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El Zarape
1425 San Andres St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 899-2711

Reviews by the General Public

Hidden gem!
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
Really good chicken burritos, chicken enchilada verde (4) with beans and rice, chicken tacos made with 2 homemade corn tortillas, chicken nachos and fresh salsa bar. Bring Lucy back she always kept the place clean and well stocked with plasticware, napkins, salsa bar.

Hidden gem!
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
Good chicken burritos, chicken tacos made with 2 homemade corn tortillas, chicken enchiladas (4) verde with rice & beans, chicken nachos and homemade salsa bar!! Chips should be included. Bring Lucy back, she always kept the salsa bar full, the tables and floor clean, & the napkins & plasticware full!!

El Zarape
Reviewer: Jacolin from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here is, at best, incredible. The service is really basic. They don't kiss your ass, but they humbly appreciate your patronage. There might be a fly or two in the seating area, the fútbol game on tv might be a little loud, and the tables haven't been washed with gold fleck, but that's not what a lil mexican joint is about. It's about good food done right. The salsa table is self serve, but ask for a lil salsa cup at the counter. I've only gotten the burritos, but they are delicious. If you have some unexplained weight gain, its due to the fact that this place calls you back again and again and again. Be humble when you walk in. Be full when you walk out.

best chillaquilles
Reviewer: rafael martinez from Santa Barbara, CA
Chillaquilles are awesome. Red sauce and chiken....heaven.

Food was old and tasteless
Reviewer: Jesus from Oxnard, CA
I went to eat to el Zarape because of the good reviews . I ordered a menudo and my girlfriend ordered a order of chilaquiles. The menudo looked and tasted like it was made a week ago, it was worst menudo I ever tried eat because I couldn’t eat it. It was that bad. The chilaquiles where made out of dip fried corn chips with just red salsa on top, very hard to chew and taste less. The service was bad my girlfriend asked how they made their chilaquiles, the cashier said, they made them fresh to order, then he asked if she wanted eggs on her order and my girl say yes but asked if they could mix them together he said yes but when we got the order the were just scramble and on top. Over all this was a very bad experience. The food and service are not worth the money or time.

born and raised in sb, lived in jalisco for 5 years love it!
Reviewer: nate from Santa Barbara, CA
order tacos, they are the closest i've had to mex since.......mex.

Good Food Ok Service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I felt a little out of place(maybe different for hispanics here) but the service was a little spotty. The inside dining area was just Ok(you had to get a key for the bathroom). But the winner was the burrito which was really tasty. The Burger was pretty good and the fries were just Ok. There are a few good places to eat at this little intersection that comprises the Westside heart including this place, Super Cucas and Paesanos.

Best Restraunt on the planet
Reviewer: John Tobias from Santa Barbara, CA
Burger Express/El Zarape is the best mexican food I have had in my 30 years on earth. I live in oakland now, and I miss san andreas and all the wonderful things there. If yer veg like me get the rajas tacos and prepare to wet yourself with pleasure...

GREAT food
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara
Really good food and the staff were great. From the smiling gal at the counter to the cooks bringing us plates full of delicious, fresh food, just a nice experience. Generous portions left my belly full! Probably the best torta in town and I've tried quite a few around here. One suggestion...get some screen doors to keep the flies out. We'll be back!

Best Torta in Town
Reviewer: Ron from Santa Barbara
Like your in Mexico..authentic. During a home remodel my Mexican helpers always went to El Zarape. I tagged along once to see what their rave was and got hooked. I had the best Torta in town and often go back for a fix. I heard the other food is great too but I stick to my torta. Workers are great and always pretent they can understand my gringo Spanish.

authentic mexican all the way...
Reviewer: Hajir Sailors from Santa Barbara
Living in montecito when someone suggests Mexican food the options are usually little alex's or Cava or maybe go into town and have chipotle or carlitos. But to really enjoy mexican food one should go to milpas and san andres and see what they have to offer. After doing this at quite a few resttaraunts, I found the westside equivalent to altamirano's. El zarape definitely is authentic mexican food, you can tell when you see "alambre" on the menu that it is. The tortas and burritos here are great, full of flavor, and wonderful, but El Zarape is oneof the few restaraunts in town that actually does alambre. Altamirano's does it, but the two taste completely different. If you dont' know what alambre is a basic explanation is meat (slice or cut somehow) bell peppers, onions, bhopped bacon, a couple other ingredients depending on where you are and of course cheese on top. Usually served on the side are beans, rice, and tortillas. For our american taste buds alambre is entirely foreign (unlike the burrito) but this really is a must try for any mexican food lovers. El Zarape will be wonderful no matter what you eat as long as you're not looking for a "night with a date" but while you're there try the alambre and compare the alambre to the alambre at Del Pueblo and the alambre at Altamirano's. I find this location to have one of the best alambre's I've ever had. Good luck and give this place a visit so you can actually taste some REAL mexican food

Not the worst, but not good
Reviewer: Phil from Santa Barbara, CA
I was encouraged by the smell of the restaurant upon entering, but was disappointed that not one table in the restaurant was clean. My fiancee and I decided to get the order to go instead. She ordered a Burrito California with chicken, no lettuce, and I ordered a Big Burrito, no onions, and we decided to try their nachos on the side. When we grabbed our order to go the nachos weighed nearly 2lbs, usually a good sign. When we opened the box, we couldn't even see a nacho, so we flipped it over and only found 8 nachos covered by a mass of toppings, and all the nachos were beyond soggy. To top it off, both of our burritos had been made incorrectly. They were both Burrito California's, I specifically ordered a regular burrito to avoid sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, and also onions. Granted, the meat was good (carne asada here), and the rice and tortilla weren't terrible, but that was about the only part of the burrito that was edible in my opinion. I won't be going back, there are far better burritos in Santa Barbara, and most have a decent place to sit.

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