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436 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 957-4177

Reviews by the General Public

Might want to check the definition of risotto., 3/19/2016
Reviewer: Barbara from Costa Mesa
Risotto is made with arborio rice, slow simmered with broth added slowly to build a creamy, saucy and flavorful dish. Not crunchy long grain rice in a watery, under seasoned liquid. 3 shrimp and over cooked tomatoes for 17.00. No thanks, pass on this place.

Poor public retalations at this venue
Reviewer: Rick from Santa Barbara, CA
Completely rejected acceptance of Travelzoo dining voucher for face value paid, which is required by Ca. law Hostess is in need of an education regarding her position of employment as self-proclaimed "minion" and a severe attitude adjustment. Contact with Travelzoo referenced several other instances involving trouble with acceptance of their vouchers at this pizza restaurant.

Bad food, mediocre service
Reviewer: Wayne from Santa Barbara, CA
Having just relocated our company to a nearby office building, we're eagerly testing out restaurant options in the area. I had a group of visiting customers that wanted Italian for lunch, so we tried Bucatini. Mistake. The food was poor and the service, while acceptable, was not great. Ordered a chicken panini sandwich, which was barely edible. The chicken was almost as tough and dry as the bread. When the bill came I noticed a 15% gratuity had already been added. Now I don't even remember the last time I didn't tip at least 15%, so this worked in our favor. But I can't help wonder if this explains the poor food quality? Server said the auto-gratuity is due to visiting European tourists not tipping. Maybe, but then again maybe European's don't feel as obligated to tip when the food is bad. To many other downtown restaurant options to risk taking customers here again. Recommending that our company strikes this place from our business lunch options.

regarding Bolognese
Reviewer: Luca from Milan (oliday in Santa Barbara)
Hi! I am Italian and let me explain: in Italy "spaghetti Bolognese" simply does not exist. We consider it something for tourists. What exists is "rag¨ alla Bolognese" which is just the dress for a general pasta dish; it is made by tomato and meat and it is cooked long and slowly (that is the secret). Cream, Besciamella and others in "rag¨ alla Bolognese" is simply outrageous! Bolognese is from "Bologna", a city in the north of Italy (so the name). So this dish does not have other area versions; in the whole country is cooked in the same way: tomato and beef meat (and onion, carrots, celery). Enjoy!

Exceptional Waiter + Excellent Food
Reviewer: Laurel from Santa Barbara, CA
We love Bucatini, we've been there many times, and our recent lunch was fantastic. Delicious food on the patio on a perfect weather day. And need to give a shout out to our waiter, Alberto: Best Service Ever at Bucatini!

OK isn't good enough
Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
NO flavor Minestrone Soup for only $6.95. Pizza with essence of Prosciutto. I am not kidding 6 quarter sized pieces on an 8 slice pizza. Ceasar salad was good and some of the pasta was 3+. This place is popular so I might try again. I think you should give a place more than one try.

Anniversary Restaurant
Reviewer: Trevor from Santa Barbara, CA
Bucatini is the first place I took my girlfriend of three years for our first dinner together. We both fell in love with the food and service. Better yet, we fell in love with each other. Thank you Bucatini for a wonderful memory. We will be coming back on the Nov. 26th for our 4 year anniversary.

The best veal
Reviewer: ginny from Vicoria Canada
A first visit and we had the best of service - our waiter was from Brazil. The special of veal scallops "limon" was perfection with gourmet sauce and superbly presented vegetables. It was not a heavy meal and the house white wine quite delightful!

The worst dining experience along with the food!!
Reviewer: Lisa Dana from Santa Barbara, CA
We were cramped in an area that was to small for our party of 6. The waiter was not experienced in serving people. I ordered Lingini Ala Crustecia. It did not smell fresh. The pasta w/ red sauce was dry. My husband ordered Scampi w/ Risotto which was flavorless and the presntation looked like mush. There were servers all around our table chatting. The pizza chef was eating visibly from the kitchen. I would never go back!!

Reviewer: Sean from Santa Barbara, CA
Bolognese is a MEAT based sauce. Purists may or may not use tomato, but depending on what area of Italy your recipe comes from there may or may not be tomato. In the culinary world of Italian cuisine, I would find it extremely difficult to find a respectable Italian chef who does not put tomato in their bolognese. Most bolognese sauces use tomato. Most use milk, cream, or my favorite, bechamel. I don't know what Bucatini uses but I always order their lasagna and it is definitely a bolognese with cream or bechamel. I enjoyed my last meal at Bucatini they have good Italian food, creative dishes and friendly service.

Bolognese is not Marinara!
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
What happened to the chef/kitchen?? They used to have some of the best authentic Italian food around. Not lately. Most everything tastes like Ragu or some Mexican version of Italian. Bolognese is a cream based sauce, not red sauce with meat. Hopefully they can get back to true Italian recipes and preparation.

One of the Best on State St.
Reviewer: Huyen from Santa Barbara, CA
My go to restaurant whenever out of town friends/family visit. Outdoor vibes and ambiance on the covered patio at night is quintessential Santa Barbara. Perfect for a date night or group dining - I've done both several times. I may be biased as many of my friends have worked here - but it's always been a great experience. They serve one of my most favorite dishes in all of Santa Barbara - linguine di crostini - super fantastico! Huge crab claws, creamy/spicy tomato sauce and an array of seafood. Drinks are delicious. I could go on and on..definitely one of the best Italian joints on State St.

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