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Brothers Restaurant
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2012-03

2350 Railway Ave, Los Olivos
Phone: (805) 688-4820

Reviews by the General Public

five stars!, 8/2/2011
Reviewer: charlotte klein from goleta
My family and I just ate at Mattei's last weekend and I gave it 5 stars in both categories! (which has never happened) The restaurant itself is charming, I felt like I had been transported back in time. I like how they preserved the old world feel of the place,whilst maintaining a current fine dining experience sans snobbery! We were very impressed with our server as well. She was extremely knowledgeable with the menu and was very honest as well (she actually tasted everything on the menu! Imagine that!!!) Most restaurants don't train their staff to be salesmen out on the floor, which is about 50%of their job! The food was spot on as well. The lamb chops and the beef filet were cooked perfectly adorned with lovely sauces and terrific side dishes ( kalamata mashers and potato/onion gratin were memorable). My kids shared the wild salmon and loved it ( they both got a generous 8 oz. portions of fish! ) When I mentioned this to our server (I thought they forgot that they were sharing) she smiled and said that the Chef loves adventurous Kraft mac and cheese here! (which they do offer for kids who won't eat real food) Anyway, another brilliant move on their part! The best dining experience we've had in a long time!! Five stars baby! Well done! Now all you have to do is open a restaurant in Goleta!!! The Timber's is vacant!!!

The most Fabulous Food we ever ate!!, 6/20/2011
Reviewer: lisa madison from Lakewood, ca
I took my husband to Matteis Tavern for Fathers Day after a fun filled day of surfing at Jalama Beach then we decided to go into town for wine tasting and some food. We ended up at Mattei's Tavern, we had heard great things but we never imagined the fabulous service, ambience and delicious food. I had the scallops, they melted in my mouth and Kev had the Irish Salmon. Our water glasses were never empty and neither was our bread basket, the most savory herb and butterd breads we ever ate. Please go there if you can, the town, wine...wonderful and we must say Matties was the best food we ever ate in our whole lives, sounds crazy but true!!

Always delicious!, 4/13/2011
Reviewer: amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat at Mattei's all the time and it is wonderful every time! I love that they will split a meal for you for no extra charge, what other fine dining restaurant will do that for you?? The salmon is delicous and we shared the bananna split for dessert with home Peanut butter, Bananna and Chocolate Brownie ice cream! Yum!

Best restaurant experience in a long time, 10/11/2010
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
We've eaten at Mattei's a few times before, but this time the experience definitely stood out. Both my wife and I ordered the prime rib and it was the closest I have ever got to Chicago's best, and definitely the best I have ever eaten in Santa Barbara. The service was friendly and attentive and the dining room was pleasantly unpretentious (and a bit raucous). The bread was very good. I had the tomato soup, which was good, but a little sharp and not what I would rate as incredible. My wife had the Mixed Baby Greens with Stilton Cheese, Poached Pears and Candied Walnuts, and this was very good. Keep it up Mattei's!

Nice Historic Restaurant for a Special Night Out, 10/4/2010
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Pretty Good Stuff, not an overly large serving though compared to other places. The Swordfish was good, the Sirloin was unevenly cooked. The setting is great in a Historic stagecoach stop. Service was high class though not overly attentive. I enjoy the Vineyard house more but the ambience is really good. The bar area also serves Kobe burgers in addition to the regular menu.

special occasion restaurant, 1/14/2010
Reviewer: dot from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the place to go to celebrate special occasions. The food is amazing. Particularly love the goat cheese stuffed chicken. Prime Rib mouth watering. Desserts are delicious, fresh sorbets, chocolate gelato. Atmosphere old fashioned,(was an old stage coach stop). Warm and inviting. Never disappointed.

Great Restaurant, 11/1/2009
Reviewer: Tom from Albuquerque, NM
Food and service is excellent - definitely in the "fine dining" category. However, the room has a metal ceiling and was very noisy - they need to install some sound-absorbing material. Overall, a very very good experience. Arguably the best restaurant in the Los Olivos, Lompoc, Solvang area.

Great quality food, 9/23/2009
Reviewer: Janice from Los Angeles, CA
The food was absolutly delicious. Service, not so good. Waitress came around only twice and that's because I had to yell across the room to get her attention. Other than that, the food was great and the place is very vintage like, very beautiful. Very relaxing place to dine for my birthday.

Excellent Experience, 2/15/2009
Reviewer: Carrie from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I went to Mattei's Tavern for our "Valentines". We had never been but were interested in the restaurant due to the menu posted online. We throughly enjoyed everything! As a server myself, I appreciate the helpful service and constant refilling of our beverages. My husband had the top sirloin and I the Pork Chop rib. Both were excellent, loved the bacon mashed potatoes! We followed dinner with their Lemon custard with blueberry cheesecake and a scoop of the butterscotch ice cream. Absolutley delicious! Thanks for making our night enjoyable! We will be back.

Reviewer: Shannon from Santa Barbara, CA
I've visited Mattei's/Brothers several times over the past two years, and have seen a grave decline in food quality and service. Tonight, there was no prime rib available because "it had been overcooked." Instead, I received a crispy somewhat tasteless sirloin. The waiter was incredibly rude -- he chatted with patrons instead of waiting tables, was difficult, and when I ordered takeout, only gave me 1/4 of my order (due allegedly to container problems). Last time I visited, service was achingly slow, too. Two years ago, this place served the best prime rib in the area, and had great service. Sad to see such a change.

Disappointing, 3/23/2008
Reviewer: Brooke from Carpinteria, CA
I had read about the restaurant and was very excited to visit. We were seated in a room with a brick floor and a great view of the backyard. Our server was greta but the food was lacking. Of our party of four, only the prime rib entree was good. The buffalo, sirloin and pork were extremely dry and the sides unappetizing. My husband substituted the bacon mashed potatoes for the regular and was very happy with them. The dessert special was really the only part of the meal I enjoyed. I won't be dining here again anytime soon. I much preferred the Hitching Post.

Excellent food, but no charm... :-(, 12/9/2007
Reviewer: Becky from Lompoc, CA
We had dinner at Mattei's Tavern last night, and I have to say that while the food was well prepared and our service was good, I was very disappointed in the ambience. We were seated in an area that felt like a walkway right in front of the kitchen - it was drafty and noisy. I had expected better based on the invinting rooms that we passed through to get there. The busboys and waiters were folding napkins at a table at one end of the room and it was brightly lit and busy. We also had a very loud diner at the table next to us who made it feel crowded. All in all, while the food was good, I was disappointed in the overall experience and probably won't go back when there's so many other choices in the area.

A Nice Surprise, 11/11/2007
Reviewer: Sheri from Little Canada, MN
We ended our wine tasting day in Los Olivos and asked around for a place to eat and the suggestion was Mattei's. We shared a great pear salad and I had the goat cheese stuffed chicken breast and my husband had the rack of lamb. The salad and entrees were fantastic. The bread we had prior to our entrees was also very good. We both felt it was a pleasant surpise. It was a Sunday night so the noise factor was not an issue.

Lose the Salt Please, 10/31/2007
Reviewer: Aaron from Atlanta, Ga
I had the opportunity to dine at three Santa Ynez Valley restaurants during the last week while on a business trip. There were four of us and for fun I asked each in our party to rate each restaurant and not discuss until the end of the evening. Our party dined at Matteis Tavern, Grappolo’s and Café Angelica in that order. Matteis Tavern is a great looking establishment. The building is an actual stage coach stop from the 1800’s. A fire was burning in the fireplace and the hostess made us feel welcome when we arrived. The service was excellent with our server remembering the smallest of details. It is a shame that the food did not match up to this great icon of history. The food was not bad, but it wasn’t that great either. The side potato dish had enough salt to make one of the members of our party choke. Work on your food, maybe a new chef. Then this experience would be on par with the building that you in.

Salty Food, 9/24/2007
Reviewer: Craig from Santa Ynez, CA
And speaking of other people's reports that are right on the button, I have to mention the use of salt. It's gotten completely out of control. Last weekend the pan-fried trout entre', which used to be terrific, was so salty that it was almost inedible. It seems there is more salt on more items every week. I'm at a complete loss to understand this.

The Best The Valley Has To Offer, 7/28/2007
Reviewer: Craig from Santa Ynez, CA
My friends and I are regulars, and we're always pleased with the quality of the food and the service. Those who claim the place is noisy, though, certainly have a point. Almost 50% of our dining experiences are marred to some degree by inconsiderate, half-drunk slobs in our vicinity. Having said that, it's hard to blame the restaurant; I can't expect the staff to correct the manners of a few selfish pigs who can't grasp the fact that their discourtesy is affecting others around them.

Best choice we could make!, 7/23/2007
Reviewer: Jody from Santa Barbara
Every aspect of our dining experience was divine. The special beet (red & golden) spinach salad with goat cheese, poached cherries and whole wheat honey mustard vinaigrette was sumptuous. We both enjoyed the petit filet cooked to perfection with the potatoes and mini vegetables coupled with a Sunstone Merlot. We'd just dropped the kids at "Camp" Grandma's, were on our way home and made a great choice of a place to stop. We want to thank our server, Cristine for treating us like royalty -- just enough great attention!

Great Food and Double Great on Desserts, 5/30/2007
Reviewer: Dalia Rose from Orcutt
Whatever you do save room for the desserts. Wow! Great food and nice Old Time Charm.

Great!, 3/7/2007
Reviewer: Frank from Los Angeles, CA
We went there about a year ago. What I remember is the excellent rack of lamb. Absolutely delicious and cooked right to the point. Will go back next weekend and hope it's going to be that good again.

Decent But Hitching Post is Better, 2/8/2007
Reviewer: Russ Davies from Los Angeles, CA
Decent food but the price was a bit much for my dinner. Salad was a bit old. the highlight was the desserts. wow, the dessert chief is to be praised. GREAT job. Our waitress was frazzled by the high pace and the resturant overall is a bit crowded thus the noise others complain about. Take out a table - oh I know profits and re-arrange a bit to allow for more spacing. And add some more portion size to the meat dishes - an ounce or two would place you up there for the price. I frequesntly get to the Santa Ynez Valley and will try again - but Hitching Post is my favorite. I will however return to Matties for the desserts.

Great food, if you have a lot of time and earplugs, 1/7/2007
Reviewer: Lauren from Santa Ynez, CA
We were seated in the large windowed room on the side of the building, which was quite pleasant until it started to fill up. Then the noise level reached that of an L.A. club with people literally yelling in order to be heard. I actually winced multiple times throughout the meal because of someone shouting particularly loudly. The meal itself, from the time we were seated to the time we paid the check, took two hours. We amused ourselves by attempting to fold the napkins into interesting shapes, but even that gets old eventually. The wine list is very expensive, and nothing unusual caught my eye enough to want to spend the cash (walk down the street into town and get some really good wine for a quarter of the price). On the bright side, I thought the bread plate had nice variety, good quality, and interesting selections, especially a heavenly garlic bread. When the food finally arrived I was impressed by the meat which filled half the plate, and loved the sweet potato fries which comprised the other half. Somewhere in the melee were a couple carrots that I dug out from beneath the fry mountain. The lamb with cherry balsalmic sauce was very good also, though everything tends to be cooked on the rare side. What was really annoying was that when we left the cacaphonous side room to leave, walking through the other inside dining rooms, the noise level dropped tremendously. The rest of the restaurant had a lovely serene, cozy atmosphere and plenty of tables, but they seated everyone in the side room for some reason. It would have been an enjoyable (though expensive) experience if I had earplugs. Also, if the gentlemen sitting at the table next to mine should happen to read this-- save your hollaring, whooping, and other incredibly loud sounds for football stadiums. (come to think of it, I should send you my bill for dinner)

Noise, Uncooked meat, Slow, High Priced, 1/7/2007
Reviewer: Val from Buellton, CA
Wanting to show our out of town guest an exceptional evening, we opted for the popular Mattei's. We arrived at 7, and were seated in the side room which acts like an echo chamber when packed with people. Soundproofing would be good. The entree took 45 min. to appear after we had multiple glasses of water and a mediocre cool bread plate. The server was pleasant but extremely busy. The water guy was great! Two of us ordered beef cooked medium, and got medium rare and my prime rib had a inch of bright red on the corner, so I opted to take it home for further cooking. The garlic mashed potatoes were sooo salty I couldn't eat them, and the vegetables of a few string beans and carrot slices were obviously a garnish, which left the uncooked meat my main source of food. The steak dish came with a mountain of sweet potato fries, which would be great if you consider that balanced. Half way through the entree our special guest asked for some Advil to help his noise induced splitting headache. He didn't touch his potatoes either, and with a "conservative bill" for three (as we only had entrees and 2 desserts) of $135.00, it would have been nice not to have wasted the food. The chocolate truffle dessert sounded great, but we were informed it would take 15 min. to prepare. I wanted to say, we've already been here for over an hour in these hard chairs, what's 15 more minutes? I thought I might share, but it was too small, reminded me of an oreo cookie in size with a chocolate sitting next to it. However, the mud pie was generous. For the newcomer I would advise requesting a QUIET table in another room, stress how you want your meat cooked, and be prepared for a bill, especially if you like extras that come included in most restaurants. It has been 10 years since I ate at Mattei's, and I think I can go another ten now!

Delightful experience, 8/9/2006
Reviewer: Katie Nodland-Pope from Valrico, Florida
This was my second visit to Mattei's and both were delightful experiences. My daughter-in-law and I had a filet which was flavorful, tender and cooked to perfection. My husband had a pork chop - again perfect. Our sons had the lamb and said it was the best they ever tasted. The tomato salad was especially delicious - it's so hard to find really flavorful tomatoes anymore. Wine list was very good. As for service - We were a party of six who ran a half hour past our reservation time (apologies for that) but Mattei's staff couldn't have been more gracious or more accomodating. What more can you ask for? It was a special and memorable meal and it was a great place to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. We will definitely be back the next time we are in the area.

Best Prime Rib in my 50 years!, 6/19/2006
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Maria, CA
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Maria, CA Mattei's Tavern is on my all-time favorites list! I always recommend it to people who want a special occasion dinner. Prime Rib has been my favorite on the bill and I've never had better in my 50 years experience. I also enjoy several other dishes there. The homemade sorbet is a great way to finish the meal. Mattei's has a charming, relaxed atmosphere. My dad always said "Why should I eat out if I can eat better at home” My dad would have loved Mattei's.

A Perfect Dining Experience, 5/25/2006
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Clarita, CA
This was our first visit to Mattei's Tavern and we couldn't have asked for more. Everything was perfect! Great atmosphere, terrific service, fabulous wine and food. The appetizers, entrees and desserts were expertly prepared and presented. Everything was absolutely delicious. We ate near the kitchen and it was organized, quiet and an obvious team effort. We can't wait to go back!

Angry Food, 5/22/2006
Reviewer: Mabel Winters from Santa Barbara, CA
While the food isn't bad--just consistently oversalted--my stomach turned as I watched the chef/owner and one of the line cooks bark repeatedly at the poor waitress in our section last visit, the one right in front of the kitchen. The front may be all smiles but behind the fascade is an ill-run restaurant. They also used to serve free-range chicken at the original Brother's Restaurant, but don't any longer--expansion doesn't mean cutting quality.

As expected, 5/3/2006
Reviewer: Nate- A local from Santa Ynez, CA
There is nothing wrong with this restaurant. The food and service were all well above average. However, I have this feeling of a "chain" restaurant type of operation. Walking back to our table we were greeted by the chef and his staff (very nice), but as we passed we were also greeted by a bay of computer monitors for the servers to enter their computerized orders. No big deal, that is minor but indictitive of the operation. Suggest moving the monitors beyond customers sight. Wine list is fair, has definately been paired down. Would like to see more valley wines and not two pages of Pinot's. Food was very good, well prepared. I had some potato side dish that could use some improvement. Lamb is very good. I have eaten many meals at Matteis. Consistancy is their skill, you should be pleased with your experience.

Lovely, 4/12/2006
Reviewer: Shannon from La Habra
My boyfriend and I were referred to Mattei's by the owner of a local winery in Los Olivos. We waited at the bar for a table and while waiting enjoyed a superb appetizer of a diced ahi tuna salad. Delicious. We were then led back to the main dining area which was rustically elegant with a beautiful view of what looked to be a large grassy field behind the restaurant. It was sunset which only enhanced the view. The service was impeccable and our meals (he had steak and I had fish) were outstanding. Not huge portions, but not those insufferable micro-cuisine meals either. It was a bit pricey but well worth the expense. It would have been even better if we had not been seated next to a couple with an unhappy toddler and an infant. Regardless, we both concluded it was one of the best dining experiences we had ever had. We plan to go back when we revisit the area and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Valentines night success, 2/16/2006
Reviewer: Greg from Ventura
This was our first time at this restaurant, and i have to say "my complements to the chef and his staff" the food was truly a success, the atmosphere was terrific with the fireplace on and the tavern full of patrons, talking and laughing with each other made you feel at home.The service was a great and very helpfull. My wife and I have raved to all our friends about the Tavern and will make many more returns.

I ate at Mattei's Tavern when it was operated by The Chart H, 1/12/2006
Reviewer: Beverly Hinrichs from Anaheim, Ca
At the time that I visited Mattei's Tavern several years ago, and many times, it was operated by The Chart House. I have always found the ambience to be wonderful, I love the fireplace, and The Chart House food was, well, Chart House food---good. I'm writing this in hopes that I may be able to get the current menu. I'm trying to talk some girlfriends into making a stop at Mattei's. One of the girls read the web site which says, "Fine Dining". I'm certain that the dining is well above Fine. The question is, does that mean especially formal or dress up attire?

I am an expert, and this is the best, 1/10/2006
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the all time, best meal I have ever had in my entire life. I have eaten all over the world, the best meats, cheeses, wines and deserts have been on my plate and no other places combines them all as sweetly as matties tavern. The item to order: the fillet with stilton cheese port reduction. To die for. Go out of your way to get to this restaurant. You won't regret it.

Food and Service 100%, 9/12/2005
Reviewer: Don and Melanie Vellis from Paso Robles, CA
Don and Melanie Vellis from Paso Robles, CA Every statement that has been made here has been an understatement, the food is superb, I have been there many a time.I go to the Chumash Casino every couple of months and it is just not a trip without a little bit of Mattie's Tavern, they have a brilliant Merlot by the glass and the servers can basically match you with any wine, the lamb is the best rack of lamb I have ever had and it just gets better in time. My wife usually enjoys the Chinese salad. The only thing better then the food is the service, I highly suggest you request Terry for your waitress she is very proficient and nice, always accompanied by her lovely bus girl Nicky. I highly suggest this restaurant, one of my favorites.

Small Town Ambiance with Big City Chefs, 7/6/2005
Reviewer: Resident of SYV from Santa Ynez
Our family has dined numerous times at Brothers and has never been disappoitned. Our 5-year old calls it his favorite, however the children´s menu could use some expansion. While a bit pricey for the basic tourist, the service and food quality is supreme. The menu has a wide selection and the specials are always pleasing. We have sampled the halibut, salmon, lamb, filets, shrimp, pasta...the list goes on. We have never been disappointed with the flavors or the service. The chef typically checks on each table at least once during the meal, and the staff can find any "kind" of wine requested...sweet, woody, fruity...for the guests. This restaurant is more than fantastic.

Outstanding service and delicious entrees, 6/2/2005
Reviewer: Larry from Ventura, CA
My girlfriend and I stopped in to Brother´s Restaurant at Mattei´s Tavern on short notice and were lucky enough to get a table quickly without a reservation. Our waiter was very attentive and helpful in choosing selections from the menu. I was a little disappointed at the limited selection of wines available by the glass but the one Chardonnay that was served by the glass was really good. We had the Baby Spinach Salad and Spring Rolls for starters. I had the Horseradish Encrusted Salmon and it was one of the best Salmon dishes I have ever had (even better than what I had in Alaska). My girlfriend had Halibut which she thoroughly enjoyed. For dessert we split the Fudge Brownie Roasted Banana Ice Cream Sundae which was the perfect way to end a perfect meal. We will look forward to returning to Brother´s again soon!


hands down, 3/24/2005
Reviewer: Christine from Los Olivos
I cannot believe this Restaurant has no entries. Outstanding service, menu selection and wine service. Seasonal menu, nice bar with food, ambience galore.

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