Friday 4/17/2020

American Son

A Contemporary Thriller
By Christopher Demos-Brown
Directed by Jonathan Fox
April 926, 2020

West Coast Premiere

A gripping new play fresh from Broadway. This nail-biting story takes place in real-time in the waiting room of a police station where, in the middle of the night, the parents of an African-American teenager anxiously await news of their son, who may have been picked up by the police. This breathtaking drama looks at subtle, and not-so-subtle, racial dynamics in American culture.

A co-production with The English Theatre Frankfurt, Germany
ETC's 2019-20 Season Sponsored by Dana White
Production sponsored by
Zegar Family Foundation
With sponsorship from
Titus Brenninkmeijer
Dan and Donna Hone
Herb and Elaine Kendall
Sybil Rosen
Geoffrey and Joan Rutkowski
Barbara and Sam Toumayan