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Mesa Burger
315 Meigs Rd, Santa Barbara
Phone: 805-963-7493

Reviews by the General Public

You're really gonna stick me with 99˘?, 1/9/2017
Reviewer: Rex Of SB from Santa Barbara, CA
Pretty good hamburgers, albeit pricey. Mesa Burger is a cut above Eureka, but not as tasty as the Nugget. Still, it's a presence that's needed on the Mesa. That said…I was kind of amazed at something that went down there at around noon today. My bill was $14.01 and I gave the clerk a $20 bill. Instead of forgetting about the penny, she actually gave me a $5 bill and 99˘ in change. When I said something like, "oh, goody, now I get to carry around a pocket full of change all day," she sniped back, "well, you could always carry change with you so you'd have the right amount." If it were a few cents, I could understand it, but a PENNY–especially at their prices? Come on!

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