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Outdoor fun is the trademark of Santa Barbara.  It's difficult to imagine one place where there is so much to do in such a small area.  

The Zoological Gardens this is a must see.  This zoo is consistantly ranked as one of the best small zoos in the country.  It has a park setting with a large central lawn for picnics and playing.  The animals are well kept and for the most part have plenty of room to roam. 

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
This is a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon.  The views are fabulous, the walk is rather easy and there is an education center. On weekends the docents put together special events.

The Waterfront Fishing, Whalewatching, Swimming, Surfing, Rollerblading & Skateboarding - need I say more?  Except possibly that Cabrillo Blvd runs right down the center of all this fun.  It's not possible to "let the kids run."  If you want a waterfront with room to run and no need for worry check out Goleta Beach.  It has plenty to do but the road runs along the edge, not down the middle.

Beaches - East Beach, Carpinteria State Park, and Goleta Beach are the best for families.  Both beaches are close to food, fun, parking and water so there is something for everybody to do.  East Beach and Goleta Beach are in close proximity to piers, so there is also the opportunity for fishing.  The beach in Carpinteria is about two blocks from the train station and downtown so there is also some excellent shopping opportunities.

Parks - Alameda Park and Chase Palm Park are particularly well suited for families.  Both have excellent play structures and lots of room for running and playing.  Chase Palm Park also has a Merry Go Round.  Alameda Park is also across the street from Alice Keck Memorial Park, which features a pond full of coy and some gorgeous, gorgeous landscaping.

Hiking - The canyon country lies on just the other side of the city.  There are miles and miles of excellent trails suitable for a wide variety of ages and endurance levels.

Skater's Point - Although this is more for the kids, it's a great place to skateboard safely.