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216 W. Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-3269

Reviews by the General Public

Best family restaurant I have found in Santa Barbara.
Reviewer: dennis from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Sambos. I worked at the Santa Barbara (beach) store some 35 years ago. Sambos was a great place to work and the folks at corporate headquarters (State street in Santa Barbara)really took good care of the employees.

Waitressed in the 70's...
Reviewer: Karen from Eugene, Oregon
Loved it-was among the best years of my life-am now in my 50's, and glad to have happy memories serving from my fun times in Santa Barbara, waitressing there at the original Sambo's!! I worked both graveyard and day shifts, and met many famous people, as well as a lot of folks coming in from their boats in the early mornings. It was great fun, a lot of hard work but an experience like none other. I would not trade it for anything-beautiful sunsets, good people and an honest living. Best, Karen

nice view, of course...
Reviewer: chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Earnest student server and attentive bus staff. The kitchen, however, produced a chef's and Cobb salad that were sub-par - plain fresh leaf lettuce and veg were OK, bacon fine. Nondescript cheese from a bag. But the ham and turkey were chunks of slimy thin-sliced processed deli meat from a loaf - generous enough, just plastic. Why can't an established commercial kitchen manage to roast some meats at this price point instead of sliding by? Mini-muffins are still nice. Alas, we didn't walk away feeling well nourished, just full.

Great location, food going downhill
Reviewer: Art from Oak Park, CA
We usually visit Santa Barbara by boat. In years past, the food was better, much better. The last time we ate there for breakfast, we decided it unfortunately would be our last visit. The quality of the food was very low, tasteless. Everything tasted like it was prepared with cooking oil used one too many times. This seems to be the way many old established restaurants are going these days unless the owner is personally involved in every aspect of food preparation and presentation.

Great restaurants, greater memories
Reviewer: dave from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Sambos!!! I was owner/manager of my own Sambos Restaurant in Longview, Wa. Before that (1975/76), I worked at the existing Sambos Restaurant on W. Cabrillo blvd in Santa Barbara and really enjoyed my time there. The manager at the time was Jim Vodden. Sambos was and will always be a great place to eat. dave

Semi-disappointing breakfast
Reviewer: Patrick from Santa Barbara, CA
We used to love this place, partly for nostalgia and partly for the food. Lately, it seems like Sambo's is just "phoning it in" and not striving for high quality food. This restaurant relies heavily on the tourist trade instead of repeat customers, so they are able to get away with it. I wish they'd dial it up a notch. The people are really nice, but the food is kind of pedestrian.

Great Mimosas with breakfast!
Reviewer: Debbie J.Smith from Santa Barbara, CA
A great place to go have breakfast especially for the free Mimosas every Saturday morning. Thank you! Bob for the mimosas. Debbie and Friends

Vice Pres. 1972!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Ed Madden from Warrenville
I was the regional VP when the 3 GOONS from Motel 6 took the company DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best benedict
Reviewer: Jackie from Santa Barbara, CA
Their California Eggs Benedict is the best I've ever had (And I've had A LOT in my life!) -- I've been in search of one to match ever since! I would come to Sambo's every day just for that. MMM! Delicious.

Crab Cakes & Avocado Eggs Benedict
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
Great location. Wish the food matched. First visit in 16-years. Crab cakes tasted like warm bread crumbs with a hint of crab. Poached eggs were overcooked. Hash brown potatoes were not from fresh potatoes, but a mid-level brand of frozen. Hollendaise was skimpy in quantity and lukewarm in temperature. Side dish of sausage was also a mid-level brand and lukewarm in temperature. The few micrograms of avocado was good.

OK salads, good service
Reviewer: Chris C from Santa Barbara, CA
We were greeted nicely and presented with a basket of mini-muffins - blueberry and chocolate chip - as soon as we sat down. The greens and veggies in the generous Cobb and chef's salads were fresh, though meats (other than bacon) were of the slice-off-the-processed-loaf variety, not grilled. Shredded cheese seemed to come from a bag except for the bleu. Tasty dressings and excellent service by both waiter and support staff. Average value overall.

Days of Old
Reviewer: Terry Roberts from Santa Barbara, CA
Well this sounds like the days of old Sambos. I was a cook in Kansas City at two locations and they tried to keep their payroll so low that service could not be given properly. I ate at their places in Independence and my wife and I quit going as many friends did because of service. Too bad because I really liked working there and I was a fairly good and fast cook. It just got to where it wore me out on weekends, especially sundays trying to keep up with the crowd, when there should have been two cooks there. I know they will never make a comeback but i still dream of the past.

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