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Chuck E. Cheese's
4714 Telephone Road
Ventura CA 93003
(805) 644-9777

Chuck E. Cheese's bills themselves as the Birthday Capital of the Universe. From watching the kiddie hysteria inside, I must whole heartedly agree.

Today we went on a trip from Santa Barbara to Chuck E. Cheese in nearby Ventura. Chuck E. Cheese is a 30 minute drive south of Santa Barbara. Take the 101 Freeway to Telephone Rd. Take a left on Telephone Rd. Mr. Cheese's house is a couple blocks down the street on the right hand side, clearly visible from the road.

Our tour guides were Victoria, Heather, Katy and Parker. It was Victoria's birthday and this was her chosen location for festivities (remember, it's the Birthday Capital of the Universe).

All kids entering Chuck E. Cheese get a free token, good for any game inside the arcade. The birthday child, however, gets a "crown" and a bunch of tokens in an amount equal to their age. All kids and adults are stamped with a special number. When leaving, kids are checked to be sure their number matches the adult. Security is always a great idea in a place with kids running in and out.

As soon as you enter, you see the arcade and a large birthday party room with tables. The birthday room has a Disneyland-style animatronics show where Chuck & Pals perform a music routine for you on stage.

We played video games, bowling and a whole variety of arcade games. My personal favorite game (and the one where Parker beat me every time) is the Basketball Toss. There is also a cool game where you get your picture taken, then you watch as your photo is (simulated) hand-drawn and printed out for you. It is a great souvenir. Each game you play dumps out tons of tokens (if you're good at it) and you can cash them all in at the toy counter before you leave. There are action rides and crawl-through mazes that help the kids burn off some of their pizza & ice cream.

All & all we were at Chuck E. Cheese's for about two hours and the adults seem to have as much fun as the kids. If you're in Santa Barbara, and have a pack of kids with excess energy, drive 'em on down to Chuck E. Cheese!