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Los Gallos
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2013-01

2009 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 563-4883

Reviews by the General Public

Bad service overall, 9/14/2012
Reviewer: suzanna from Santa Barbara, CA
I had a bad experience at this place the employee didn't know the answers to my questions...and I waited over a half hour for my take out order as I watched the customers that were their after me get theirs carne asada burrito was very dry the meat didn't seem fresh at all and the seafood soup was not what I expected. I am not going here again...

Great service , Great food, 4/24/2012
Reviewer: sean from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is delicious. The salsa bar is one of the best, the chips are fresh made REALLY GOOD and free! The food taste very fresh, Ive gotten the super burrito with al pastor and the fajitas combination special, both were amazing. Also the customer service is great, the guys are very friendly

Awesome Food - Friendly Service!, 11/6/2011
Reviewer: Dawn from Santa Barbara, CA
Went there for the first time the other day. I eat mostly vegetarian and to my delight found a veggie nacho plate on the menu! The portion was enough for 2 or 3 people and the taste was awesome. The service was really something special. Although it was a minimal service restaurant, meaning that you get your own flatware, napkins, salsa and beverages, the nice man that brought my chips and salsa was also very gracious and grabbed a few napkins and utensils for me - with a smile on his face and genuine kindness in his eyes. I had been up getting my beverage and some salsa and neglected to get my own flatware and napkins. To me - it's the little things that make the big difference. Try it and I think you will be pleasantly surprised too!

Yummo, 6/4/2011
Reviewer: Melissa from Santa Barbara, CA
Love this place. Great food, great service. My favorites are the crunchy chicken tacos and the chicken enchiladas. Guacamole could be more spicy and falvorful, but the have an avaacado salsa that is out of this world!

Two very dissapointing burritos, 5/31/2011
Reviewer: Melissa Ramsey from Santa Barbara, CA

Great Chile Rellenos, 5/18/2011
Reviewer: Sarah Jensen from Santa Barbara, CA
Wonderfully friendly, helpful service. Rellenos are incredible. Beans are great. Inexpensive. Not crowded. Can't go wrong.

Was pleasantly surprised!, 4/18/2011
Reviewer: Ang from Santa Barbara, CA
Have passed this place so many times but finally decided to try this place because I tasted and fell in love with one of their salsa's at a party! Has that Los Arroyos feel.. I LOVE Los Arroyos and I have to say this is the next best thing..better priced.. tasty! Only thing is that I wish it was in a better area.. easy to get to/park. But REALLY liked it!!

no rice, none, 4/11/2011
Reviewer: Nora from Santa Barbara, CA
Finally made a point of trying this place, or trying to try it rather, because, as we discovered when we went for dinner, they were out of rice. Could someone please explain to me the point of plate-style Mexican food if there is no rice? What's next - no tortillas? no beans? I'm not wasting the gas on another trip, on the off chance that they will in fact be able to serve things on their menu.

Fresh, 4/1/2011
Reviewer: Fair Synopsis from Santa Barbara, CA
I like the food here very much. It is a bit pricey for me...but not so for the average Santa Barbarian.on a budget? Get the beans and rice burro. Good bang for the buck. The salsas are excellent. Want more chips, just ask politely and they aquiesce with a smile. Thank you Los Gallos, one of the better SB burrito joints. I'll be back soon.

The best place for Mexican food in town!, 3/28/2011
Reviewer: Inna from Seattle, WA
I live in Seattle, but every time I come to Santa Barbara I really love to come in this place to have good Mexican food. They have delicios meals, good prices, and the service is always great too. I would recomend it to anyone and I am sure they won't be disappointed! Thank you Los Gallos!

LOVE LOS GALLOS!, 9/30/2010
Reviewer: Trisha from Santa Barbara, CA
They have the best mexican food in town, HANDS DOWN! I love their salsa, too... the ONLY complaint I have is that they only give you 2 cups to fill. It's alright, I still go back for more and they haven't complained!!

Great food, great value, 9/10/2010
Reviewer: Amy from Santa Barbara, CA
As I was looking up the phone number for Los Gallos to place a phone order, I noticed the review below and I wondered if I had written that review. That is exactly how I feel about Los Gallos. The salmon is fabulous, as is everything else. I love the relaxed, but not sterile, atmosphere. The free kids meals are helpful for the budget, too. And the service is always friendly. They always seem to be happy to be at work. We will continue to go to Los Gallos regularly.

LUV IT!!!, 3/14/2010
Reviewer: Terrie Fields from Santa Barbara, CA
I had to sit down and make time to review this place. It is awesome, service, food, the works. The Salmon platter is out of this world and my favorite. It's only $12.95 for salmon WOW, rice and salad also. Just great I enjoyed it immensely. Try it, you will be a happy camper.

A Weekly Stop, 8/18/2009
Reviewer: A. Larson from Santa Barbara, CA
Los Gallos is a great little neighborhood spot for a simple and hearty Mexican meal. They are kid-friendly, even offering discounted meals for them. The portions are large and reasonably priced. We go there almost once a week for our Carne Asada burrito, kid's burrito, and Tacos Dorados.

AMAZING, 8/2/2009
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara, CA

Good Food and Service but Strange Salsa Rule, 7/31/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Basic Mexican place with good food and service and nice dining with a TV. In regards to the Salsa apparently there is no limit on "to go" orders(they will give you more cups if you ask). The limit of two is on dining inside they told me. Regardless no other place I have been to in SB area has this policy so definitely a negative mark to them. The salsa quality wise was similar to similar places close by like Rudys, Baja Fresh, La Salsa and El Pollo Loco(which all have unlimited salsa!) so not sure why they are guarding it so tight. No chips with the entree(I guess you would need more salsa then right??). Parking can be tricky next to popular Daily Grind. So I recommend one of above instead.

nothing over $10, 7/24/2009
Reviewer: Jennifer A. from Santa Barbara, CA
Great food for under $10, can't beat it. heard they now have breakfast on the weekends. always looking for a good mexican breakfast, hope it's as good as lunch.

wheres the salsa bar thats not limited?, 6/4/2009
Reviewer: Zack from Santa Barbara, CA
wtf?? you cant have more than two cups of is up with that...that ticks me off...all the other places are unlimited....this is crap to me im taking my buisness to los arroyos or el sitio

Great Food!, 6/4/2009
Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara, CA
We have been here several times. The gentleman at the counter is always friendly and welcoming as if we are regulars. The food is wonderful. Tortas, echiladas, quesadillas, taquitos we have tried it all and its wonderful. The avacado salsa is always our favorite from the salsa bar. Times have been hard lately and we have been taking advantage of the "kids eat free" deal on Sundays. One free kids plate with the purchase of an adult plate. What more can you ask for? I recommend Los Gallos to anyone! Go by and try it!

Still good, but slipping a little, 5/17/2009
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
I was among the first locals to write glowing about this restaurant shortly after it opened. The food is still quite good, but I have to say that, after not having visited Los Gallos for a few months, I was a little disappointed by some of the cost-savings measures they've implemented. For example, if you want your chile verde burrito wet, that's a dollar extra. They now restrict the number of plastic cups you can use to dish yourself salsa. And what's the deal with chips? Used to be, we'd automatically get a basket when we placed our order. Now, it's hit or miss, depending on who's working the register. C'mon guys, if you want to maintain customer loyalty, especially in these tough economic times, don't be so miserly.

An excellent, locally owned restaurant with great food!!!, 4/2/2009
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place. Excellent, freshly prepared food. Simple and great. Good people, run it well. I got another great Chicken Torta with spicy sauce. Love it. This is another family run, local restaurant that is very deserving of being supported big time by our community. Way to go Los Gallos!!!

pleasantly surprised, 2/9/2009
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
We walked from our house nearby, instead of going to our usual Los Arroyos. What a pleasant surprise! My chicken enchiladas were delicious - filled with only white meat. I loved the refried-style beans, and we received a complimentary basket of chips with the meal, which were browned (slightly overcooked) just the way I love them. Salsa was very good, but I have to disagree with another reviewer who said it was the best salsa bar in town. They do not serve roasted salsa, my personal favorite, although the avocado salsa was unusual and tasty. The man behind the counter was cordial and welcoming, and the food came out in less than 5 minutes. I did not even finish my 2nd enchilada and the meal was only $7.95. There were only a few tables there (about 6:30-7pm Fri) but lots of folks getting take out. I love Los Arroyos, but it was nice to eat here and not be jammed in like sardines, with people hovering over you trying to figure out if you are leaving soon.

Very good local spot, 1/25/2009
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara, CA
We've been going to Los Gallos at least once a week for the past 2 years when we moved into the neighborhood. My husband and I always get the enchiladas, they are superb. I tried a burrito once and thought it was too greasy, but I had multiple things on the menu that were great - although I rarely vary from my usual enchilada because I love them so much. The salsa there is also really really good, and I find myself craving it all the time. The staff is super friendly.

I eat here once a week, love it!, 9/26/2008
Reviewer: Veronica from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is great! The people are friendly, the food is fresh and excellent. I eat here about once a week. I had a burrito once and I thought it was too greasy, which is why I gave 4.5 stars instead of 5. But I'm addicted to just about everything else on the menu. Salsa selection is big and all of them are delicious!

Need to make pork correctly, 8/19/2008
Reviewer: Lisa M from San Jose ca
Agree with the other poster regarding the Pork burrito. I do not like cubed pork, especially pork that is fatty. However, the tortilla, beans and rice was exceptionally good. The salsa was to die for and the tortilla chips (love that they don't nickel & dime ya like Chiptole's) are just right--not too stale, but crispy and so good. Next time I will settle for something more vegetarian, or, skip the pork.

I's me again, 8/10/2008
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara
But I had to say something about my second and certainly not last trip to Los Gallos. The torta was out of this world! I had the Adobado Torta and it was the finest I have had in town. Came with two friends and they were equally as impressed with the enormous plates of food. I'll be back!

Very, good, fresh food with nice people working there!, 8/7/2008
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara
Delicious food that was just right and priced right. The salsa bar is the best in town, and the fact that they give you a basket of chips to enjoy all that with, is a bonus...take that Los Arroyos! Nice gal at the counter and everybody in the place was having a good time. Good times, good food. I can't ask for much more than that.

Im never impressed, 3/7/2008
Reviewer: Rob Ryan from santa barbara
I actually live right next door and this place never crosses my mind to eat at. The times I have tried it I was never impressed and thought it was a bit too expensive. Who cares about the chips deal. What does piss me off was the 3rd chance I gave it the other night. I ordered an El Pastor burrito, and I dont like pork but most El Pastor done right is quite good. So I take my burrito to go and find out that it was not El Pastor but freaking cubes of pork... I was disgusted. I didnt even think you could order that. The menu explicitly said "El Pastor..shredded pork". It's ruined for me. Better luck to everyone else. BTW Tacqueria Rincon in IV has the best El Pastor Ive found.

"Natural Cafe" of Mexican food?, 12/6/2007
Reviewer: Daryl from Santa Barbara, CA
Los Gallos is where I go when I want Mexican food that feels healthier and less greasy than most. It's probably not an accurate generalization of all their food, but I think of them as being kind of like the Natural Cafe of Mexican restaurants. Try the grilled chicken dinner and see if you agree.

Every good Mexican place charges for chips!!, 11/20/2007
Reviewer: Acey Dew from Santa Barbara, CA
Unless you want chips that were made yesterday like you get at Chevy's, good Mexican food restaurants typically charge for chips so they can pay for the cost of keeping someone employed making them fresh & hot!! Cheers to Los Gallos for having a great atmosphere(mural and friendly staff), a great salsa bar and good Mexican food at good prices. It's not El Cazador, but really, who is??

Very good Mexican with a few extras, 4/28/2007
Reviewer: Tony & Krista from Goleta
We've been to Los Gallos 3 times now for both lunch and dinner and we've found the food to be consistently very good. Its tough to compete in a town with so much choice for Mexican food, but Los Gallos does a good job of adding those "little bit differnent" elements that make it stand out in a crowded field. Not surprisingly (given the name) they really do chicken right at Los Gallos, most of the chicken dishes feature great spicy seasoned white meat chicken in generous portions. I also love the salsa bar (de arbol salsa, mmmm with just the perfect amout of zip). To sum it up Los Gallos is good Mexican. It may not be earth-shatteringly different, but it offers all the solid favorites plus a few twists at the same or lower prices than most of the others in town. Oh, and by the by theres no such thing as "free" chips, Anywhere! Yes chips cost here, just as they do at a lot of other restaurants, but even if you don't pay for chips as an item at a restaurant the cost is ALWAYS built into the rest of the menu. C'mon do you go to a restaurant for the chips?? Salsa, now thats different!

Great food but $3.50 for chips? Come On..., 3/5/2007
Reviewer: Dawn from Santa Barbara, CA
Los Gallos is just around the corner from me so I go there all the time. Unlike Taffy's, the rudeness capital of S.B., the service here is good. The young girls that other reviewers have mentioned haven't been working the register in a long time; at least not at lunch. No matter what my husband and I order, we're always delighted with the food. The only disappointment was when they started charging for chips. I boycotted them for a few months but then couldn't help myself and started going back, albeit not as often as I would like because the chips issue still irks me. Tip: Order a burrito and you'll get a handful of free chips.

A great little Mexican restaurant for locals!, 2/12/2007
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara
These guys do it right. I wish I could say I've tried a lot of different dishes on their menu over the past few months, but that fact is, their burritos and enchiladas as so consistently delicious, that I am hard pressed to get experimental. I've eaten at Los Gallos now probably a dozen times since they opened and have never been disappointed. Prices are very reasonable, portions are good-sized and they have one of the best selections of salsa in SB. A neat little place with outstanding food and service. About the only complaint I have is that the benches and seats don't have any cushions, but, hey, you'll be so into putting such fabulous food in your body you'll forget all about that aching part where the food eventually comes back out. Give Los Gallos a try. You'll be glad you did.

Great place, 11/10/2006
Reviewer: Patrick from santa barbara
I live about two block away and I would say that it is the best Mexican food in Santa Barbara. I have eaten just about everything on the menu abnd it's all wonderful.

Inconsistant, 10/24/2006
Reviewer: Linda from santa barbara, CA
Sometimes the food is great and other times it is not. The service is the same way. the only thing that is consistant about this place is the fact that they charge for chips - which is outragious. Really too bad.

Fresh new place, 8/25/2006
Reviewer: Doug Murphy from Santa Barbara
On the corner of De La Vina & Mission hidden behind the Daily Grind, this place is a bit hard to see but once you find it, it's definitely worth trying. I happen to be driving by and spotted it, tried it and now I'm hooked. I had the grilled chicken tostada salad, it was fresh and light, yet filling. My friend had the chile rellenos and couldn't stop raving about it. Try it, your tummy will be glad you did.

Tasty, Satisfying, and Friendly, 8/6/2006
Reviewer: Erica from Santa Barbara, CA
I've dined here on a number of occasions for lunch and have been very pleased with the quality of both the food and the service. The salsa bar has a fantastic selection and the serving sizes of the entrees are very generous. I've tried the sopes (asada) and the beef fajita platter, and got two meals out of each. My family members have really enjoyed the burrito (al pastor) and the chimichangas. I especially enjoy the homeade tortillas and homeade masa specialties like the sopes! The dining room decor is pleasant and the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. One Sunday, my party was given a complimentary basket of warm, crispy tortilla chips and salsa. Maybe that is a Sunday thing? Los Gallos receives my warm recommendation.

Good food, great salsa..but 3.50 for chips??, 6/6/2006
Reviewer: matt from santa barbara, ca
a buritto and a bag of chips cost me 11 dollars. then again, rent must be high for this tidy piece or real estate, so I understand. This restraunt won't make it as the chips/sala deal is way too expensive. Good sala bar though.. lots of exciting colors.

excruciatingly mediocre, 5/4/2006
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara
There is nothing I noticed that makes this eatery stand out above any other standard Mexican restaurant. Because of this, I thought their prices were higher than the quantity and quality I sampled. And charging for chips, that seems cheap.

4 bucks for chips and small burritos! , 4/28/2006
Reviewer: John Smith from Santa Barbara, CA
This place started out with real potential. We live 3 blocks away and were so stoked to have them here. Aside from poor service from a couple of teenage girls behind the counter, it was a great place. Then one day, out of the blue, they started charging 4 bucks for a basket of chips! This is a HUGE NO NO with Mexican restaurants. So we still went but smuggled in our own chips. Finally, though, we stopped going. These days, the place is always empty and I firmly believe it's because they charge for chips. Now their burritos are getting smaller and the general quality has gone down. Don't waste your time. This place will be out of business soon, all because of the chips. What cheapos.

Good food, 11/2/2005
Reviewer: Local from Santa Barbara
The food is good and fresh. I think that other reviewer who had a bad chile relleno must have had a bad cook that night because I have ordered it number of times and it has never been hard. My complaint is that they charge you for chips!! What Mexican place charges you $3.50 for a basket of chips? They would be 4-5 stars otherwise.

Not so good, 6/17/2005

I had heard raves about this place but my experience was very disappointing. The relleno was so hard I could hardly cut it with a knife. The taco had dry chicken in it and had no flavor. The salsa bar was great, but I found the food to be bland and uninteresting.

Best Mexican in SB!!!, 5/30/2005

The food is excellent. I have never had a better chile relleno. I have actually never ordered anything here that has been bad or just okay. Any dish on their menu is made with high quality ingredients and cooked perfectly. The dishes come out fast and the atmosphere is good for a "serve your self" type of place. It is cute, clean and with a great salsa bar. This is the perfect addition to the De La Vina/Mission neighborhood.

Best Mexican in town!, 2/10/2005

I live a few blocks away and eat here about once a week. It is by far the best Mexican food in town and the price is right. I would have given it 5 stars if the service was consistent. My only gripe is there are young girls who work the register and about 60% of the time our order is slightly messed up. I deal with it because the food is so good, but I wish the manager realized the service is slightly lacking.

Delicious!, 11/12/2004

I can´t tell you how happy my wife and I were when we found this place. We are within walking distance (The Mission/De la Vina Area was in need of another restaurant) and the food and service are great! We happened to be on a walk the day they opened... we ate there that night and have been back at least a dozen times since. Try it out! The food portions are huge (maybe too huge) and delicious. And the prices are great to boot! You won´t regret it.

Quick and Casual, Great Little Eatery, 10/15/2004
Reviewer: Travis from Santa Barbara, CA
More than a "hole in the wall" but not an overpriced or overcrowded restaurant, Los Gallos is a great new Mexican joint in town. The portions are ample, and the flavors authentic. Not to mention a fun staff to match the fun interior. Hopefully, word gets around about this place and it soon becomes one of the first places people think about for a quick bit of Mexican food!

Great new place, 9/17/2004

portions are very generous - especially the veggie items. Interior is very cute and staff is tremendously friendly.

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