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Santa Barbara is bursting with festivals, events, shows and activities.  On any given weekend you may be able to choose from events at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, Oak Park, Chase Palm Park or the Sunken Gardens at the Courthouse.  There are also standing attractions such as the Mission or the Casa de la Guerra that regularly host special events.

Fiesta - There are lots of things to do all around Fiesta, many of which are great for kids.  The File de Ninos, or the Children's Parade, is particularly wonderful,

French Festival - almost every weekend you will find a festival at Oak Park.  This one, however, tends to offer fun things for kids to do besides eat.

Goleta Lemon Festival - This Festival is a great deal of fun and has lots of things to do not related to lemons.

Santa Barbara Fair and Expo - This is a five day event that showcases much of the diversity of Santa Barbara county ranging from agriculture to music.  There is also a carnival with rides and animal exhibits.

Summer Solstice Parade -  Of course, this is a given.  It is one of the biggest events of the year and a wonderful way to kick off the summer.  There are lots of kids in the parade and lots of kids lined up along the route so it tends to be a no-brainer for "family fun."

Whale Festival - Although this tends to be a bit commercial, this event has some fun things for families.  If you are active in environmental issues, the Whale Festival has some nice educational projects.