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Nicky Dís Wood-Fired Pizza
2840 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 898-2222

Reviews by the General Public

Hot Diggity!
Reviewer: EllieMae from Santa Barbara, CA
We stopped in one night after they first opened because the aroma was lifting me off my feet...I said to the Hubs, "I smell REAL pizza..." and I haven't been disappointed yet! We never have leftovers, which says a lot about the pizza. It's so dang good!

Order the Sicilian Style Pizza
Reviewer: Russ from Santa Barbara, CA
We order here often but the key is to order the special Sicilian (thick) style pizza. It's as close as you can get to NY style pizza. Be prepared to order over the phone as it takes one hour to prepare (the dough has to rise). I just love their pizza!

Best pizza in the city
Reviewer: Charlotte Klein from Goleta
I usually come here a few times a month and I must say that hands down Nicky's is the best pizza in the city! HOWEVER.. you must eat it there and not let it steam in the box for anytime, or it will become very soggy. Which is a big problem for take away and delivery orders. Perhaps because the crust is thin?? I just eat it there when it's piping hot, with a cold, draft Stella. Drool!

Best of the best!,
Reviewer: Kathleen from Santa Barbara, CA
This was my second order, I live in L A and come every couple of weeks and believe this will be a regular order. The wood fire crust and the garlic infused olive oil raise this pizza well above the customary offerings. It takes me back to The New York of my childhood. Thank you

Nice try --
Reviewer: Quatre from Santa Barbara, CA
I like to make pizza, and hail from around New York -- this shop has pie that is reminiscent of stuff from back there, and that's what you want in pizza. Best I've found here so far. Take it home - there is zero ambience.

Rip Off.
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
We have had Nicky D's pizza several times. It's ok pizza... still not as good as you can get on the east coast. Last time we got the pie delivered I was given one price over the phone, but when the rude, pissed off driver came to deliver the pizza he gave me a price that was $4.00 more than what I was originally quoted. I had to ask him why it was so much more. He told me I was outside the 3 mile radius so he simply added it on. If somebody had called or the driver simply told me that NEXT TIME there would be a mileage surcharge... OK. Sorry, but that big city crap won't fly in SB. You guys lost a good customer lastnight.

No Frills - Best Pizza in SB
Reviewer: Peter from Santa Barbara, CA
Nicky D's wood fired oven makes a great pizza. The dough recipe is good, and the owner is usually there keeping quality high. There are a handful of gourmet pizza restaurants in town, a fresh pizza from Nicky D is as good or better than the best SB has to offer.

Bob is the best!!!
Reviewer: Mike and valarie from Santa Barbara, CA
Everything was awesome, food experience, atmosphere and employees. Bobbie made the best pizza ever!! Will always go back

Good idea, but misses the mark
Reviewer: Maureen from Santa Barbara, CA
Today was my second trip to Nicky D's. The first time I was in a hurry and just picked up a slice of pizza that turned out to be a soggy, and less than satisfying lunch. Today I tried the Capreses Hero which sounded interesting, but missed the mark. The bread was a mushy white roll, it had too much mozzarella, too little basil, ho-hum tomatoes, and the chef completely omitted the olive oil (listed as an ingredient in the menu.) Overall, my experience has been disappointing, and I probably won't be bold enough to try a third meal here.

Worst Pizza and Service in SB in 20 years
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
Delivery Driver never showed, so we went and picked up. We were excited to try different pizza in SB. Pizza was absolutely awful! Crust on BOTH pizza's was burned and pizza's were soggy. They tasted like burned rubber. We are NY style pizza lovers... this ain't it. Bummer.

Horrible Service
Reviewer: Samantha from Santa Barbara, CA
They way over charged us for garlic bread and when we tried to fix the problem they repeatedly hung up on me and they wouldnt answer the phone. I finally had to drive there and demanded that they refund my money and not charge my credit card. The manager was extremely rude and blamed the whole situation on me. im sorry but how is it my fault you hung up on me several times.!!! I wouldnt recommed the place and i never even tried the food.!

Hands down, best pizza in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Lauren from Santa Barbara, CA
The pizza is delicious - perfect thickness (or thinness, I should say) with just the right ratio of crust to sauce to cheese. Its the real deal! The service is also super friendly. I will definitely go back and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys NY pizza.

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