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Summerland - Summerland, California is a quaint little seaside town reminiscent of a New England village nestled on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. You won't want to miss the many antique stores that line Lillie Ave, the main street of Summerland. Summerland is just five minutes down the coast from its neighboring city, Santa Barbara.
Carpinteria - Natural beauty, history and unique shopping opportunities form the foundation for a day of adventure in Carpinteria.
Nestled between mountains and coast, blessed with an ideal climate and an abundance of natural beauty make any day a good day to linger here.
Ventura - San Buenaventura. a title officially bestowed in 1866 -- which is Spanish for "city of good fortune." The name San Buenaventura derives from the Catholic mission established here in 1782 by Father Junipero Serra. The original mission, chapel, and grounds have all been beautifully restored and maintained, as has the downtown Old Historic District that surrounds it. 
Oxnard -  In 1897, ranchers believed sugar beets would be a profitable crop for the area, and invited Henry Oxnard to construct a local factory to process the harvests. A town quickly sprang up near the factory. The City of Oxnard was  incorporated in 1903, taking its name from the Oxnard brothers who had founded the sugar beet factory.
Camarillo - Ask residents of Camarillo why it's such a great place to live and you're likely to hear many responses: "Unspoiled" -- "Friendly" -- "Clean and safe" -- "Excellent schools" -- "Caring neighbors" -- "Close to everything I need." Camarillo takes pride in its quality of life, in the many attributes of the community that have endured and strengthened throughout the years.