The Restaurant Guy > Photo Blog > December 23, 2009 - Pictures from the "Accidental Santa" call center

DSC09668 DSC09669 DSC09670 DSC09671
DSC09672 DSC09673 DSC09674 DSC09675
DSC09676 DSC09677 DSC09678 DSC09681
DSC09682 DSC09746 DSC09747 DSC09748
DSC09749 DSC09752 DSC09754 DSC09755
DSC09756 DSC09757 DSC09760 DSC09762
DSC09769 DSC09773 DSC09775 DSC09777
DSC09778 DSC09779 DSC09780 DSC09781
DSC09783 DSC09786 DSC09787 DSC09788
DSC09789 DSC09790 DSC09791 DSC09792
DSC09793 DSC09794 DSC09795 DSC09796