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Ahi Sushi
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2016-11

3631 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-6942

  • Category: Japanese
  • Hours: Lunch Mon-Sat 11:30am-2:30pm, Dinner Mon-Thu 5:30pm-9:30pm, Dinner Fri-Sat 5:30pm-10pm, Sun 5:30pm-9pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Will not return. Very dissatisfied , 9/23/2016
Reviewer: Pakasandra from Santa Barbara, CA
We loved this restaurant in the past, actually quite a long time ago. It has certainly declined in quality of food and service. We felt bad for the one waitress who was also the cashier. The rolls were sad. Rice did not hold together, and they were very small compared to what we experienced over a year ago. Nigiri, endanabe, and seaweed salad just were disappointing. We are saddened and will most likely not return. Atmosphere is still nice.

completely under staffed , 12/30/2015
Reviewer: Jonathan from Santa Barbara, CA
The one person who was the waiter, host, phone answerer,AND busboy was very nice but overwhelmed. We couldn't get a clear answer on the confusing menu so wound up ordering not what we wanted. The fish is good, but I doubt that I'll be going back.

Why Ahi? Why?, 6/11/2015
Reviewer: Jay from Santa Barbara, CA
This place kinda sucks, sorry. I have been 3 times, but not again. Sum this up quickly: Tiny sushi , big prices . I don't get it. Iced tea was good though.

Worst Place for Sushi , 9/9/2014
Reviewer: Alex from Santa Barbara, CA
OK, So never before have I ever been so pissed off at a restaurant as I am at Ahi sushi. This was my first time ever coming to Ahi Sushi and I will never be going back again. So I like most people know what like and usually stick to what I know and I've tried almost every sushi place in Santa Barbara other then Ahi. So I thought why not? I went online looked at their menu for their phone number and prices. All I ever get is the Rainbow roll at any sushi place i go too. Its simple and I know from how much they can vary. So on the menu listed online it stated rainbow row are 10.45 or something very close to that. Which is about average for any sushi place. I call and place my order so far so good. When i get there the lady is very nice and polite. She hands me my food and the tab but to my surprise the total is 15. dollar. I didn’t think too much of it bc maybe they haven’t updated their online menu in a while or whatever the reason and it didn’t bother me too much bc I have paid 15 dollars for this roll in the past at other places. I get my change say thank you walk to my car and drive home. When i get home i open the container where my beloved rainbow roll. is and look down to see the most pitiful roll I've ever seen in my life ! It was the most smallest rolls I’ve had ever gotten ! I am not exaggerating when I say they were tiny. I the roll was about as long and thick as my thumb which wouldn’t be a problem if i was giant hands, but i don’t ! I paid 15 dollars for a roll that was pathetic and grossly over priced. In the past I’ve payed 15 dollars for a roll and i got 15 dollars worth of sushi but this was ridiculous. I would of been better off driving the distance to some other sushi place bc at least there you get what you paid for not some tiny crap with slivers of fish on top it. Don't get me wrong it wasn’t terrible sushi but for the price and amount i would strongly STRONGLY recommend taking the time to drive some other place. For the sake of your wallet and apatite. Other wise you'll be like me and be so upset that your first ever yelp review in your life is to tell the world about this bc your that pissed off. and if i had the time i would of return and given back what Ahi sushi calls a "roll" and spend my money else where bc for the price i could of gotten sooo much anywhere else.

Good sushi, Bad service, 5/29/2014
Reviewer: Chang from Santa Barbara, CA
Sushi was good. One of the staff has very bad manner. Don't put dishes without any notice. Ask me before taking the dishes away even though you think that's empty.

Izakaya style in Santa Barbara, 1/31/2014
Reviewer: Curt from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the best Japanese restaurant in Santa Barbara with the adoption of the Izakaya-style (little dishes like tapas) menu Wednesday through Sunday nights. We had dinner with five people last night and all the dishes were excellent. Order from the special Izakaya menu!

What happened to Ahi??????, 2/4/2012
Reviewer: Nicholle from Santa Barbara, CA
I can't believe this is the same restaurant. The whole restaurant is completely run down: chairs broken, filthy floors, dirty/burned menus... The prices went up and portions/quality went down. This was our favorite restaurant and now, sadly, we will not go back. Henson & Ken, what happened??? We miss Ahi ! Very very sad to see this once fantastic restaurant come to this.

Service much improved from my last visit, 1/23/2012
Reviewer: Jonathan from Santa Barbara, CA
I wrote a review a few weeks ago and talked about the food coming out very slowly. We gave it another shot tonight. We were a party of four and ordered a wide variety of food - appetizers, entrees, sushi, etc. The food rolled out as it was ready and pretty promptly. The wait staff came often to see if we needed more tea, check how everything was, etc. A much improved experience. The menu has been expanded since last there, adding a lot of cooked items. The food itself was very good. I hope these improvements continue and look forward to going back soon.

What's wrong with service at Ahi Sushi..., 1/11/2012
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was great, but the old lady's service was awful... It was not a busy night when my wife and I visited Ahi Sushi. Since the old lady was our server, we wanted to order more food from her. I had few eye-contacts with her but she simply ignored me, and the only thing she was doing was standing right next to the sushi bar and talking loud with sushi chefs. Are we not good enough to be customers at Ahi Sushi? I used to think Ahi Sushi was one of the best restaurants in SB. I hoped she could treat customers with more respects...

Tempura & sushi taste good, but not worth the wait, 12/21/2011
Reviewer: Jonathan from Santa Barbara, CA
It took forever to get our food. 20 minutes for edamame. Tempura starter came after the sushi. They blamed it on a new cook starting that day, but other people have complained about the service so I don't buy it. Nor will I again.

New ownership? This place is suddenly very, very bad. , 9/30/2011
Reviewer: John Dopkins from Santa Barbara, CA
Holy moly has this place gone down hill. Mid September, 2011 - The waitress attempted to take our order about 8 seconds after we were seated. We were like "uh.....maybe we can have a few seconds to think and maybe, I don't know, SEE A MENU?" So out come the new menus. Neither the waitress nor the “head chef” could name the contents of the specialty drinks. I ordered a large hot saki, my lady ordered a specialty drink. The saki was brought out in a small water glass resting in a wooden box. Who drinks scalding hot saki from a water glass? Anyways, the saki, which was about half of what normally constitutes a large, spilled all over in the stupid box, and was simply insulting. It's like I totally blew their mind ordering saki at a sushi bar and they had to McGyver something together. Needless to say, the specialty drink was terrible. We were ready to bolt at this point, and one glance at the food menu sealed the deal. Their sushi is now $$$, and nigiri-type stuff is ordered in single pieces, not in twos. We bolted and went to Arrigato, which was awesome.

Food ok - service bad, 8/11/2011
Reviewer: Kai from San Jose, CA
The restaurant was right across our hotel, otherwise we would have gone to a different place since the service was rated very bad. It turned out that the reviews were quite accurate. The food was just ok (for the $85 I spent for me and my two kids). We didn't get all the items we ordered at first and it took a very long time to get the check. The tuna was great, the shrimp and squid was not fresh. There were a lot of complaints at the other tables around us. One guy waited 45 minutes for his desert before he gave up, other folks got the wrong drinks and another party asked why the soup looked the same although they ordered two different kinds, the answer was short: they only serve one kind of soup this evening - no apologies. Overall I would not recommend this place.

Great Food and Service, 6/4/2011
Reviewer: S.M. from Santa Barbara, CA
I went here last weekend with friends and it was great all around. I had read some horror stories about their service on this site, but we didn't run into any trouble. The sushi was delicious and fresh and the wait staff was very friendly and helpful. Great experience all around.

Delicous but...., 4/26/2011
Reviewer: Deanna from Santa Barbara, CA
Amazing food, awesome sushi chefs, service needs work. The chefs are very attentative to their customers and provide a pleasant overall experience. I hope the waiter and waitresses work on their end too. Last time I came here, the waitress in red was arguing with the chefs. No one was taking my drink/appetizer orders, leaving the chef to handle both duties. Overall, I was happy with my experience here largely in part to the delicous sushi and sashimi presentation.

What happen to this girl manager???, 3/29/2011
Reviewer: Susan Walker from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to dinner with my husband tonight. Ahi is always my favorite sushi restaurant in town.However, tonight when we went,it was not that busy.However, the girl looks like a manager let my husband and me sit to wait!? She was pretty rude. We waited for pretty long.She wasn't back for us,instead she sat and typed at the back. We waited waited, finally one server came for us and let us sit. What happen to her? No smile, very rude service!

TERRIBLE!, 2/25/2011
Reviewer: Shannon from Santa Barbara, CA
I am just so disappointed with this restaurant. The service is really horrible, they are actually cold, uninterested and rude. They act like they are doing you a favor. I went to get take out for lunch today and they told me 15 to 20 minutes, 45 minutes later, with me having already paid and standing waiting for my food, they tell me they have not started on it and it will be a "few more minutes". I had to get back to work by then, so I had to get my money back and go to work hungry. A total waste of an hour. This has happened before and I thought it was an accident and this time I know that is just how they treat their customers.

Only the fish is good, 11/8/2010
Reviewer: Patricia from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here was okay. The rice was completely overcooked. I ordered the black cod w/miso. The fish was actually pretty good but the soba was so overcooked I didn't even bother eating it. The rolls we had were okay. Mama mia had a good and unique flavor. The other two(can't remember the names) were alright but I wouldn't order them again. The nigiri was actually very good and to that extent Ahi lived us to its reputation. However, overcooked rice and soba in a japanese restaurant is a major no in my book. It is the lack of skill in the basic cooking that makes me not want to come back to this restaurant.

Excellent food and terrible service, 11/1/2010
Reviewer: edison meller from Santa Barbara, CA
I visit Ahi once a month or so and the food is always quite good. The service is hit and miss. This time I ordered takeout and it took over 90 minutes to prepare. I spent 50 of those minutes waiting in the restaurant. I recognize a restaurant can be busy at times. In the future I'd encourage Ahi to be honest about how long it might take and perhaps even offer a glass of water while waiting.

Unforgivable..., 9/20/2010
Reviewer: Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
It's hard to believe that there are so many good reviews here. My experience at Ahi Sushi was appalling - the worst I've had in YEARS. My boyfriend and I show up around 8pm - they supposedly close at 9:30. We order a few things for the first course with some sake and beer. A little later, at 8:30, a server comes over to tell us that they are closing early and if we are planning to eat anything else, we need to order in the next few minutes. Surprised by the abrupt notice, we struggle to look through the menu while the server continues to check in every 30 seconds to push our order. Why we stayed? I'm still wondering that myself. We finally decide on a few rolls and some nigiri, and after ordering, ask for one more beer with the next course - and she responds "NO, I'm sorry, we're closed." WHAT? You're not allowing us to have another beer with dinner? You're not willing to SELL another beer? It's appalling. This is the worst of all the things that happened throughout the night - including being served raw heads with our amaebi, asking our server if they are supposed to be fried, and having her respond "no, they are supposed to be raw" and having someone else come over 20 minutes later saying "Oh my goodness, are you eating those raw? They need to be cooked!" and then frying them - being denied more beer somehow is the most unforgivable of them all. I'm sure it goes without saying, but she didn't once return to our table after the order was placed. I think we both realized for the first time in a long time that service is truly one of the most important aspects the whole dining experience. The sushi was good, and the spot prawns were delicious. But being treated like that to have it - I wish I could say it was worth it.

Very rude and unwelcoming, 9/17/2010
Reviewer: Sebastian from San Leandro, CA
I went to Ahi Sushi because I read about it on this website. I am from out of town. Went to the place, asked if the sushi bar was available. I was told no and then the hostess went to the next person in line to take their reservation without taking mine. I will not go back to even try the food.

Better than expected, 8/4/2010
Reviewer: Brendon from Santa Barbara, CA
I was pleasantly surprised by my first visit to Ahi. I appreciate the effort that has been made with the interior. It is modern, clean & while it may be attempting to be 'Arigato North', you can't hold it against them for trying. The service was polite & again, I appreciated the effort being made, even if a little rough around the edges. The fish was fresh & the rolls imaginative. The Cajun themed role with fresh jalapenos was delicious. For this part of town, I would say it stacks up well against the competition...worth a try.

No water for the entire meal !!!!, 6/13/2010
Reviewer: Marco from Santa Barbara, CA
Me and my friend went to Ahi on a wednesday night....Very disappointed about service.They served us a Sapporo in a plastic glass!!!when I asked to have a glass the lady simply answerd me that they run out of glasses....So after a while we asked for water as my friend could not drink alchool....The answer was "sorry but we have no glasses at the moment" . So we are still waiting for water...GRRRRRRRRRRR

don't go on Saturday nights, 3/7/2010
Reviewer: dime from Santa Barbara, CA
I have figured out why the reviews on this site range so dramatically from hot to cold: there are different chefs and serving staff on Saturday nights. Or at least this must be the case, because we have had two utterly unpleasant experiences on Sat nights and I notice that the bad reviews here are written on Sundays, which suggests the same. The soy sake edamame is dramatically different on Saturday nights: no garlic, watery sauce, etc. Your food will take an ETERNITY to arrive. And, I am sorry to say it, but you will be waited on by people who do not have the presence of mind required to be servers. The last sounds harsh but it must be admitted that not everyone is suited for this profession and Ahi just happens to have hired Sat-night staff who fall into this category. But, really, on other nights, Ahi is just brilliant. I gave the food 4 stars because it's 5 on good nights; same with the service, which is 5 on good nights and 0 on bad.

Go to another Japanese restaurant, 1/17/2010
Reviewer: PJ from Santa Barbara, CA
5 of us went for dinner. Were seated promptly and drink order taken. 3 people got their drinks, two of us had to ask twice for our hot Sake. We ordered an appetizer that took a long time getting there. The restaurant was croweded and not enough serving staff. When our dinners arrived, one salmon dinner was cold, all of the side veggies were cold and under cooked. The side veggies were 1 brussel sprout cut in half, 2 slices of zuchinni and sweet peppers. As the waitress was serving our dinner she told one person in our party that "the kitchen became confused" and they were out of her order! She changed her order. It took so long that we had to ask for it "to-go" but they didn't charge us--good thing. There are other much better Japanese restaurants in town. Don't bother with this one.

What's going on???, 9/12/2009
Reviewer: Andrea from Santa Barbara, CA
Ahi is my go-to place for sushi and sashimi. Usually the fish is fresh, tasty and beautifully presented. Not so on my last visit. The slicing of the fish was sloppy and the sashimi combination was noticeably skimpier... at the very least, the usual scallops weren't on the plate. We received an incorrect roll but declined to send it back as the service was starting to slide at that point. We waited 15 minutes in front of empty dishes before flagging our server down for the check. I hope it was an off night because Ahi has always been a great place to eat.

Forgot half the order, 5/23/2009
Reviewer: J from Santa Barbara, CA
Um, please don't forget half my order, people. No sauce, no roll, no tuna in my tuna roll. Not cool, guys, not cool.

Happy Mother's Day to me......., 5/13/2009
Reviewer: Natalie from Santa Barbara, CA
My sister and I made our husbands take us to Ahi for Mother's day and as usual it was fabulous. The service tends to be slow but not Sunday, we got our food right away and our server was great. I eat here at least once a week and the fish is always fresh and the people are always nice!!! Thanks for a great end to another Mother's Day!!

Worst dining experience in years, 4/22/2009
Reviewer: brett from Santa Barbara, CA
So, to start I'd like to say that I eat here more than any other sushi place in town. However, this time was the worst dining experience I can remember, anywhere. Sunday night - about 3 tables total - pretty empty restaurant. We were seated, in the back corner and not approached for 30 minutes, even after trying to flag down the servers. Once we finally ordered it was another 40 minutes before we saw our server again - except something was missing, THE FOOD. When we asked her to check on the order she walked away. We thought this meant she was checking. Well, we were wrong. I pretty much had to force her to actually check on our food. All the time, the new tables seated long after us were enjoying their food. Once the food came it was pretty obvious that Sunday is not a good day to eat at Ahi. The rolls were all missing key components. The mama mia roll was missing the sauce and the green jalapeno bubbles (lacking technical term). Long story short, I finally sent the last roll back because it was pretty dispicable. It was the AHI roll which has ripe mango pieces on a normal basis. Except this time, the Mango was rock solid and white. That should be a pretty good indication that it is not ripe and therefore should not be served. My normal bill is $100, this one was cut short at $40, no tip. It was amazing how bad our experience was. I will eat here again, but a note to the owners. I understand you are trying open your new restaurant. Please don't forget about this one. The Sunday night staff, wait staff and chef's obviously don't jive with the normal staff. Please don't fall into the mold of Sushi on only specific nights of the week. If you can't provide quality, close your doors for that specific night.

Don't waste your time, 4/1/2009
Reviewer: Bob from Santa Barbara, CA
Went there last night (a Tuesday) and it is hands down the worst sushi experience I've ever had. I went to the grand opening of this place and remember enjoying it, so I thought I would try it again. We were seated and then not approached for our drink order for at least 10 minutes. After drinks, the waitress didn't come back for another 20 minutes. We ordered 4 rolls - Kamikaze, Mama Mia, Crunchy Spicy Ahi, and Crazy Crab. All of them were horrible. It seemed like the spicy tuna and the crab meat came straight out of a can. The sauces added nothing to do the roll (other than mildly disguising the horrible fish), other than the Chipotle sauce. I'd skip Ahi Sushi next time. You're better off just going to Sushi Teri if you want the same quality of rolls for a cheaper price. I still think Arigato is hands down the best in Santa Barbara, just rather pricey.

Great Food, Mediocre Service, 3/3/2009
Reviewer: Ryan from Santa Barbara, CA
Awesome rolls, great dipping sauces. Service is always sub par, but we keep going back just in hopes that we will have better service. Rarely get asked if we needed anything, or refilled on the water. Service needs a little TLC, but food is great.

Used to be great..., 2/19/2009
Reviewer: Bruce from Santa Barbara, CA
We went there on a Wednesday -- I've heard rumors that Wednesday is a bad day for this place; I suspect every day is. We waited to be seated, not long, we were three. They put us at a table for 2. Fine. Then 3 tables for 4 immediately opened up – we weren’t moved or even asked if we’d like to move. We weren’t waited on very quickly either… at least 15 minutes passed before someone asks what we’d like to drink. We ordered beer and were told they were out of that beer; and that they are often out of it – then why have it on the menu? We ordered something else. We ordered our food when the beer arrived. The food was ok; did I mention the prices have gone up? The beef I ordered was oily, and the sushi wasn’t as colorful and bright as I’ve seen it in the past. Ok food at higher prices isn’t what I’m looking for here. I’m looking for great food, something that makes a statement when it arrives on your table – it was that the first and 2nd time I was there. The time before this one, things were noticeably off; but I figured it was a one time thing. Now I’m suspecting it is a trend in a downward direction. No one came by to ask if everything was good. They did come by to clear our plates – even as we were still eating off them. I had to save some food before it was lost. Then we get the bill, what happened to asking if there was anything more we’d like, coffee, tea, more food? I guess we looked done, and off we went, thinking we’d not soon return. Then in the middle of the night I awoke to the aching feeling that the food wasn’t as ok as I’d first thought. I’ll spare you the details of just how off it was. No, it wasn’t my lunch – a cooked bagel and banana, nor was it my breakfast, some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. It suffices to say: this is one place I don’t need to go back to ever again.

Food/Service Good, Teriyaki Bowl portion too small, 1/28/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I guess they have to make money. One way is to make portions small. The presentation was nice along with service though. I do not understand how the businesses in "Ontare Plaza" make it with the horrendous parking there. This has to be one of the worst parking strips in all of SB with Jeanine's one way and this another way meeting in the middle. Very hard to visit these places during lunch(Spudnuts/Subway/Rudys included).

Very accommodating , 11/16/2008
Reviewer: Colleen from Santa Barbara, CA
I was really pleased with not only the food at Ahi Sushi, but the service. My boyfriend has a food allergy to gluten and the waitress and sushi chef were very understanding and did all they could to make sure his order was gluten-free. The prices are reasonable and the menu is extensive. The sushi chef was really cheerful and helpful. We will be happily returning to Ahi Sushi.

Very innovating and cutting edge Japanese, 10/23/2008
Reviewer: David from Goleta, CA
I dine here all the time and was sad to overhear the tall head waiter was leaving (a few months ago). He knew how to run a tight ship and the service was always excellent with him around. Now, the service seriously sucks. However, the food is amazing. We ordered a massive amount of food and everything was on point. I didn't have a single complaint or criticism. What's more, Ahi is really venturing out there and trying new things while keeping things fresh (fish, literally). For example, they had akimo (monkfish liver, aka foie gras of the sea) on the menu. We had to order it. They also just do great things with sauces and accouterments to their dishes like the mango salsa on top of the raw oysters. Best dish by far is the yakiniku beef. I have never gone without ordering it. Your food rocks, fix the service.

Portions are WAY too small, 10/1/2008
Reviewer: Christina from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered to-go from here a couple of months ago,and the service was great and everything. The thing was that the portions were so small! I ordered a $7 salad and it was like, nothing. They couldn't give me more lettuce! Now I know that's not expensive! And the roll was pretty puny too. After looking at it, I almost wanted to return it. My guess is to ask how big the portions are before your order it and see if it's worth the price.

small place with awesome food and service, 6/5/2008
Reviewer: jennifer from Santa barbara ca
I have been here a handful of times only but I am soon becoming a regular. The chef is very friendly and entertaining. I will always laugh when I remember what the chef said, "all I'm doing here is hacking fish and slinging rice!" the food is very decently priced. Fish is good quality. The oysters we had were amazing!

Best Sushi in SB, 2/18/2008
Reviewer: JCV from Santa Barbara, CA
The first time I ever tried sushi was at Ahi. I was lucky enough to go there with a Japanese friend (which should tell you something), who promised me I would love sushi. She was right, and I'm glad she took me there. The sushi is always fantastic, and the chef(s) are friendly and talented. If you have a chance, eat at the sushi bar and watch the preparation. Great food, great service, and a fun place to eat.

Getting better with age..., 1/28/2008
Reviewer: Nicholle from Santa Barbara
Ahi has been graciously serving stellar sushi in Santa Barbara for about three years now, and every aspect gets better and better with each passing day. I will admit that the service used to leave a bit to be desired, but I am so glad we kept going back. The food is magnificent, and the fact that Henson and Ken take the time to get to know their customers personally makes the experience that much more memorable. They make their customers feel like family. (Ever watch 'Cheers?' Same idea.) The service has improved 200% in the past year - especially in the past 6 months. The servers are much more organized and confident, even with a full house. Some of the servers even know us by name and order. Henson and Ken are both extremely knowledgable, not only in the art form of preparing sushi, but in the fish itself. Ask them anything about any fish, and you will be astonished with the answer. You will not be disappointed in Ahi. If there happens to be a wait for a table, don't hesitate. It is well worth the wait.

Yes! Yes! Yes!, 1/8/2008
Reviewer: Connie from down the street SB
My husband and I are sushi addicts and we Love. Love. LOVE Ahi Sushi. We were hesitant to try it in the first place, as the location is somewhat of a "hole in the wall." This, once you actually eat the sushi, is actually a blessing when compared to the fickle trendiness of Arigato and Sakana. Here you can take your time and enjoy incredibly good sushi and a positive atmosphere instead of stressing yourself out trying to look good for others. Tips: Sit at the bar if possible (great service) and eat in rather than take-out. We had one mediocre experience with take-out here - so just spend the time and enjoy yourself. Since discovering Ahi, we've been at least once per week, often twice per week, and we are always so satisfied. The rolls are good but the sushi itself is insanely delicious. SO fresh. Melts in your mouth. Whoever prepares the stuff must be a sorcerer, because it simply can't be possible that yellowtail can REALLY BE THIS GOOD. Decent prices and serious quality. More for your money than other spots. There's no need to pose at Arigato. Eat at Ahi!

The number one sushi bar, 12/20/2007
Reviewer: Dan Hann from San Francisco
Everything is top notch at this restaurant. I just recently went to Arigato, and let me say, Ahi is much more superb in both the quality of the fish, and in terms of price. While the atmosphere is nice at Arigato, the experience Ken and Henson provide is one of an adventure. I was also very impressed with the two new young chefs. Many people complain about the service of this restaurant, but I found the service to be of extreme quality. The tall waiter really steps it up in a restaurant with a limited staff. A tip to customers, theres no need to rush a sushi experience. Just relax, enjoy your company, and let the taste of the food be the the judge. The chefs work hard to prepare the many rolls, in addition to the attention the customers at the bar demand. Any who, Ahi is the best restaurant hands down in Santa Barbara.

I beg to differ...., 11/8/2007
Reviewer: roger from Santa Barbara
I Certainly have to take exception to the below review- I agree about the quality of the food and the chefs- all are top-shelf in quality and execution. We have eaten here from time to time since opening day (as well as eating at Arigato since their opening day in the small parking lot space downtown) We noticed some service glitches that needed to be worked out- indeed, we stopped going for a while due to frustration with same -- That all changed when the "Tall waiter" came on board. Both my wife and I agree that he is the most attentive, friendly, and knowlegeable server in the place, and has improved the experience immeasurably for us. This shouldnt be a forum to demand anonymously that someone be fired from their job- Half of all the reviews on this site seem to be whining and complaining because it took someone 2 minutes to bring them their tap water, or they didn't like the hostesses dress, or they came without a reservation and had to wait, or they couldn't afford the meal, so they complained about the price, or some belt-buster complaining that they didn't get enough food to make them bursting full! C'mon, guys- how about sticking to food and service, with a REAL review, not demanding someones head when life throws you a curve.

Hidden Gem, about as good as Arigato with less cost or crowd, 11/6/2007
Reviewer: Jeff from Santa Barbara
It's clear that just about all of us like their food. They do have the best Aji in town. So good. The chefs are actually Japanese here (at least most of them). I've never had a bad meal here. The service problem seems to be caused by one guy. He's tall and really nice, but seems to enter a panic state the moment he starts work. I feel for the guy's suffering, but this is not the line of work for him. A tip for Ahi's owners: let this guy go. A tip for all restaurant owners: if there is a problem, comp the meal. It's cheaper than losing customers. I will give any restaurant another chance if it's clear to me the value me. I've seen people leave Ahi forever more than once because of their frustrations with this one waiter. The other main waiter who is of medium-height, half-Japanese and looks Latin is top-notch. He can make an average night out all the better.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 9/15/2007
Reviewer: Yoshi from Goleta
This place is great most of the time. Then once in a while it is terrible. I think it is the chef's day off and quality control needs to be improve. One day we had great eel and soba combo. Eel was fresh broiled with tasty sauce and soba noodle was perfect, chewy and hot. Next day Eel had one piece missing, rice was old and soba was over cooked and only warm. The server is great most of the time, but they often under staff and it shows. Love this place, but I do not want to take chance any more.

The Best! , 8/14/2007
Reviewer: Linda from Santa Barbara
Ahi was great! I was there last night for a birthday dinner we got in right away. It was about 8:30pm and the restaurant was full. We stayed until they closed at 11pm. Great place to have a late dinner. The food was fresh and delicious. Ahi is my new favorite place in town.

great sashimi and sushi, 8/10/2007
Reviewer: Diane from Santa Barbara, CA
I went here once for lunch. The place is simple and nice, and the people there were polite and attentive. ALso, the fish was fresh and the sushi well prepared.

Tried, and found lacking, 7/22/2007
Reviewer: Kaye from Santa Barbara
I have eaten at most of the other Japanese restaurants in Santa Barbara and was piqued to go to Ahi since it was recommended by a co-worker. However, I was disappointed by a couple things about the restaurant. First and foremost, the size of the rolls were far thinner than any other sushi restaurant I had ever gone to. Another problem this posed was that the rolls were less structurally sound and more likely to fall apart. The other observation that I had was that though the rolls were quite delicious, the servings were very skimpy. I got the Ono Ono roll which had salmon, snow crab, and some other delicious ingredients, which was priced at $11.95. When it came out, there were only six pieces. Compare this to Shintori's lobster roll where you get delicious broiled lobster on ten rolls for $11.99, or even the Shintori Dome which is pretty much a medium bowl dome made of only seafood and roe for $11.95. Finally, the service was pretty slow. I requested water and watched as six other tables got glasses of water before I requested water again and finally got it. It was so disappointing since I left still hungry and wanting more food. Though it was good, I don't think I'll ever come back. I just expect more sushi for the prices they charge.

Awesome Taste and Perfect Sushi, 7/16/2007
Reviewer: james becker from Santa Barbara / CA
I took my lady to Ahi for some great Japanese food and thats what we got. The rolls are so tasty and you can tell that the fish is fresh. The amazing sauces they use are impressive and are making my mouth water as I remember them. The only thing that was a small annoyance was that we had 3 waitresses. It was confusing at first but since we ordered a lot, it wasnt that bad.

Not trendy just great, 6/23/2007
Reviewer: Hajir Sailors from Santa Barbara, CA
Many of the good sushi places in Santa Barbara are trendy and serve very Americanized sushi, Ahi sushi however is nothing like this. The owner and main chef is one of the nicest people behind a sushi bar i've ever met. He's up for making anything on or off the menu, just ask for a roll and see what he can concoct. The specialty roll list has some very good choices and the fish is of great quality. There is a great sake selection and the green tea is great as well. Make sure to try to the kamikaze roll. It's a great experience but slightly pricey.

I'm in Tokyo and I wish I was eating at Ahi!, 6/9/2007
Reviewer: Matt from Santa Barbara/Tokyo
Ahi is awesome. The sushi here in Tokyo (and yesterday on Enoshima Island and the day before in Hakone) is so boring by comparison. Ken-san is the best, and a great guy. Yeah, sometimes the service can be slow, but the wait is worth it. In fact, I think I'll fly back just to have some great sushi.

So Good, So Good, So Good!, 6/7/2007
Reviewer: Nathaniel from Santa Barbara, CA
Ahi is awesome. There is one waiter there that is extremely humble, friendly, and does a great job. The sushi is always delicious. At lunch there is this killer Ahi Poke Donburi Set that totally fills you and is extremely tasty. The snow crab pieces are so delicious. I love this place. It caters to locals rather than tourists. I can't say enough.

Best in SB!, 6/5/2007
Reviewer: Brittany from Santa Barbara, CA
Personally, I think Ahi has the best sushi in Santa Barbara! I love it here, and eat here often. The atmosphere doesn't usually make for a "speedy" meal, but it is definitally worth the wait! You can tell how much effort the sushi chefs put into each roll, and the presentation is beautiful. The fish is always excellent quality and tastes great. Highly recommended.

Best Ever, 5/27/2007
Reviewer: Ell from Santa Barbara
I have been coming to Ahi for about a year now, and I can honestly say it is the tastiest sushi I have ever eaten. The ambiance is great, many complain about the service, but I have never had poor service in my many visits to Ahi. The rolls are so good that I often eat there 3+ nights a week. Love the sushi chefs as well, they are always smiling and can offer up a good recommendation. In fact... I'm on my way to eat there right now, and i had dinner there last night as well!

Excellent Food. Some of the best we've ever had!, 5/9/2007
Reviewer: Greg and Blanca from Norco, California
The food at Ahi is to die for. Some of the best Sushi my wife and I have EVER had. We were visiting from out of town and were within walking distance. We ended up going there two nights in a row. It would have been three but we didn't realize it was there. The sushi and how they serve it is fantastic. The sauces are so flavorful and compliment each dish to perfection. The service was good the first night and great the second night. The atmosphere comfortable and layed back. The only complaint we have is...YOU'RE 150 MILES AWAY! Can't wait for the next time.

Complaints about service? A small sacrifice for greatness., 3/18/2007
Reviewer: Andrew from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been here numerous times, and haven't been disappointed yet. Their Japanese food is unprecedented by others in Santa Barbara--and although the service is somewhat slow (due to the number of eager customers-- the waiters/waitresses are always INCREDIBLY nice, and are open to conversation. Ken-san prepares some of the GREATEST nigiri/sashimi (I just came back from Japan, and his rivals some, if not all, of the sushi served there). And of course, sit at the bar if you can :]

Definitely Recommended- Will Be Back, 2/13/2007
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara
First of all - we were looking for a new sushi place to try and visited this web site to decide - based on reviews (and proximity to home) we chose Ahi. 8p arrival, Monday, 1/2 full - seats at bar (2 of us) after ordering sake to give us time to read menu/ask for recommendations (received no concrete suggestions from staff) ordered tempura appetizer (based on recommendations from this site) 2 miso soup and an Ahi roll....roll arrived in minutes - closely followed by soup still waiting on Tempura....ordered another roll - 'fishermans' after agonizing over the many specialty rolls - chose this one for the 'masago' ingredient as well as the layers of different fish including crab and being wrapped in soy paper rather than traditional seaweed...when the roll arrived - no masago (orange little smelt eggs - one of my personal favorite things)...still no tempura....ordered reg california roll and tuna roll - both 5 star - still no tempura....hmmm....just as well as we were already full....sushi chef then puts small dish of something that looks wonderful in front of me - it's seared albacore and it's AMAZING - wow! Then proceeds to give us a free sampler of red snapper sushi - another wow!...great job wooing new customers...well done...ready for bill - charged for tempura - they did take it off after we asked and we were happy to not have ingested unnecessary fried fare...overall a great experience - the 2 service goofs do keep this shy of a perfect 10 but we can't wait to go back and give them a second chance :)

Kind but sloooooow service., 1/8/2007
Reviewer: Erin from Santa Barbara, CA
So we (a party of three) decided to go here for an early dinner on Friday night, despite what we'd read about the slow service. We figured that since A) it was 5:45 pm and B) there were only three of us, it might not be so bad. First, I have to say that our waiter was very kind. As business picked up, you could tell he was hustling to keep up with the pace. I can't fault HIM for a bad business decision to have only one waiter on the floor on a Friday night. When we had to flag down another person for refills on tea (while we were waiting for our food order), she stated "I'll have to say something to him about that." Maybe she was trying to be funny, but her face didn't reflect such, and I didn't think it was professional to call out a co-worker when he was so busy with the rest of the restaurant. Anyway, service issues aside, the food is pretty decent. The sushi is fresh and the prices are very, very reasonable. There are some creative rolls on the menu, too. There aren't noodle dishes on the menu, but there are some katsu dishes. So, consider this place for a very reasonably priced meal, but go at when it's not so busy for better service.

Best lunch deal in Japanese food, 10/3/2006
Reviewer: michi ho from santa barbara
one of the best sushi in town. kensan is so friendly and always smiling. The beef yakiniku is our family favor. The varieity choices of lunch menu is the best deal. fresh fish and beautiful presentaion.

Arrived, and quickly left., 9/20/2006
Reviewer: Milton from Santa Barbara
Arrived around 7:00. Place was packed. People waiting. Way understaffed. One sushi chef. Two waiters were running around ragged. Sushi orders were pouring out of the printer. I politely asked if another sushi chef was on duty. Answer no. Politely told waiter we would try again. The food is top notch. If only they could get the service act together.

food+ service-, 8/3/2006
Reviewer: Cal from Goleta
Great food, poor service, slow at times, inattentive, etc. if at tables. Much better to eat at the bar, but sometimes you want a table and in that case it's very slow.

would love to love it!, 7/11/2006
Reviewer: roger from santa barbara, Ca
Ate here the day it opened, and many times since- Food very fresh, creative, and well presented. If you sit at the bar it is a good experience. If you sit at a table- well- be prepared for a long, drawn out, experience. Forgotten portions of orders, long, thirsty waits for beverages ordered. Sometimes when you have cleaned your plate, and give pleading looks to the servers as they wander around, you just cant order any more!. One time, our bill came long before we had finished ordering food, another time, I couldnt get a bill, no Matter how many times I asked! Myself and my wife, when we eat out, we order many orders of sushi, are always polite and understanding of the staff, and rarely complain. perhaps that is a flaw, but we just dont go back after enough torture. The final straw was when we showed up at 5:45 on a day when they "open" for dinner at 5:30. We were first in the door, and they were still setting tables. the chef came in the back door, looked at us, looked at his watch, and ignored us. the hostess looked at us, looked at her watch, and ignored us. Stupidly, we just stood there, and after a while we were approached by a hostess with an annoyed look. I asked if they were open, and she looked over her shoulder at the bar, and shrugged her shoulders. I said that we would take a walk, and come back. We walked out past the other diners approaching, and never came back again. Thinking it was my watch, I looked at the clock on my cell phone, and now it was 5:52! As I say I would love to love this place because the food was so good, but its hard to take the rest of the experience. The good news was we went downtown, got a good table at Arigato, and had our usual great experience!

Ahi is the Business, 4/19/2006
Reviewer: Kelrek from Goleta
We have been going to Ahi sushi all year and it is the BUSINESS. I actually have dreams about the Tuna carpaccio (which they also have in Yellowtail if you ask), Dragon hand rolls, and Yakiniku Beef. The service is only questionable when they are training new staff. I might suggest staying away from the other "creative rolls" unless you live by no one else's rules but your own.

Delicious, 3/29/2006
Reviewer: Carol from Santa Barbara
Had lunch with my daughter yesterday. Sat at the sushi bar and shared 3 delicious speciality rolls. Loved the intimate atmosphere. The fish was very fresh and the presentation was very nicely done. Will be back!

So creative!, 3/22/2006
Reviewer: Tina from SB, CA
I tried a wonderful appetizer that I've never seen at another Japanese restaurant -- an uni and toro tartar. Fantastic! The service was fine until it got really busy, then the poor single waiter had a hard time keeping up. I didn't care though, I was too euphoric from my creative meal. Also, they had beer for $1 a glass during happy hour, which was a nice way to save a bit of money.

The Service is Getting Better!, 3/1/2006
Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara
I have been loving the food at Ahi since they first opened. The owner knows his fish very well and the quality is always excellent. Though the service has taken a while to catch up with the quality of the sushi, after a recent visit, I feel it is getting much better. There seemed to be two additional wait staff members than normal and the order turn-around was much faster than our previous visits. I hope that this trend continues because Ahi has been packed lately and that can always stress the staff and ruin a great meal. Please keep it up!! PS: For the very best service - take a seat at the bar!

terrible, 1/12/2006
Reviewer: Jon and... from Santa Barbara, CA
we went to ahi last week. we ordered some rolls and foods. we were waiting for them with great expectation.but they let ous down.... foods were terribly late and service was not good.especially,one american girl's service was extremely bad. we went there many times for lunch. and i loved this restaurant very much. japanese girl did great service each time though... so you should go to ahi for sure you love it!!

Get your service act together. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!, 12/29/2005
Reviewer: frequent diner from Santa Barbara
This is a 1st for me. I arrived at the restaurant, took a look around, and left. Ahi Sushi is one of my favorite restaurants. My wife and I went there Wednesday night. The restaurant was almost full, several people were waiting. One sushi chef was on duty, the wait help looked stressed and could not keep up. I notice that all orders must be entered into the computer. Nothing wrong with that. But, there appears to be only one computer in the front. So, each and every time an order is taken, the waitperson has to go to the front door to enter the order as well as obtain a check. Very inefficient. You need a second computer. I am now to the point, that unless the owner Hansen is there, and if seating is not available at the Sushi bar, then adios. It just is far too frustrating. And even more frustrating is the fact that Ahi could be the best Japanese restaurant in Santa Barbara if they could get their service act together.

Over priced, laughable sized sushi/sashimi servings, 12/13/2005
Reviewer: Porter Harris from Santa Barabara, Ca
This is the second time I've been here, and I was very reluctant to come back (I had no vehicle, closest sushi rest.). The service, first of all, is almost non existent and I had to be quite forward in order to get my order through; sushi/sashimi combo and a large Sapporo. I was quite disappointed when I got my order. The sashimi, and sushi, slices were so thin, small and so few that I almost laughed, if not for the hurt of knowing that I was paying almost $20 for it. Of couse that was not enough so I ordered two salmon hand rolls, prices unknown; turned out to be about $10. They were tasty and the chef did something right there, but it was still way too much for what was given. After the whole dinner was over, I ended up shelling out $50 for the entire meal, Sushi/sashimi combo ($20), hand rolls ($10), edamame ($3.75)which is ridiculous, sapporo ($5.00) and an ice cream ($?). I can not believe all the five star reviews this restaurant has gotten, they must not know any better here in Santa Barabara. What a bitter disappointment this experience has been. Im still not over the feeling that I just got ripped off. Ahi, it is time to raise the quality of your sushi and service if the prices are not going to be coming down. Needless to say, Im not going back in my conscious state of mind. I'd rather walk to Gelsons and get their packaged sushi rolls.

Purity of Heart, 12/10/2005
Reviewer: Greg & Yukari from Goleta
Ahi Sushi specializes in the freshest nigiri and sashimi, well-prepared, and artfully served on elegant earthy ceramics. My advice is to start at the top of the sushi specials board, and work your way to the bottom. The blue fin was exceptional — one the finest sushi treats possible in this town. The kampachi was also very good. The toro was excellent in texture, although a bit ordinary in flavor. We’ve been there twice, and both times we ended up eating mostly sushi. The dinner entree’s look interesting when they float by, but they look so boring on the menu (teriyaki chicken, sesame salmon, etc.), so we never end up trying that stuff. Nor have we sampled the specialty rolls, which sound like they have just too many ingredients (sea eel AND freshwater eel AND uni AND...) — no purity of heart. Novelty is good, but sushi with more than five ingredients is for tourists and undergraduate business majors. However, we don’t doubt their quality for one moment.... We had a pretty good salmon skin salad, with white miso dressing (one of us thought was too salty, so we ate the salad with rice. The spring roll is interesting, with an assortment of raw seafoods inside. They really need more variety in the appetizers — right now there’s just four kinds of carpaccio. Next time we go, we will sit at the sushi bar, as that seems to be where the action is. Good job, however.

Reviewer: Suzanne Rogers from Santa Barbara CA
I've lived here 3 years from San Diego and I must say I am so spoiled by all the great Seafood and Sushi Restaurants there. Santa Barbara Sushi Bars just could not compete...not even close..until now! AHI Sushi is so Fresh, Beautiful and Amazingly Tasty. It's my new favorite place here! P.S. - Sit at the Sushi Bar for best service! Suzanne

Sushi Masters On Duty Here, 11/7/2005
Reviewer: Santa Barbara Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
I visited this restaurant a little over two weeks ago and I don't think I can say enough about how incredible their Sushi is. Being a mostly basic sushi orderer I chose the CA roll and tuna roll and then sampling my friend's much more adventurous creations such as a mushroom combination, one with mango and a few other amazing varieties. I can only describe them as perfect culinary masterpieces. This experience has totally raised my standards in what I consider acceptable sushi. I think all the other sushi restaurant owners in SB should visit this restaurant to experience perfect sushi in order to do some of their own standard raising. And, BTW, the prices are VERY reasonable! So hurry up and try out this restaurant, ok??

Great Food, Bar service is great, table service is poor, 10/27/2005
Reviewer: Mike from Goleta, CA
I've tried every sushi restaurant in SB. I dine regularly at three, with Ahi being the latest addition. Service at the sushi bar is outstanding. Sit at a table and the service is poor. Here's a couple of examples - order something, 20 minutes later they tell you they don't have any more (86 board anyone?). You'll be waiting on an item, and they'll ask if your finished eating, apparently having forgotten part of your order (Both have happened at least twice). And where the sushi bar is lighting fast, the table service is painfully slow and unattentive. That said, I'll still go there. But they'd do a better business if they helped manage and train the wait staff. I think I'll go there for lunch.. I'm getting hungry now GREAT Negi Toro rolls!

Ahi is All the Good Things Sushi Should Be, 10/25/2005
Reviewer: Kyle Castle from Fort Collins, Colorado
I was visiting a friend in Santa Barabara, and she suggested Ahi Sushi. What an incredible experience this was. Obviously, taste is the most important asset any sushi restaurant can have (and Ahi has it in spades!) but presentation can't be overlooked. The maki were all arranged beautifully with appropriate garnish, but what really amazed me was the nigiri. To make nigiri so appealing visually is a true challenge, after all, it's just a lump of rice with some fish on it. The chefs at Ahi understand that items don't need to be placed symmetrically on a plate to be aesthetically pleasing, and I appreciated that. Service was more than adequate for the casual atmosphere and the value was exceptional. Four of us, all ordering a la carte rolls and nigiri, with drinks and some really delicious miso soup, and the tab was only a bit over $100. I know some friends in Camarillo that will make the drive just to eat at Ahi Sushi.

simply the best sushi in town, 10/12/2005
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
So I finally got a chance to go here last week for the first time and was really impressed. Was talking to the chefs (one of them was an owner) at the sushi bar and asked them where they got there fish. To my surprise he responded with "all the way from Tsukuji", Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo that is!!! Freakin amazing. I knew they imported it into the US through LAX but didn't think places in SB would have it. Also the beef was very good. It is super tender unlike most beef in America because he said that they get it from a Japanese company that normally sells to Japan but because of the ban on US beef right now that have a lot and are selling domestically. Not quite authentic yakiniku (grilled beef strips) but quite tasty nontheless. I would definetly recommend going here. And it for what you get it really isn't that pricy.

Great food, service left something to be desired, 9/24/2005
Reviewer: Tyler from Santa Barbara, CA
First of all, Ahi has sushi that rivals most more expensive places in Santa Barbara. All they need is to hire enough staff members! I have eaten here twice and this has been a problem both times. Our food didn't take too long, but the hostess was working double-duty as a waitress so it took awhile to get seated. There were only two waitresses for the whole restaurant and they were visibly stressed out. This affected everyone's dining experience. The sushi was amazing and prices fair though.

Can't Get Enough !!!, 9/23/2005
Reviewer: Nicholle & Robert from Santa Barbara, CA
Little did we know that such an amazing place was nestled away in our own neighborhood! Many thanks to Toni and Roy for introducing us to Ahi. We are now 100% hooked and are there at least twice a week. The food is AMAZING! The service is, as mentioned by others, somewhat slow, but will improve with time. It is so nice to walk in and be instantly recognized by the chefs. The last time we ate at the sushi bar, we were presented a complimentary seafood ceviche by our favorite chef, as his way of saying Thank you for our patronage. I can't say enough about this wonderful little place!!

Great Sushi, 8/20/2005
Reviewer: Rudi from Santa Barbara, CA
To put simply, the best sushi I had in town. One of a few places that the sushi chef is actually Japanese. The sushis are made in heaven. Great service too (I came in around 8-8:30pm). I can't comment on the entrees since I only went for sushi that night. I will most definitely come back again.

Soy-Flamed Edamame, 7/19/2005
Reviewer: Dean from Goleta, CA
If you go, you must try the soy-flamed edameme. It's aweseome!

Innovative, fresh and affordable!, 7/18/2005
Reviewer: OICU812 from Goleta
Presentation, presentation, presentation! The fish is always fresh and the cuts choice. Very adverterous on flavor combinations which work every time. My fiancee and I are huge sushi fans and this is the SPOT that hits the SPOT!

Poor Service, Really Poor, 6/21/2005

Well, the next night the service was atroucious. There was a nice enough Japanese girl who spoke very limited English and a Korean man who had to do everything. Items, when they finally arrived were good, but the wait and the poor service made the evening painfull. I asked for water at least 4 times and finally went to the kitchen and got it myself. Four requests for another beer to the Japanese girl were ignored-not intentionally mind you-she just did not understand the request. This was my 4th visit and I had no problem in the past.


I went to Ahi last night and was amazed at the service! It was like I was at a 5-star establishment! My green tea was always full and hot, every dirty plate was cleared when we were finished, we were asked numerous times how everything was and if we needed anything. The sushi was wonderful, the Ragin´ Cajun roll was super good, and you can´t beat the rainbow roll and spider roll! Even a california roll was really fresh and tasty. Best sushi place in Santa Barbara by far!

AWESOME SUSHI, 6/15/2005

We eat here all the time and I cannot say enough good things about it. Henson always remembers what we order, the prices are great, and the rolls are amazing. The tuna carpaccio is superb. We eat a tremendous amount of suishi and I think this is safely the best in town. I would eat here every day if I wasn´t poor.

Service is BAD, 6/10/2005

Food is OK but service was terrible. I visited with my two friends and we ordered different lunch specials. I was supposed to get three dishes in total but I did not get the third one until I complained to a different waitress. By that time, my friends had already finished eating. Even the second waitress was rather bothered by my complaint. What do they think of customers? Truly great Japanese restaurants treat customers differently. Very unprofessional. Obviously I am upset.

Awsome, 6/7/2005
Reviewer: Fannya from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the fact that Ahi Sushi is a casual setting, but you can make it romantic if need be. The food is awesome, especially the garlic edamame! I love the Alaskan roll. There are a variety of sushi rolls and other plates available to their customers. The service is friendly and great.

The best sushi on upper state, 6/5/2005
Reviewer: Eric from Isla Vista, CA
The selection at Ahi is superb (definitely try the bonito and the blue fin tuna if its still in season). A great place to find some of those rarer fishes that you cant find at your normal sushi restaurant. Everything was so good, I wound up spending 50 bucks (although everything was very reasonably priced)! This one is totally worth your while. Plus, at 5.75 for a large sapporo?? How can you beat that! The large group was japanese business men at the table next to us provided some great entertainment as the night went on and the beer kept flowing. Hahahah.

Amazing sushi for an unbeatable price, 3/28/2005
Reviewer: Matthew from Santa Barbara, CA
Im super picky about the sushi I eat, it used to be only Arigato Sushi for me. However now that I´ve eaten at Ahi and the fish is better and at a better price....its a no brainer. Try the prime sirloin it is soooo good. Another thing that will bring me back is the personal service, I hadnt seen the owner in seven months, when I walked in, Henson remembered my name, and he remembered a paticular spicy octopus roll that he used to make for me almost a year prior, now thats some serious service. Ahi is a MUST for any serious sushi eater!!

Great Sushi at a great price!, 3/16/2005

We have now eaten 6 times here over the past 4 weeks and on every occasion the food has been excellent and the service has been great! Just when I thought the town couldn´t support another Sushi restaurant this one comes along with new creative dishes, high quality fresh fish, and reasonable prices. The nice assortment of cooked options are great for the non-sushi eating members of your dinner party. The cooked black sea bass (Gindara plate) is amazing. The restaurant is in a strip mall so outside atmosphere is a dud, but they remodeled inside and it´s a nice spartan clean Japanese look.

Bad Service, 3/11/2005

Food is good when you can get it. Service is terrible, no one came around to take our order give us water nothing. We ended up walking out and no one even cared. If you have a lot of time to waste then this is the restaurant for you.

Another Excellent Experience!!!, 3/10/2005
Reviewer: Spinelli
I went back to Ahi Sushi, this time for lunch. The mellow music caught my ear as soon as I walked in and took a seat at the sushi bar. I had a lunch combination, which was perfect and reasonably priced. I then splurged and had the Mediterranean black sea bass and finished it all off with the albacore carpaccio, which was definately the highlight of my lunch. The presentation, especially of the combination was spectacular and the owner, Henson, clearly pays close attention to detail and ensures that all of the items featured at Ahi are creative and tasteful. Make no mistake about it, this was a five-star lunch!

Best Sushi in town, hands down., 3/1/2005
Reviewer: Mark & Susan Bible from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I were excited about trying a new sushi place in town and were not disappointed. We started with fresh Japanese Sweet Scallops, which melted in our mouths, followed by the Hawaiian Halibut Carpachio, which was simply out of this world. We ended with various rolls, a rainbow, a spider, and the artsy Mama Mia. All of the rolls were sufficient in size - and that means contents not rice - and the presentation was magnificent. I am sure that Ahi Sushi will be our new favorite sushi stop. We´re looking forward to sampling their kitchen menu on our next visit. It should also be noted that in addition to excellent food, the service was timely, accurate, and very pleasant. Great atmosphere too.

Good new sushi spot, 2/18/2005
Reviewer: Spinelli
I went there for dinner on a Friday night and had a pretty good experience. The servide was a little slow, but the food was great. I started out with the Hawaiian Poke (tuna and octopus sashimi in a Poke sauce), it looked small, but there was good amount of fish in it and proved to be worthwhile. I had the sushi combination for dinner, which had a great variety of different fish. Others at my table ordered specialty rolls, which had a nice overall presenatation, but looked similar to each other. Everything tasted great and the price made it worth another trip! Keep it up!

Fantastic Food, 2/9/2005

This is the absolute best sushi I have ever had! I get take out on a weekly basis and service is always quick. Always a good choice.

So fresh!, 11/29/2004
Reviewer: Goletan from Santa Barbara
Excellent taste, reasonable price! I came back again and again since this sushi place opened. In every visit I enjoyed some of their new dishes on the blackboard which were almost always tasty and creative. Yakiniku Beef, Gindara dish, and Seared Yuzu Bluefin Tuna sushi are some of my favorite.

Still great!, 11/26/2004
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara
I came back again tonight and the food is still excellent. Service is fast. The waitress said it is very popular every night now. Thats good for them and good for Santa Barbara!

Fantastic, Fresh & Affordable, 11/22/2004

Ahi is beautifully presented, very fresh and much more reasonably priced than other sushi of equal quality. You should definately go here if you are looking for a place for sushi. The atmosphere is warm and clean.

Fantastic sushi on Upper State Street, 10/16/2004
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara
I was very surprised how good the food here is. If you can sum up what stands out first at Ahi: Presentation. When you order sushi here you do not get your meal served as multiple sushi logs on one platter. At Ahi, each roll is served with a superb presentation on its own plate, with little sauces sprinkled around like artwork. They even had a specially colored plate they served with the Rage´n Cajun roll that matched its color and texture perfectly. Usually you need to go to places like Arigato to get sushi done up this well. And the quality is terrific. Not that inedible stuff you find at Sushi Teri. Ahi sushi is on par with the best in Santa Barbara, including Piranha or Arigato. And get this, they are cheap! All the rolls are $4.50-$7. I think the most expensive roll they serve is only $7. If I had any complaint it would be that service was slow. Ahi Sushi is located literally right next to the Tee-Off restaurant. It is by no means just another sushi hole-in-the-wall. Someone got it right this time.

Horrible takeout!, 10/8/2004
Reviewer: Cultural Care from Santa Barbara, CA USA
Our office ordered take-out from this restaurant. We ordered five orders of a variety of rolls. They gave us one pair of chopsticks and two packets of soy sauce!

Excellent dining experience...., 9/26/2004
Reviewer: Susan Ang from San Clemente, CA
Ahi Sushi is excellent! We had the Yakiniku Beef which was so tasty. I liked the fried shallots, it adds a fun flavor to the beef and the beef! Man, that was soo good we had to have a second serving! It had a smoky flavor to it and the meat was so tender. I loved the asparagus too. This dish is a must for all diners. We also had the Ultimate Sushi platter which consists of all kinds of the freshest fish around. Yummmy. Their Miso soup is made from fresh ingredients and I won´t forget about the green tea which I loved too, it has a rice flavor to it! What can I say, I loved everything about this Japanese restaurant. Next time I come up to Santa Barbara, I sure will pay them a visit again and again and again.... :)

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