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B.U.N.S., which stands for Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter, is a great organization dedicated to finding good homes for lost or unwanted rabbits.

As rabbits become more popular as indoor pets - known affectionately as "house rabbits" - the problem of unwanted and uncared for rabbits also grows.  Just as with dogs and cats, people adopt rabbits not really understanding the level of responsibility and care that go with them.  

That's where B.U.N.S. steps in to bridge that gap between owners who can no longer care for their companion rabbit and a new, loving home.  It is no small task to rescue, care for and find new homes for rabbits in Santa Barbara county.  

   The annual Rabbit Festival is held in the sunken gardens of the Courthouse.  Dozens of bunnies and hundreds of people showed up to show support for our furry, long eared friends.  Lucky bunnies got grooming, massages and spa lettuce. 

Staffed mainly by volunteers, B.U.N.S. provides the physical care for the animals in the shelter, finds foster homes when the shelter is full, and sponsors counseling and training sessions for new bunny families. B.U.N.S.' mission is:

  1. To provide shelter and care to rabbits in need;
 2. To promote the spaying and neutering of rabbits;
 3. To promote education in rabbit behavior and the humane care and 
     welfare of rabbits; and
 4. To provide humane care to other small animals at the shelter.

Volunteers and donations are always needed, as are loving homes for adoptable rabbits. 

Contact Information:
County Animal Shelter,
5473 Overpass Road,
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
County Shelter: 805-681-5285
B.U.N.S: 805-683-0521 (leave message)

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