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Petros - Santa Barbara
1316 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 899-9100

Reviews by the General Public

Why Do Some Individual Criticim Are Useless?, 12/31/2014
Reviewer: Vivi from Santa Barbara, CA
I am addressing to people that wrote previous reviews. First, no one goes out to dinner at 4PM! They are setting up at that time lol. Expand your mind and go to Europe, restaurants don't serve until 7PM. ha ha. Mediocre would say others, well you must be a hamburger eater and have not palate which means that you would enjoy a piece of cardboard with ketchup. ha ha. As to others that were still hungry when they leave, look, fine dinning is not about stuffing yourself until your belly burst out of your belt. People like you should be forbidden to dine at restaurant like Petros. Educate yourself, food means that flavors, tastes dance in your mouth, paired with the perfect wine it becomes a divine moment, not a porcherie (Goggle it)of ingredients that trigger your brain to ask for more (watch super size me). To be satisfied does not mean to have your last bite of food piled up on the top of your throat. If you can't take it, stick with plain basic American food, but for the love of God, don't bash good restaurants because you don't understand and able to appreciate what they serve you. And to the price, welcome to Santa Barbara where everything is over priced. It is the price that WE pay to live in "paradise"

Fantastic service...fantastic food, 5/29/2014
Reviewer: Bill D. from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I eat out very often, and Petros is one of the most enjoyable Santa Barbara dining experience In long time. Wish I've discover the restaurant much earlier. She had the sea bass and I had the crusted lamb. The bass was one of the best sea food dish she ever had, the lamb was very flavorful and done perfectly. Most of all, I recommend shrimp red sauce appetizer...I forgot the dishes's name, but it was "sick." Dimitri the head host (big bald guy with the heavy Greek accent) kept the dining experience lively and colorful. The meal had us smiling the rest of the night. Give it a shot, I don't think you'll won't be disappointed. Oh yea, try the fluffy pastry dessert with ice cream, it was fabulous.

New favorite place, 5/18/2014
Reviewer: Jeremy from Santa Barbara, CA
My girlfriend and I stumbled across this place last night and loved it! We were greeted by a very large bald man at the door (I wish I got his name)and from that point on our experience there was fantastic. This gentleman truly made you feel special. He was very attentive to us while we were there. The service was great, our drinks and appetizer came out real quick. The appetizer was really good. Our entrees came shortly after and they were fantastic. I don't know why people are saying the portions are so small, I had to pass up on dessert I was so full. We loved this place and will definitely be back.

This Place is Awesome - Best Greek Food I Have Ever Had
Reviewer: Justin from Santa Barbara, CA
Dont listen to the negative reviewers -- this place is awesome. The food is fresh, high quality and DELICIOUS. The portions are huge and i normally only get an appetizer and cant even finish that. I dont know how people can say the portions are small... Out good friend is Greek and she loves this place -- said its the best Greek food she has ever had. Now that's saying something. Quickly becoming my favorite restaurant in town. Dont think twice just try it and fall in love like I did. Not to be missed.

Arrive hungry and leave hungry
Reviewer: Cultured-Hungry-Man from Santa Barbara, CA
When we paid the bill, the whole table agreed that we were all still hungry.... We went out for burgers shortly after. the ambiance is great...The food was outstanding (5/5). The prices were high(2/5), and the portions were a joke(1/5). This foo foo restaurant is aiming too high. No broken plates??? or table dancing...They should call George from the the Plaka and get some guidance.

Fourth of July Shutout
Reviewer: Don from Goleta, CA
Earlier this week I had called the restaurant to inquire about a reservation for dinner on the 4th of July. Two individuals confirmed to me that yes, they would be open on the 4th and I made a reservation. When we arrived this evening, Petros was closed. Fortunately, we were able to walk across the street and have a very nice meal at Opal. Petros is now off our dining list. With all the wonderful choices in Santa Barbara, who needs the aggravation.

The best meal we had in Santa Barbara this week
Reviewer: Jim from Burlingame, CA
We learned of Petros through (a web site worth visiting) and decided to give it try on our last night of our Santa Barbara vacation. We were delighted to find the food, service and atmosphere were all five star. The prices were more than reasonable especially considering the overall quality of our experience. During dinner, the owner described his dedication to fresh, high quality ingredients and, indeed they were. Our server, Jessica, was delightful and professional. We will visit Petros again.

We enjoyed it!
Reviewer: Stu from Santa Barbara, CA
We went for lunch and enjoyed it. Very beautiful setting, sitting in the courtyard next to the fountain. Friendly and efficient service and good recommendations for what to order. The lamb sandwich was fabulous. My wife had it on the olive bread which added to the tastiness. I had the lamb over rice/ braised beef over mashed potatoes and both were excellent worth the flavor of the beef winning out over the lamb. I thought the sandwich was a decent size and came with lots of greens but the meat platter, which arrived on an appetizer size plate was not filling for my big appetite. Now the cost: $40 for what I described plus one beer. The menu states that dinner prices are the same as lunch prices but the dinner menu has many dishes not offered for lunch. For instance I wanted the moussaka pizza but it wasn't available because the moussaka was being prepared for dinner. Would we go back again? Only for a special celebratory dinner.

Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
Had Birthday dinner there last week. We went early, so the service started out great, because it was almost empty, however when the restaurant got busier, our service really suffered. It was as if the servers don't have designated tables in one area. We didn't even see our waiter for most of the meal...and there were problems with the the busboy was serving as our waiter there for awhile. The Moussaka is not traditional so I ordered the Feta encrusted lamb chops Med. rare...they arrived cold and med.well. The second round was better but was again not hot and no juice...which tells me that the lamb is not cooked to order but ahead of time and held in a warmer. I cannot prove this but I am sceptical. The tomato olive jus was more that of an over reduced pan sauce w/burnt fond...yuck! The salmon was overlooked and dry, no sauce present. It would have been nice to have had some Greek style roasted potatoes along with the vegetable on the entrees....we are not dieting! And for the hefty price tag of each entree if would have been more well rounded and substantial. The Mezze pita with the variety of dips was delicious and a lovely presentation as well. The cocktails were good and not overpriced. I will not be back because of the expense and lack of authenticity ( I love traditional Greek food) but I realize that they are not trying to be authentic, which is fine, just not for me.

Terrible service and cold food
Reviewer: Debra from Santa Barbara, CA
Large party for Mothers Day. Service was the worst, cold food served after a long time. Appetizers served with 20 minutes in between. No follow up on served food, absolutely terrible service for an expensive restaurant. Over $500 bill. Will never go there again.

Reviewer: Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
Quick seating. Attentive, friendly service. Excellent homemade breads, delicious soups, sensational lamb and short ribs, and amazing dessert. Lunchtime prices are totally reasonable for the high quality. Can't wait to go back.

Overpriced mediocre food.
Reviewer: Matt from San Francisco
Nice atmosphere and friendly staff. The food is mediocre at best and very overpriced. Listen to the reviews that say the same thing. Borders on being a ripoff. Bring the food prices down.

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