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India House
418 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-5070

Reviews by the General Public

What a great party experience
Reviewer: Sharon Stockwell from Santa Barbara, CA
We had such a fantastic time at the Bollywood dance party in India House with it's wonderful interior decorated with so many Indian antiques! Amazing sitar player with famous Tabla drummer started the evening then more live music that finsihed with a dance teacher training a group of diners to perform an authentic Bollywood show. It was all fabulous. The buffet was a collection of tasty tandoor and curry dishes that we washed down with a wonderful beer (1000?) Just loved the people watching too. This is a not to be missed unique Santa Barbara experience.

Excellent Buffet
Reviewer: Ashton from Santa Barbara, CA
I loved the decor, and charming ambience. it was a very authentic indian dining experience with the floor seating. the service was great. the chicken tikka masala was the best i have ever had. the naan was super fresh and soft. the biryani rice had the right taste. the korma actually tasted like cashews. excellent all around experience cant wait to go back.

AWWWWWWWWFUL......please avoid this place
Reviewer: kuri from Los Angeles, CA
Yesterday we went to this place for dinner,me and my spouse had the most terrible experience ever..we ordered mixed biryani, only to be served a plate of stale food. When the manager was contacted,he took our plate back but in no time came back with the same plate saying "food is fine and fresh" ,made by their chef. When we requested to talk to the chef we were told "he is very busy",(restaurant is empty). We didn't eat our food,but was charged the full amount.The staff was courteous but nobody seemed to know the name of the chef or the owner.We were extremely disappointed on the experience as a whole.Moreover after paying the check they never give you the receipt unless you ask for it specifically. Lovely Santa Barbara, lousy dining experience!!

Quite disappointed.
Reviewer: Nic from Sydney, Australia
Went tonight for dinner (family of 5) as my children had expressed interest ( they are aged 6 and 7). We were welcomed in but that was the end of the friendly service. Waiter was surly - did they really want us to dine there? The butter chicken was too spicy for young children ( they like it usually). Generally the food was fine but service very ordinary. I was offended by the 18% gratuity included in the total when the service was so ordinary. That is wrong. We didn't complain - just wont return.

Wow...What a ambience
Reviewer: Carlos from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow...First word say when you enter in restaurant. It's amazing no place can be even think to compete it's decoration. 5+ We had lunch last week, food was also delicious, and feel good i choose this place.

Disgusted Quartet!!
Reviewer: Gary from San Diego, CA
The food was the worst Indian meal we have ever experienced and we are very well travelled. The service was non-existent with the waiter more interested in watching the tv's than serving customers! No change of plates between courses, starter platter was cold and insepid. 18% Gratuity for 4 or more (we were 4), we would have paid as we saw this on the menu had the meal been good, we were appalled and refused to pay it as we had left almost all of the food. Very expensive menu, the food does not match the prices in anyway!!

So so food, no service
Reviewer: Sallee from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is so-so. For an Indian joint I expected more flavor and spice, so if you have a delicate palate, this might be a good place for you. My buddy liked it, so we are giving it an average mark. Service was not bad: it was just not there. The waterboy would kind of ask from a distance if you wanted more water, nobody else came around for drinks or other orders, and we had to go up to pay our bill. Go figure!

Awful Service, Overpriced and Rude Waiter
Reviewer: Luna from Santa Barbara, CA
We went there for lunch with the family four of us, food wasn't bad or good it was "blah". The waiter was rude, not friendly at all. No bread available for a long time. Place was empty, now I know why! When the check came they charged 18% gratuity!!!!! Come one! We had the buffet and the only thing the waiter did was to refill our water glasses once! Not going back there again!

Worse food and service ever
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara, CA
My partner and I went there today for lunch. Huge mistake. The food there was unappealing and looked like it had been sitting there for a long time without refreshing. The service was absent. The waiter ignored us and didn't bring the customary naan bread. I asked why we didn't get the bread and he said he was too busy. There was only one other table occupied in the whole place. The whole attitude of the place is one of not caring about their food or service. I don't know how they stay in business. Wish I could give neg. stars.

The service wasn't bad, it was non-existent!
Reviewer: Lara from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't get this place. My friend and I decided to give it a try one evening and we sat for twenty minutes with zero attention from the staff, which was especially odd considering the place was completely empty. After spending rather a long time watching several employees wander about aimlessly, we simply got up and left without a word. I'm not sure how the proprietors of this establishment expect to keep their restaurant open when they treat their customers with such disdain. Needless to say, neither of us will ever go back.

masala has no taste !!
Reviewer: Sal from Santa Barbara, CA
i stopped by india house yesterday to give it a try. the chicken Tickka masala was terrible. i ate only one spoon and i could not finish up my plate. it has no taste, the chicken chunks were too big. the only thing i liked was the papadum bread. in short, i will never go their again.

Reviewer: Jerome from Santa Barbara, CA
I had lunch here the other day and for a moment I thought I was back in India.The atmosphere/ambience was unbelievable.The cuisine is as good as many 5 Star Indian restaurants I have visited in Europe.Very friendly service and was even greeted by the owner Chef Krishan.Great value for the high quality of food.

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