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Blue Dolphin Alliance - Perception and understanding by creating an awareness of protecting our fragile environment and its life forms.   (805) 566-3868

Channel Islands Animal Protection Association (CHIAPA) - CHIAPA is a grassroots organization formed in response to continual assaults on the wildlife of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands by government agencies, contractors, and private groups. CHIAPA strives, through education, to empower the American public toparticipate in wise, compassionate stewardship of the Channel Islands and the surrounding region.   (805) 882-2008

Channel Island National Marine Sanctuary
Promoting education and research, while ensuring protection of the animals, plants and cultural resources.  113 Harbor Way  (805) 966-7107

Heal the Ocean
This non-profit group is dedicated to healing the ocean in and around Santa Barbara.  Their work benefits humans, wild animals and domestic animals.

Marine Educators' Regional Alliance (MERA)
Coordinated by the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, MERA focuses attention on the diversity of the California coastal and marine ecosystems.
113 Harbor Way (805) 966-7107

The Nature Conservancy
Manages the Santa Cruz Island Preserve off the Santa Barbara coast.
213 Stearns Wharf  (805) 962-9111

Ocean Futures
A merger of the Free Willy Keiko Foundation and Jean-Michel Cousteau Institute. "Protect the ocean and you protect yourself!", 325 Chapala Street (805) 899-8898

Santa Barbara Audubon Society
Protects endangered species, preserves natural areas and wildlife habitats, and develops nature appreciation programs for schools and the public.
5679 Hollister Avenue  (805) 964-1468

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
The Museum offers a close look at the story of the region's birth, geology and minerals, native wildlife, and rich marine life.
2559 Puesta del Sol Rd.  (805) 682-4711

Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens
Set on a 40 acre hilltop, the Zoo recreates some of the most exotic natural habitats in the world. It's as wild as Santa Barbara gets!
500 Ninos Dr.,(805) 962-5339

Sea Center
211 Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, (805) 962-0885

Seal Watch (Carpinteria)

Whale Watching