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Chipotle - Downtown
723 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 730-9195

Reviews by the General Public

Sooo easy to do better than this.
Reviewer: Tony from Santa Barbara, CA
Chipotle is not real Mexican food and the flavors are not really worth anything. If you think you are eating real Mexican food here, you need to get a clue!

Reviewer: Kevin from Buellton, CA
Wow......The food was bland and the burrito was full of rice and beans and a small portion of meat. The servers even had the nerve to put about a teaspoon of sour cream on it then push it down the line. They next put guacamole on it and THEN told me at was $1.80 extra. Americanized bland Mexican food that ranks real low out there. Take your $8.00 somewhere else and get some authentic flavor!

Very Good Food, should be a hit when it comes to Goleta
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
This place is like a Freebirds with an assembly line to say what you want but the quality of the food well surpasses Freebirds. Food is similar to a Baja Fresh but better. They advertise hormone free meat etc. The have barbacoa too a spicy shredded meat. The workers were very friendly. The atmosphere was amazing, like a finer dining establishment. I predict it will be a hit in Goleta.

A bad really bad service..
Reviewer: Angie from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the food from there but the serviced its always bad.. They girls they always look bad at you when they get paid because of us, the costumers... I went today for lunch i order a quesadilla i asked for more cheese and this lady was like "i have a big line, and a big order i cant put u more cheese with this attitude, which i personality think that's not the way you treat a regular costumer, this lady's name is ofelia, she is really mean, i don't thinks that's fair for a costumer to be treated like that. Besides that if the problem was the money that she thought i was not going to paid well she was wrong that was not the problem, i was going to talk to the manager but they were busy. Im very upset about this and makes think that you dont see how your cow workers treat costumer...

custoer service at it's finest!
Reviewer: Tori from Santa Barbara, CA
through the rush of fiesta and all the crazyness they still were able not only serve great food they were able to deliver great customer service! the manager seemed to have a great team working for her! they were still freindly through the whole craziness of Fiesta!

great food, so so service
Reviewer: Stacey from Santa Barbara, CA
I've always enjoyed the food here, the ingredients are fresh and flavorful but the service is sometimes iffy. Sometimes it has taken me 4 requests to get what I want, but still worth it to get my nice big burrito. I recommend the carnitas.

good big lunch, good price
Reviewer: michelle from Santa Barbara, CA
i like Choptles burritos and i like the size even that i can not eat the whole thing. I like the americanized style of the baja ca cuisine. The service sinks if you ask for more of something and it seems like the price of the guac. gets higher every time i go in there.

Best burritos... not so good service
Reviewer: Mayra from Santa Barbara
I havent found another place that makes better burritos. They are just great, big, and at a good price. But the people that serve them got to be nicer since that kills it for me. They dont really listen to you and when you repet it they give you a dirty look. But no matter what, this is a must!

Burritos are bigger.......
Reviewer: Dion D. from Santa Los Las San, AL
....When the place is empty, but I will always, always go there. I love the tortillas they use and the salsas are awesome. I know its not the most authentic mexican place but the flavors and colors of the ingredients make up for any "americanization".

Reviewer: Franny from Santa Barbara, CAv
BURRITOS ARE AMAZING!!! Especially with guacamole and a side of chips! I always come back again and again. Very very quick service, friendly, and the burritos are..mmmmmmmmmm........

Reviewer: Sarah Grant from Santa Barbara,Ca
This is a good place for a healthy, well prepared lunch at a resonable rate and its a very good location.

Not bad
Reviewer: elle from goleta
Tried Chipotle last night. It wasn't too bad--definitely not authentic, but for the price compared to Rudy's, I'd rather go here. The steak in my steak burrito was tender and tasty. But I have to agree with the others--the chips are TOO salty. Won't order the chips again, but will go again for a quick bite to go.

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