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A Capella Restaurant
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2008-03

2220 Bath St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-5911

  • Category: American
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 7am-10pm, Sun 7am-9pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Name change, 3/20/2008
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
A Capella Restaurant has changed its name. It is now Las Aves Cafe.

food good, service eh, 6/17/2007
Reviewer: Foodie Jo from Santa Barbara, CA
This was the first time going to A Capella and i must say they have a long way to go in improving their service. Often the servers had trouble understanding what our requests were and this often resulted in a mix up. We did have to wait for service sometimes, but the waiters were often apologetic which was appreciated. I went for breakfast and the food was good. My boyfriend said his eggs were perfect, and the toast was nice and crisp. In the end the waiters realized they had made mistakes on their part and comped us a meal. I see good potential for this little place which may be easily overlooked if you aren't staying in the adjacent best western.

Bored Servers, 4/30/2007
Reviewer: John Parker from San Diego, CA
I stayed at the neighboring Best Western during a weekend stay with my girlfriend. The Hotel was kind enough to provide a $5.00 off coupon so I said "what the hey" let's take advantage and grab breakfast before we embark on a day of wine tasting. Sounds simple right? The service is terrible. The waiters were either very uninterested, or had a hard time deciphering the words Orange Juice. They had zero personality, and let's be real, I don't eat at restaurants and expect waiters to perform magic tricks for me, but 'cmon - at least act like you are interested in the party you are serving. As for the food, not much could be said - it was plain and boring. I think their "secret ingredient" for the french toast is adding sauteed bananas - wasn't very original, nor that tasty - I recommend you venture down State St. for some better options.

Great meal, 3/20/2007
Reviewer: Bob&Ellie from Montecito
We were recently invited to A Capella by Unico, the Italian Club to present our Gelato~Sorbeto to them. A Capella's staff went out of their way to accomodate us by providing freezer space while we had our meal with the group and then assisted us in our presentation. To say the meal was great would be an understatement...the pot roast was savory, portions were large. We'll be back Thanks again Bob & Ellie Patterson

A Mixed Bag, 11/5/2006
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
I loved the ambiance--cozy and intimate. The low-lighting, the color scheme and lovely hardwood floors are all a step up from the former plain jane "Victoria's Restaurant" of yesteryear. It took quite awhile for the waiter to approach our table. Drinks were prompt but, after that, the food was delivered in a most disorganized fashion. It was well into the meal when I realized my companions had already been fed their entree and I was still waiting for mine!--I'd had a dinner salad and appetizer to distract me. The menu on first glance was quite imaginative with several tasty-looking options. When my entree arrived--the penne pasta with eggplant and goat-cheese, I was disappointed in that the ingredients which had seemed like they'd be perfect together came out tasting very separate and un-blended. I'd heard this place had live jazz which was another reason to check it out--upon arriving, however, we were told this was no longer the case. Overall, I'd say this restaurant has a ton of potential and just needs to work out the kinks.

I agree....Hidden Gem!, 8/10/2006
Reviewer: Beth Pearson from Santa Barbara, CA
Great food for a great price. Atmosphere is wonderful. The Macaroni and cheese entree is spectacular. The ahi is a must! We visit regularly and are always greeted with a smile. Those who've have had a bad experience, I encourage you to try it now.

Three Strikes -- Acapella Is Out, 6/16/2006
Reviewer: Jen from Santa Barbara, CA
Having dined at the restaurant on three different occasions, I have learned that the service is consistent. There is basically NO service. The solution to this problem would be to hire more waiters that have an ability to multi-task. There should be more "team service" to ensure patrons are attended to in a timely and friendly manner. As far as serving salads, the plates need to be chilled rather than fresh out of a hot dishwasher. The lettuce needs to be crisp and chilled rather than warm and wilted. When the waiter takes a Visa card, he should not disappear behind closed doors for 20 minutes. The card should be visible to the patron at all times. I will not return to this restaurant.

Hit or miss, 2/25/2006
Reviewer: Sara from Santa Barbara
I have been to Acapella a few times now and it has been a complete hit or miss experience. If the food is good the service is horrible and if the service is ok, the food has been bad. I live in the neighborhood and have been frequenting the restaurant before it was Acapella and although it is a very pretty place to look at, I feel the ambiance doesn't fit with the the location. Overall I would say the food is worth trying but the service needs lots of help.For example even when the restaurant was empty it still took at least ten minutes for a waiter to acknowledge our party. If you are willing to put up with mediocre service then give it a try. However I would note that when paying for high end food I expect quality service to accompany it.

A hidden gem!, 12/7/2005
Reviewer: Cherie from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been to Acapella several times now and each time has been great. A delightful Mother's Day brunch with girlfriends and a couple of dinners - each has been pleasant and delicious! A couple notes on the exceptional service - when ordering iced coffee, the waiter brought the cream and sugar on the side without being asked, the bread was hot and the little tubs of butter were in the bread basket so that the butter was at perfect spreading temperature, and the waiter kept an eye on our glasses for refills at appropriate times, never needing to be flagged down. Little touches like that, combined with great and unusual tasting food make this a great spot to take friends. The only slight distraction is the noise level, particularly with live music - a bit overpowering making it hard to converse. But still worth the trip!

Disappointing, 10/27/2005
Reviewer: Lorenzo Mauro from Santa Barbara, CA
While the food is tasty, our party had a very unfortunate experience with the service. From slamming down the bread, spilling the water and bringing the bill before it was asked, this was a terrible dining experience!

Delicious!, 4/28/2005
Reviewer: Emily from Santa Barbara, CA
A beautiful restaurant! The new owners have created a fantastic ambience with very friendly and prompt service and delicious food. The appetizer (Brie w/ roasted garlic etc) was exeptional as was the entree and dessert! Not to mention a wonderful wine list and bar. I would deffinetely go back and reccommend it to annyone!

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