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Here's the Scoop
1187 Coast Village Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 969-7020

  • Category: Dessert
  • Hours: Mon -Thurs 1-9pm, Fri, Sat NOON - 10pm, Sun Noon - 9pm
  • Chef: Roberto Pattersone
  • Reservations: No
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Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: madelynn from Santa Barbara, CA
the food was perfect!, and i was very impressed by staff.they serve me very well every time i go there.

Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Cruz
Our family visits SB annually. We enjoy the downtown area very much, but this past week we ventured into Montecito for the first time. It was quiet, lovely, and had much to offer. We enjoyed a coffee at the Coffee Bean, which was quiet and very good. After a lovely walk through the town, we had a tasty lunch and met a very nice family in our little nook of the restaurant (can't quite remember the name, but something like Jeanine's.) However, all that paled when we ventured into Here's the Scoop. The gelato was exquisite, the shop was sparkling clean and very pleasant. I spoke with our server, who turned out to be the owner, and she explained that her strawberry gelato was made with organic strawberries found at the local farmer's market. I can't wait until we come back next year; that will be our first stop!

Outstanding Gelato
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara, CA
Scoop has the BEST flavors and selection. The staff is very friendly and gladly allows you all the samples you want. Gelato is fresh, home-made and has a wonderful consistency. Very generous serving sizes and the fresh waffle cones (vanilla and chocolate) are phenomenal. Our favorite stop for a late evening dessert. Try them, you won't regret it. Only drawback, no atmosphere, but order your gelato and take an evening stroll down Coast Village Road.

Rude Management
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I called looking for the manager or owner this morning letting them know what company I was with and before I was able to ask them any other questions I was cut off and I was told that they were not interested. I had a catering question and needed to know if they could cater a party of 500 or more coming up in 2 weeks. Well I guess they are just to well off to need the business.. I will not return to their location I would rather buy from Von's or Safeway before returning to Here's the Scoop... Nice Montecito people

A "must" in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Isabella Trudeau from Santa Barbara, CA
I visited Here's the Scoop recently and was astounded by what I had been missing! I am a Santa Barbara local and this is THE BEST gelato in the area. The owners are sweet as can be, innovative, and make all their own gelato. *The stawberry they make with fresh strawberries from the farmer's market! This place is unique and delicious served with a warm, comforting smile.

simply delicious
Reviewer: Katie from Santa Barbara, CA
The best gelato & sorbet I've ever had. I like that they are not skimpy on the portion either. The place could use some tidying up though... The staff should wipe the tables once a while, and not have melted gelato on them.

Everyone must try this place.
Reviewer: BJC from Santa Barbara, CA
Just tried this place for the first time and can't believe how good it is. If you want something different from all the yogurt and ice cream shops this is it. Everything is fresh and all the flavors are great. Only negetive thing is that they only have one location. Can't wait to return, I wish I would have bought a pint to go.

Good Food and Service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The Gelato and Sorbet were both really tasty. Differences I can see from Spoon in the Gelato wars are this one apparently is whipped up to a finer degree, Spoon's Gelato I think had more chunks in it(not blended so much). So if you are after a finer consistency check out this place if you want it more chunky and icey go with Spoon. Apparently they make new stuff daily. I am not sure what Spoon does. The cones here are great too with I think marshmallows put at the bottom of them.

Here's the Scoop writes: THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS, WE ALWAYS APPRECIATE THEM. As you've discovered our Gelato & Sorbets are made by us, right in our store daily. We have constant contact with Farmer's Market and local organic growers to get the best fruits in season, we make what is fresh. As far as we know we're the only shop in 805 making our own. That's the difference between hand-made (ours) and factory made. It's all in the taste & texture.
The best gelato in town
Reviewer: Kirsten from Santa Barbara, CA
If you have not been to Here's the Scoop it is an absolute must. No matter what gelato or sorbet you choose you cannot go wrong. Every single flavor is delectable. It is an amazing experience walking into a brightly colored and cheery atmosphere where the staff is eager and excited to assist you. I encourage you that if you have not tried the best in town it is highly recommended.

Here's the Scoop writes: Hi Kirsten ! Thank you for your great review. Ellie & I are always appreciative to hear from our customers, especially when they mention our staff. We believe our success is directly due to our scoopers. Please introduce yourself next time you're in ! Bob
Best Gelato West of Italy.
Reviewer: David Muir from Santa Barbara, CA
Scoop's has a very enjoyable atmosphere and plenty of room to sit and enjoy the delicious GELATO. Chatting with the owners, tasting the many flavors and learning how they are made makes for a very interesting visit. I have enjoyed GELATO through out Europe and tasting Scoop's many flavors brings back fond memories. We have visited Scoop's at least once and sometimes twice per month for the past year. The "Chocolate Dirt Worm" is GREAT!

Here's the Scoop writes: Thanks so much for your review and continued support. Ellie & I love chatting with our customers, that's why we are here. This coming April will mark our first 5 years since opening Scoops. We believe it is because of our loyal customers and of course our great staff.
great dessert, great service
Reviewer: eric from montecito
I've been eating here since they had an open house to introduce themselves to the public. I find the gelato delicious and the service always wonderful. The staff is very attentive and will hand you samples as long as you keep on asking. I always bring my mom here when she visits - she likes seeing my pictures on the wall (newspaper article by the door)

Here's the Scoop writes: Hi Eric, thanks for your comments. We do have a wonderful team, many are local young adults who are serving in their first jobs during High School. Every year we loose a few to various colleges. This year one is off to Scripps, one to Loyola Marymount, one to Savannah College of Art & Design film school, one to Cal Berkeley and one who will be with us for awhile and attending SBCC.
Great Gelato
Reviewer: C. Redmond from Montecito
The peanut butter gelato is great! So much better then ice cream. I come here frequently during the hot summer months and it is always a sweet treat. However, the service has always been really average for me. I wish it was a friendlier joint

Here's the Scoop writes: Thanks for the review. I also love our Peanut Butter w/ chunks of Reese's PB's the one flavor I take home. Your comment on the service is helpful and we appreciate it, although I was initially taken aback as our staff usually gets the greatest comments about being very friendly and always attentive. Our goal is to always improve both our product and our service.

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