Modern Times Beer offers 34 different beers on tap, with the core lineup being about 8, while the rest rotate in constantly to give you access to everything they have to offer. All beer offerings are brewed at their Portland, Los Angeles, or San Diego locations, and each region brews different things depending on needs and production schedules. In addition to the tasting room they have a kitchen for hot food and a mini-mart with beer to-go and t-shirts/bags.

The bar menu is 100% plant-based yet not in the traditional sense, going for bolder and richer flavors than you might expect. They offer a double-double burger, a Bratwurst Schnitzel sandwich, loaded chili verde fries, Kimchi, and more. The cheese is made from coconut milk while the proteins are made by Beyond Meat which recently had a wildly successful public offering.

When you walk into Modern Times Beer, one of the first things you will notice is the huge outdoor patio (one of the largest if not the largest in Santa Barbara) and an extensive amount of art on the walls. Modern Times Beer has an in-house art team that created all the design elements that you see. They designed the to-go beer can labels, the merchandise, the tasting room space - pretty much everything under the roof or outdoors.

Continuing with the everything-done-in-house theme, Modern Times Beer also roasts their own coffee, available for sale as whole bean or cold brew in cans or in draft.