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Singer, songwriter and generous fundraiser to countless charities, the popular Kenny Loggins is a familiar face in the Santa Barbara area.

Today Kenny sits down with to talk about his life in Santa Barbara, raising a family with his wife Julia, fund raising for charities, his health products for children and his popular book The Unimaginable Life. The book is Kenny and Julia's story about the first seven years of their love affair and marriage as seen through their journal entries, love letters, poetry and songs.

For more information about Kenny Loggins, visit his web site at

An interview with Kenny Loggins

Audio excerpts:

     Moving to Santa Barbara (700 kb)
About Santa Barbara (500 kb)
Memories & moments (300 kb)
The Unimaginable Life: unarguable truth (500 kb)
The Unimaginable Life: jealousy (400 kb) Why did you decide to move to Santa Barbara?

Kenny Loggins: Years ago I had a buddy who lived here and I would come up to visit and play. It was perfect timing for me and I fell in love with Santa Barbara. I was living in East LA above Lincoln High School which is quite a contrast.

SB: What is it like raising a family in Santa Barbara?

KL: It is great! I was just driving through an area by the mission, it was raining with blue skies ahead, it is so dramatic and beautiful. I was thinking this is the best of Northern California meets Southern California. The weather is beautiful and so consistent. And yet at the same time there is something about this climate and the vegetation of Santa Barbara that feels more like Northern California at times.

SB: What are your favorite things you like to do in Santa Barbara?

KL: I like to go to Batty's Baseball Cages, my son is an avid baseball player and will put in a few hours there. Luke and I like to ride our bikes along the coastline. He got a two-wheeler with gears this year (he's 8) so we definitely do a lot of bike riding now. We follow the bike path along the beaches and sometimes take the car up to ride bikes by UCSB and the airport area.

SB: What are your children's names?

KL: My oldest is Crosby, Cody is 19 and Isabella is 14 and Luke is 8, and Hannah is in Pre-school.

SB: What is favorite memories of Santa Barbara?

KL: There are so many good memories. Most of my memories of Santa Barbara are of the simpler times where the family is together, maybe a birthday party at the beach or great memories of this house on Padaro Lane. Swimming at the beach, teaching my kids how to surf.

SB: What concerts have you played in Santa Barbara?

KL: I have played at the County Bowl a few times, the Arlington theatre, Iíve done UCSB a couple times with Fleetwood Mac.

SB: Do you enjoy playing here?

KL: Oh yeah, I love playing Santa Barbara, the crowds are always very welcoming. I did a benefit for the county bowl last year.

SB: For the renovation?

KL: Yeah the renovation of the County Bowl. I have done so many fund raising things here I have shied away from doing these shows.

SB: What fundraisers do you do?

KL: Usually Unity, the County Bowl one or Earth Day. If you check out my web site you can find out about this and many relationship-oriented stuff.

SB: I was reading about your book, "The Unimaginable Life" and I thought that was great.

KL: Yeah... I get a lot of mail regarding that book.

SB: What are some of things you learned from the "paths of love?"

KL: That would be about, well lets see, I would say people in relationships can learn a "conscious relationship." In order to be in the relationship in a conscious way, the two people have to be willing to tell the truth about the "unarguable truth," that is, about what they are feeling and thinking. Surprisingly that's very anarchistic right there. Most people don't tell the whole truth about whatís going on, because they think there are certain things that they should protect the other person from. That one little issue is a huge thing.

SB: You mentioned in your book about having a new child, the jealously that arises and coming to terms with issues like that.

KL: Yeah. That's a big one.

SB: About you, Julia and your child and the things that can come up.

KL: A lot of guys go through this jealously around new children which can be a primary source of infidelity. We don't talk about it. We don't expose that concept because we all feel so bad about being jealous. Plus, you're not suppose to be jealous of your own children. That is one of the things one ends up acting on unconsciously. Because you're too embarrassed to admit what you're really feeling.

SB: Reading about you, I noticed a very spiritual side to you, and a lot of relationship interest in your book. Do you have any more books planned in the future?

KL: Not at this moment. Julia and I going into the nutritional supplement field, starting with protein powder for children. We are attempting to educate parents about their childrenís blood sugar rise and fall. We are coming up with a protein powder which is specifically made for children called, "No more Tantrums", which should be out within 9 months. It is called Julia and Kenny Loggins family health.

SB: Do you have any musical projects coming up?

KL: Yeah... I just started on a new record which I will be working on for over the next 4 months... should come out in August.

SB: Thanks Kenny for your time and consideration

KL: No problem