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Silvergreens - Downtown
791 Chapala St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-8500

Silvergreens - Downtown writes: Silvergreens believes that we should EAT REAL FOOD.

From our homemade breads, soups, dressings and hand-cut fries, to roasting our own meats and vegetables, our menu is made from scratch each day using fresh, natural and local ingredients. Our mission is to make food as healthy as possible without compromising taste, so you can eat responsibly and indulgently at the same time.

Silvergreens is the first restaurant in the world to provide you with customized nutritional information directly on your receipt. We are also the first "Certified Green Restaurant" in all of Santa Barbara.

Breakfast: *delicious breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, pancakes, acai energy bowl, yogurt parfait, oatmeal, fresh fruit, organic coffee & more

Lunch & Dinner: *fresh soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pastas, smoothies, organic iced
tea, local beer, wine & more | Kids meals also available!

  • Specials: For current specials, visit:

  • Delivery: Delivery is available through Restaurant Connection (10am-1pm Mon-Fri, 5pm-8pm every day).
    - For Restaurant Connection Delivery, call (805) 687-9753
    - For Pick up Orders (any time), call (805) 962-8500

    Catering: *Silvergreens offers catering for any size or type of event
    - For Catering orders, call (805) 895-1705 or visit:

Reviews by the General Public

Only regret is when we go somewhere else.
Reviewer: Andrew Baker from Santa Barbara, CA
Silvergreens rocks. Always a great food experience. The ahi salad is huge and healthy and super tasty. The vege burger rocks my world. And the service is definitely best in SB. Love Silvergreens, and thankful to have found a place so passionate about serving great food that's great for you. Thank you and see you soon. (went somewhere else tonight and should have come to you guys!) - AB in SB

Shoulda come back sooner!
Reviewer: Kristin from Santa Barbara, CA
The last time I was at Silvergreens was 4 years ago and the food wasn't that impressive. I decided to try it again because they have a new menu option where you can piece together your meal from four different categories: Protein, Greens, Grains and Sauce. It's one of those mix and match options where you can have loads of different options and everyone can have exactly what they want. Yet, they still have their regular menu items to order from. Besides the change in menu I'm happy to say the food was also really good as well. It was a Tuesday, so food came out pretty quickly, but the service was slow to turn it out. It's amazing how when things are slow the staff thinks they can take it easy rather than giving the same level of service when it's packed. Overall, I'll be happy to try it again without having to wait so long.

New Menu
Reviewer: Nik Lambert from Santa Barbara, CA
Today me and a friend went there for lunch because I remember the burgers being decent there. We look at the menu and I notice that its changed... New Burgers. The Parma Burger was quite good. Loved the Mozzerella and the bite from the peppery lettuce they used. Two burgers and fries and 2 drinks for a total around 16 bucks... Decent price. Burgers were a bit on the small side but very flavorful. I'd gladly do the burger combo again.

Loved Everything about It!!
Reviewer: Tami from Orange County, CA
I found this restaurant through your website. They were so accommodating to my dietary needs! They went out of their way to make my salad to my specifications even when I specifically told them that I did not want to be a bother and had another order in mind. Someone even came to our table to check on it! Everyone kids included loved the food. $6 Wine from local winemakers is also a plus. My family and I will return for sure!!

Dislike the use of MSG !!!
Reviewer: ES from Santa Barbara, CA
Silvergreens uses MSG (monosodium glutamate) in a number of their menu items (refer to their website's allergen sheet), which is counterintuitive to their "green-washing" campaign they promote. While I very much enjoy their non-MSG food items, their eco-friendly materials, and their calorie-counting receipts, I don't feel comfortable eating there anymore because of their deliberate use of this food additive.

Silvergreens - Downtown writes: Thank you for reaching out to us. As a company we always try to be as transparent as we possibly can. We were the very first restaurant in the world to display nutrtiional info on your receipts so you can imagine how important healthy ingredients are to our success. We have had our entire menu made up with the balance of health and taste in mind and we truly do our best. We work tirelessly to always improve our products and keep them as healthy as possible in the process. While we make about 95% of our menu from scratch, we IN THE PAST USED TO USE two soup/dressing bases that contain trace amounts of monosodium glutimate, but no longer do. We are currently and will continue to be MSG-Free. We are always evolving our recipes and trying to improve the ingredients we use. We don't personally add any of this msg ourselves to anything we make. We appreciate the email and your patronage and have switched these bases to MSG-free ones. We truly care about our product and customers more than any other company I know and will always continue to improve. I don't know of any restaurant out there that is as clear and transparent about the foods we use in our restaurant as Silvergreens, and that is why that was posted on our Allergen guide at that time and we neglected to remove it by mistake. We have had our entire menu analyzed for its nutrional content and overall it is a truly healthy menu and 100% trans-fat free and MSG-free. I hope you change your mind and decide to give us another chance as we truly care about each of our customers and would hate to lose anyone. Thanks for reaching out and I hope you understand we are trying our hardest to continually improve our product and concept.
Tasty, cheap breakfast
Reviewer: Brendan from Santa Barbara, CA
I went here for breakfast today. I've been to the one in IV many times, but never for breakfast, and I hadn't been to this downtown one at all. The Belgian waffle was tasty and I got the version with berries, which really hit the spot. It's a good value at only $7. The only negative was that it cooled down very quickly as I ate it, but that's life. This location is a bit nicer than the IV one. It's still "fast casual", nothing fancy, but just looks a bit more spruced up. They have a lot of seating, including plenty of outdoor seating. It was a pleasant day, so I sat outside and read the comics while I ate. It's actually a surprisingly nice atmosphere, very relaxing, and you can look over to Paseo Nuevo across the street and watch the day go by. I could see this being a good place to hang out on a lazy afternoon with some friends.

Silvergreens on Chapala St. is AMAZING!!!!
Reviewer: Crystal from Santa Barbara, CA
The staff has the best customer service I have seen in a long time. I have never seen a frown on anyone's face and everyone is super polite. I always order the same thing when I go there, and they ask me if I want the usual. The food is great and they have receipts that show you the nutritional information. Oh and the green fries are the best!

Why are there only two locations?
Reviewer: Christian from Santa Barbara, CA
Silvergreens does so much right that it is criminal that there are only two locations: the world should know about this place. Whether you go to their downtown store or their IV one, you will find it clean & well-staffed, & even if there is a line stretching out the door when you arrive, worry not: their staff is as fast as it is friendly, and lines blink along with an almost surreal speed. The food is uniformly fresh & tasty, whether you're ordering a healthy salad (yawn) or a delicious pepper jack bacon burger. Oh yeah, and then there's the receipts. Silvergreens uses the "Nutricate" receipt, (which was invented in-house, I believe) which prints your meal's nutrition info right on the receipt. Seriously, I don't know why more places haven't licensed this technology. Actually, I think I do know why: few restaurants are as eager & proud to show off exactly what goes into their meals as Silvergreens is. Now I'm hungry.

Silvergreens Great , Delivery service Not
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara, CA
Love Love Silvergreens, Thai Salad my Favorite. However do not I repeat use the Delivery company they use for downtown location they bring the food cold and act like they are doing you a favor when they deliver it. I ordered a Burger and Fries that were I Kid you not stone cold and a Shake that was like water. I wish they would get an inhouse delivery program like they have in IV. I would order at least 2 times a week

Great breakfast!
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the first time I tried their breakfast and it was really good. I had their mediterranean burrito on a plate and it was tasty and a generous portion. It's too bad that people were waiting down the street at Esau's when they can go to Silvergreen's for a tasty and moderately priced breakfast meal.

Reviewer: mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Why would a chpped BBQ chicken salsd be hot like it had Tobasco sauce. Very strange salad with BBQ sauce drizzled over the lettuc and HOT HOT HOT!

Silvergreens - Downtown writes: The reason the BBQ Chicken Salad is hot is because one of the ingredients in the salad (and listed on the menu) is chopped jalepenos. We make everything to order so all you have to do is ask for "no jalepenos" and your salad will not have that kick. You can also request "no bbq sauce" and it will only come with homemade low-fat ranch dressing instead. Hope that helps. It truly is a delicious salad, just ask for it the way you like!
Really Good food and Nice People
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The place is amazingly large with both indoor and outdoor seating. Food is on the healthy side with a receipt that even tells you the calorie intake of the food you ordered. Nice people food out quick. Definitely worth a try. Nicer place than IV one with I think better food. Worth a try, across street from Cal Pizza Kitchen.

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