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Take the train to Carpinteria – One friend takes the 9 a.m. train to Carp. There’s all the excitement of boarding and settling and just before the whole train-thing becomes dull, you’re in Carp, where the train lets you off right in the middle of downtown.  You’re two blocks from one of the nations best beaches and two blocks away from Cajun Kitchen, the Snoutlet Piggy's Clothing and – most impressive of all – Robitailles candy shop.  You can then take the 11 a.m. train back to Santa Barbara.  Voila – you have an exciting morning.

Explore the Waterfront by land or by sea:

By sea -
Take a sunset cruise on a sailboat, the Sunset Kid needs a four person minimum. For older kids, the Double Dolphin is a catamaran that takes excursions to the Channel Islands and does whale watches in the late winter/early spring.
By land -
  Pack or pick up a picnic lunch.  Rent a surrey for the afternoon (rollerblades, coolers, and sunscreen will fit nicely in the basket) at one of the many bike rental stands by Stearns Wharf.  You can then peddle your way along most of the 3.2 miles of waterfront bike path.  You will pass beaches, boats, restaurants, shops, parks with playgrounds, and lots and lots of people.  On Sunday afternoons you will see the fabulous Art and Craft Sale.

Explore Santa Barbara’s spectacular mountains by jeep!

Travel across the San Marcos Pass and climb the majestic Santa Ynez Mountain range, while local driver/guides share their knowledge and history of the area. Journey over old stage coach routes, canyon trails & exciting dirt roads. Visit ancient Chumash Indian cave paintings. Take a short hike to a hidden field of sand-stone boulders with a birds-eye view of the coast & valley below. A great adventure for all ages! Morning, afternoon and sunset tours available.

Cloud Climbers Jeep & Wine Tours