pick from frequent brewery trips around California. Lama Dog Tap Room has more than 350 bottles of craft beer in stock. Our wine selection consists of four taps of local wines, and a small selection of bottles from assistant winemakers and winemakers who produce very small quantities. Customers can purchase bottles to go or drink them on premises for a small corkage fee. Feeling Hungry? Lama Dog shares space with neighboring restaurant Nook, which is run by Master Chef Norbert Schulz, offering burgers, sandwiches, sausages, seafood, salads and more. Their food is great and goes perfectly with our beer and wine.

  Telegraph Brewing Company - Early American brewers adapted traditional European brewing techniques to the unique ingredients, climates, and tastes of the New World. At Telegraph Brewing Co., our beers are handcrafted in that same manner at our brewery in Santa Barbara, California. Making use of as many locally grown ingredients as we can, Telegraph's ales embody our philosophy that a local brewery should reflect the traditions of its region. Our goal is to produce uniquely American beer styles that are imbued with a spirit of invention and creativity, but always with a nod toward history. Each of Telegraph's brews is carefully crafted in small batches in our downtown Santa Barbara brewery. We respectfully employ brewing techniques proven over the centuries while eschewing modern shortcuts that might make our lives easier but inevitably lead to less distinctive beers.