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Sakura Express
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2013-09

819C State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 883-1844

  • Category: Japanese
  • Hours: Sun-Thu Noon-9pm, Fri-Sat Noon-10pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Over-priced, 9/11/2011
Reviewer: Sam from Santa Barbara, CA
I liked that the service was fast, as the name implies. Unfortunately, it was too fast. I ordered the Unagi Don (Eel Bowl). The Eel was not fresh or hot. It was placed on a bed of green and black (???) lettuce and white rice. It was topped with Eel sauce and a few sprouts. This was $13.00 +tax. I shouldn't have wasted the money for 3 small pieces of slimy eel on top of slimy lettuce and rice. This was the first and last time I will ever venture into Sakura Express.

Pure unadulturated robbery!, 5/21/2011
Reviewer: Melissa from Santa Barbara, CA
Did not feel like a meal, and since I enjoy food of the healthy variety, decided Sakura would be my snack choice. Huge mistake. Walking into the place amongst cigarette fumes emitting from the owner and his buddies sitting outside, I requested an eel handroll. $9.43 later the roll appeared with little more than a baby finger nail sized eel portion, two slivers of avocado and barely a hint of cucumber. And for almost ten dollars!!! This was the first and last time for me... Sushi is a staple for me - this was little more than a mall wanna-be sushi joint.

Ok food/service, 3/13/2010
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Pretty tiny restaurant. Small tables in and out. Food was so so. The food did come out "Express" though so its good for a quick japanese fix. They have soda fountain out too which is plus. Not the best food but quick.

SUSHI YUMMMY, 2/4/2010
Reviewer: Ashley from Santa Barbara, CA
Sakura is delicious the fish is so fresh everytime I have been there. They are a great casual sushi place and they make it right in front of you so you know it is fresh. Great place to go if you are crunched on time or looking for something casual.

great portions, both original and creative menu options, 3/1/2009
Reviewer: Loren from Santa Barbara, CA
sushi go go looked so so, the something's fishy sushi menu is simple, so we went to sakura since i had a good experience with their HOT and philadelphia rolls (big portions) before. My friend and i shared a dynamite, HOT, and mexican roll - GREAT portions once again, and very fresh and crunchy veggies. Seeweed salad was good too.

Delicious, good portion sizes, 8/22/2008
Reviewer: R Margowsky from Goleta, CA
Tried it for first time today after walking by it for months. Ordered the Spicy Sashimi Salad to go. It was quite delicious. Fish had great texture and good cuts. Salad greens were fresh and crisp. Spicy! It was about $12, which at first I thought was a little much for lunch, but then I saw how big it was. Looking forward to trying other items.

damn good sushi for little $$, 2/17/2008
Reviewer: jon from san diego
im from san diego, and when ever i come to santa barbara i always make it into sakura. i definitely recomend the sakura roll, tuna,salmon,yellow tail, crab, avo and cucumber. delicious

Delicious, 12/8/2007
Reviewer: Susan from Santa Barbara, CA
The quality of the food is excellent. The price is reasonable. I highly recommend!

Not bad for SB, 11/7/2007
Reviewer: Taylor from Santa Barbara, CA
The beef teriyaki was about 10 dollars, which price-wise isn't that bad considering how many japanese restaurants charge about $13 for a beef teriyaki dinner. However, the food lacked in quality. The beef was dry and was kinda burnt on the bottom, though they made a noble effort to cover it in sauce. They also filled 1/3 of my take-out box with corn. The shreds of beef, a scoop of rice, and half a can of corn was definitely not worth 10 bucks.

big tasty rolls baby, 11/2/2007
Reviewer: Pierre from santa barbara
fairly fast service. lots of choices in sushi and substitutions. highly recommend the big green monster (avocados, tempura shrimp, and goodness). sakura roll is great too (u literally see the salmon, crab, and i think yellowtail in thirds - like a pie chart). state street roll is a good choice if you like a lil spice and huge portions. overall a good location to stop and eat if in a hurry or if u don't want to deal with waitresses (there are none). prices were an avg $8 and were huge for servings. not skimpy. arigato sushi, west sushi, and something's fishy are very comparable in price, but the portions are better, the service is basically order and pick up, and the atmosphere is set by shops and shoppers along the street. as a tip, come here if you have a big mouth, one bite will fill your whole mouth.

Food is Good, 10/4/2007
Reviewer: grace from Santa Barbara
I come here all the time and it's really decent for quick sushi. Their fish is really not super fresh but if you crave for sushi here's a place to go better than those grocery sushi. Just to let u know its decent not spectacular.

Korean Sasimi Baul, 7/17/2007
Reviewer: JayJay Yun from Goleta/CA
Sometimes I eat there owing to delicious My specially Menu is Korean Sasimi bowl If you have tasted it then surprised with tasty and reasonable price

bad customer service, 7/16/2007
Reviewer: jessica simon from santa barbara , ca
my teacher sanja hunt ordered lunch at this restaurant and she wanted eggs on her food and the people said that they have eggs but then when my teacher got her lunch there was no eggs. on her food so she went back to ask and they said that they do not have any more eggs left and my teacher got upset at the people in the restaurant because they did not tell the truth about the eggs and when my teacher felt this way it hurts my feelings and I will never come here again

$.50 for extra spicy sauce!!!, 2/13/2007
Reviewer: Maria from Santa Barbara CA
This place was really good, but since they change the owners its not that good. I work in the mall so I go very often, but since they ask me to pay .50 cents for extra ponzu sauce, forget it, these new owners are very cheap!!

Cutest services, 6/29/2006
Reviewer: Cody from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is not oily and the miso soup is really nice, not salty at all like other "fast food". The Japanese waitresses are so cute and friendly, I learned to say Arigato, kawaii. (thanks, cutie)

Yes Samurai Rolls, 5/11/2006
Reviewer: Hajir Sailors from Santa Barbara, CA
When i first heard of this plae i thought, ohh, it'll be the Mcdonalds of Sushi. Luckily i was wrong, the food is actually pretty good, considering the price and the wait time. THe best thing on the menu by far is the samurai roll, at least in my opinion. If you're in paseo nuevo just stop by and give the place a try, it's a good deal. Obviously not the best service, but, it's an "express" sushi place, what did u expect?

Great food, inexpensive, 4/17/2006
Reviewer: Jim Sumber from San Diego
I had dinner special at the Sakura Express. It was awesome. Great food and it is the most reasonable place in town.

Not Always "Express", 7/10/2005
Reviewer: Santa Barbara Dianne
I picked up the California Roll special today which consisted of one roll, edamame and miso soup, it took about 15 minutes to get this simple order. This was my second visit with the first one not being too long of a wait. I was excited when I first heard of this place because I have been hoping for a fast-food-styled Japanese Restaurant but now I am a little discouraged. I may give them one more shot. Taste-wise, the California roll is very good, edamame was a little dry and miso soup was average.

YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!, 6/6/2005

SAKURA IS AWESOME! the guys who work there are super cute too...def. worth waiting for!

Pretty Good, 2/3/2005

This place is good. I like their sushi a lot. Its great when I´m hanging out in Paseo Nuevo with my friends and i need a quick place to eat. It matters on what you get, but its usually a 2 minute wait. I have had to wait there 30 minutes to get 2 california rolls, though. For fast food....this place is great

In the Paseo Nuevo mall, 10/5/2004

In the Paseo Nuevo mall

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