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Jodi house
625 Chapala Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 563-2882

Jodi House is committed to providing supportive services to brain injury survivors and their families in Santa Barbara County. This mission is comprised of two distinct programs. First is the Day Program. This is based on the Clubhouse Model which encourages individual responsibility by offering programs and services in a social setting that are vital to the healing process. Survivors take an active role in maintaining the house and ensuring programming is appropriate for their continued recovery. Jodi House is a safe place where survivors and their families are linked to an entire network of individuals, programs, and organizations, forming a community of people who understand the emotional and physical challenges they are facing.

The second program offered by Jodi House is Community Support. As of April 30th Jodi House program staff recorded 154 unique information and referral (I&R) services. These services are provided to individuals with brain injury, family members and/or caregivers, usually over the phone or via email. In April alone, Jodi House received fifty-one (31) new, unique inquiries.

Approximately 40% of Jodi House members are survivors of stroke or aneurism. An additional 20% sustained their brain injury in an automobile or motorcycle accident. Other causes of brain injury at Jodi House include: brain tumor, falls, bike accidents, violent crime, secondary effects from medical procedures, drug overdose and disease.

Jodi House's services are provided free of charge to all adults with acquired brain injuries and their families. In recent months membership has grown at a rapid rate since its move to the newly renovated Sherman House (formerly Chad's restaurant) at 625 Chapala Street. Staff welcomes you to call 805-563-2882 to set up a time to stop by.