Cimarrón - Joropo music and dance from the plains of the Orinoco River
Date: 10/11/2019

Cimarrón performs Joropo music from the plains of the Orinoco River which borders Colombia and Venezuela. Their powerful music achieves a unique blend of Andalusian, Indigenous American and African roots, with impetuous and impassioned vocals, dynamic dance, and fierce instrumental virtuosity. The ensemble includes a four-stringed cuatro, harp, maracas, Peruvian-flamenco cajón, Brazilian surdo, and Afro-Colombian tambura.
Fri, Oct 11 / 7pm / Isla Vista Elementary
Sat, Oct 12 / 7pm / Guadalupe City Hall
Sun, Oct 13 / 7pm / The Marjorie Luke Theatre, SB Jr. High

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