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Burger Bus
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Reviews by the General Public

Burger Bus Catered our Birthday Party - THE BEST!!!!!
Reviewer: Stefani from Santa Barbara, CA
The Burger Bus catered my husband's 50th birthday for 130 guests, and I cannot say enough WONDERFUL things about our experience. Cheryl and Michael the owners were INCREDIBLY accommodating, and so fun to work with! They were easy, VERY reasonably priced, and the bus really "made" the party. They also provided cole slaw and mac n cheese that were both fantastic, and made my life easier so that I didn't need to order from somewhere else...and REALLY excellent price!!! The ambience of their canopy, and the sweet menu they customized for my hubby was PERFECT!!! Burgers were awesome, name it!!!This is THE WAY to go when thinking of catering a big party!!!! WE LOVE THE BURGER BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Burger Bliss
Reviewer: Christina R. from Santa Barbara, CA
The Burger Bus hits the spot every time, with locally sourced ingredients and friendly family service. They serve up the classic burger and also experiment with clever and unique combinations. The meat is always juicy and served to perfection on a soft, fresh, ciabatta bread bun. The onion rings are huge and tasty. They even have a dog-friendly serving of grilled patty for the pooch:) Overall, this food truck promises a divine dining experience for anyone searching for a top notch burger.

One of the First of its kind, BUT...
Reviewer: Renzo from GaVIOTA, CA
...Pricey in my opinion. Fries are good. Unusual options, but the buns are COLD ! Toast those buns and I'll come back!

Burger Bus
Reviewer: Sally Spork from Santa Barbara, CA
Atmosphere: The Burger Bus, true to its title, a Bus: imagine a small bright yellow school bus with big black letters. As it is a food truck: there is no seating. Food/drink: We ordered a Chipotle burger. We asked for cheddar cheese instead of the pepper jack. We took a few bites: no onions (I thought it came with them, perhaps not.) the patty was not juicy or tasty. And no cheese at all. The chipotle spread was the redeeming factor. Service: We did have quite a wait; to be expected, as we caught it during the Sunken Garden movie nights. Summary: I've been interested in the food trucks for some time, and glad we had a chance to try one. The burger was nothing special: I think Burger King and In and Out does tasty, juicy grilled ones. I wouldn't order again.

So disappointed
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara, CA
I heard that this was the place to get a good burger. I ordered the cheeseburger and jelly and when I got home to eat my burger I was disappointed to see that the burger was barely cooked, there was no cheese and the burger had none of the fixings that the sign said it came with. $8.50 for a poorly cooked patty and a cold bun is ridiculous. Won't go back!

$10 and 20 minute wait for a very salty burger
Reviewer: Tina from Santa Barbara, CA
We knew it would be busy being that it was summer solstice, but waited 20+ minutes for our order (a single burger) and while I loved! the ciabatta there was so much salt on the burger that it was virtually inedible. Can't decide if we'll try it again. Might just buy ciabatta and make burgers at home for cheaper.

Reviewer: Big Rob aka Two Buck Luck from Santa Barbara, CA
The Burger Bus is SO phenominal that it makes all other burgers taste like McDonalds "burgers". The onion rings make my mouth water just at the thought of them. If I could rate higher than 5stars, I would...because, honestly, 5 stars is a serious-understatement. These guys are so good, I can't eat any other burgers

Bus wait
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
From your review it appears people DO like to wait for the bus! I go offhours, its definitely a longer wait than McD's but its also definitely not fast food in that you are getting a thick Shaloob grass fed hormone free patty. Cal Taco at the moment I believe also does Shaloob meat with about the same wait, wonder if it has to do with that type of meat? The bus is good to do every now and then when you have the time.

No one likes to wait for the bus
Reviewer: Andrew from Santa Barbara, CA
Jalapeno jelly on a burger. Daring and delicious. Same with pickle chips. Loved it first time. Second time Ciabatta roll was too much particularly given twenty minute wait while owner chatted outside bus with line 20 deep.

Most amazing burgers and sides anywhere
Reviewer: $2-Luck from Santa Barbara, CA
Though a bit pricey, a little messy, and tough to get to, TBB has the most amazing burgers and sides in the world. Their burgers will make any other burger taste like McD's "burgers". The onion rings are off the hook!! If you can afford $15-20 for a meal, you need to treat yourself to'll fill you up for the day!

Reviewer: Matt from Santa Barbara, CA
I had the best burger of my life today. It was nothing short of a spiritual experience infused with beef, bacon, spicy jelly, pickle chips and other magical "gonzo" ingredients. It was so good that after I finished it, I literally ate more out of another mans hands. Despite this somewhat homoerotic experience (or perhaps because of it), I am left with a full belly, and happy memories of a burger prepared to perfection. Were I a cow, I would insist that the Burger Bus prepare me.

Awesome food, awesome people
Reviewer: Ben from Santa Barbara, CA
Mike and Cheryl are two of the friendliest, coolest people around. Even if they weren't, I'd still go to the Burger Bus, because the food is incredible. The ten best burgers I've ever had in my life came from the Bus, and some of the best meals, period. Any time I have out-of-town guests, one of the must-do trips is the Bus for a CB&J, which people always balk at initially and love by the end. Can't recommend enough.

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