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La Super Rica Taqueria
622 N. Milpas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-4940

Reviews by the General Public

If it is good enough for Julia, 9/13/2014
Reviewer: Amalia from Los Angeles, CA
I have driven several times from LA just to eat at La Super Rica Taqueria for my BD. Thier foord is super. ( my friends have learned not to ask me what I want for my BD, unless they are willing to drive me to SB); as a matter of fact my friend just send me a picture of La Super Rica with the link from which I am typing this review) and all she said in the email was what day and what time. I read in Julia's Child biograpy book that La Super Rica was her favorite place to eat whenever she was in town. I figured if one of the Best Cheif's in the world loved it here, who am I, to rate it less then five stars. Acutaly, the food is very good. (I take my tupperware, so I can buy exact orders to put in my freezer for another special day) Yeah, the average wait is one hour, but who care's , once you take your 1st bite, you forget about the wait. The only other resturant I would wait for an hour is in Numero 1 (No, not the Pizza place), in Puerto Nuevo, Baja California Sur for thier Lobster.

Not just the best Mexican food in SB - the best food in SB, 9/11/2014
Reviewer: Bruce from Santa Barbara, CA
We have tried almost every item on the menu. All excellent. This is not the typical California style Mexican food. Rather, great food from the interior of Mexico. The food is always fresh. Sometimes long lines on weekends as the LA crowd is well aware of the food. Best times are 11:30 for lunch and 5:00 for dinner. Many Hollywood stars have first or second homes in SB. Most of them eat here. We leave them alone. Please do not bother them. Always ask what the daily specials are - you will be both surprised and satisfied.

You couldn't pay me to eat here again., 7/31/2014
Reviewer: Joey from Ojai, CA
The restaurant is tiny and the patio is cramped. The food was mediocre and over priced. Considering the wait time and the high price, I expected better quality food.

35 years and lovin' it, 3/7/2014
Reviewer: Phil from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is great here. For those out of burritos. Just tacos, soft tortilla ones. Pining for some tonight. BTW, D. Crosby does eat here...but you gotta come at the quiet time of the day (secret).

Excellent Food...Highly Recommended
Reviewer: Billy Brown from Salt Lake City, UT
My wife and I were planning a visit to Santa Barbara for the first time. I contacted a friend of mine who lived in the area, and he told me to check out the La Super Rica Taqueria while were in town. We absolutely loved it! My first impression was an eyebrow-raising one, given the appearance...however I soon felt that the appearance of it is part of the allure and charm. Our friend warned us, "It doesn't look like much, but believe place in town." So given that, we jumped in with both feet. The food was delicious, and the service was friendly and fast. My only disappointment was that my friend told me I might spot Jackson Browne or David Crosby eating there, which didn't happen (as if I thought in reality it would). Anyhoo....check it out! Best tostada's EVER.

I haven't actually eaten there
Reviewer: KatyCat_hanab123 from Natick
I haven't tried it yet, but I am a serious Katy Cat and Katy Perry mentions it in her new song This is How We Do, and it is her fave taco place so I want to try i

Great food. Would eat here every time when in SB.
Reviewer: Kathi from Santa Clarita, CA
Posole was amazing and authentic! Pork, guacamole and tortillas were very fresh! Piping hot and worth the wait!

Reviewer: Melanie-Noree from Makaha, Hawaii
My husband and I ordered the chorizo taco, guacamole, chille relleno, and their pinto bean soup. YUM! YUM! YUM! YUM! YUM! We are hooked, everything was freshly made to order, hot, and DELICIOUS!!! It's now a must do whenever we're in the Santa Barbara Area. It may look like a "dive" or a "whole in the wall"... It's part of the ambiance. When I compare it to Hawaii, restaurants that were a "dive" were the best restaurants in town. I wish I had one closer to home. Aloha!

Recommended by a friend.
Reviewer: Bill K. from Canoga Park
Since this place was so highly spoken of, I was preparing to be let down. Well, after a five minute wait to order, and another few minutes to get our food, all three of us took one bite, stopped, and smiled. We ordered tamales, tacos, and guacamole, and all was great. Meat items were cooked well, guacamole fresh, and tamales tasty and light. Especially nice were the tortillas! We all live in L.A. and have hundreds of Mexican places to choose from, but this has become a "go to" spot when near Santa B.

No other place like it!
Reviewer: Tony Sandrich from Santa Barbara, CA
Many people expect Mexican dishes to be similar. I love posole, or chorizo tacos for example but Isidoro has his own take on these dishes. There are specials that I would choose for my last meal on earth, for example the chilaquiles on Monday, or sopes on Tuesday or Posole on Sunday. The asada tacos are nothing special but what he does with these other dishes is priceless to me. If you try it and don't like it, that is fine, less wait for me next time. I would just suggest trying a few specials.

Reviewer: Sal from Santa Barbara, CA
The only thing Super about this Place is the Super long Wait.The food was tasteless. Too expensive, small portions

Chili Relleno Best Ever
Reviewer: Elbert from Santa Barbara, CA
We have been going for nearly thirty years. It is our favorite place to eat in Santa Barbara. The Chili Relleno is the best ever.

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