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Deli Planet
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2011-11

5599 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 683-8555

  • Category: Deli
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat 9am-3pm, Sun closed
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch
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Reviews by the General Public

Phone Now Disconnected, 11/4/2011
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara, CA
Must be closed the phone is now disconnected. Too Bad I really liked the sandwiches there.

Are they still open?, 11/2/2011
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Went by today at lunch and it was closed.

Is this place closed?, 11/2/2011
Reviewer: Scott deVries from Santa Barbara, CA
I went by the Deli Planet again today at lunchtime, and it seems closed up and abandoned.

ANTONIO!, 5/17/2011
Reviewer: Deanne Woodward from Santa Barbara, CA
Love the place and the owners :D

If you haven't tried this place, your missing out., 11/4/2010
Reviewer: Frankie Briseno from Goleta, CA
I have been coming back to this place time and time again since I moved to Goleta, which was 5years ago. The reason I keep coming back is because of not only the great service, but above all the great food. The Deli Planet offers a wide range of different menu items, so its easy to find an item that will satisfy your specific taste. They even have a breakfast menu. The service is great, quick, and no long wait times. If your taking it to go, you will be in and out in no time. If you decide to stay and eat you will always find a clean seat and table, and of course the latest newspaper.I highly recommend this place to anyone that enjoys great food at a great value. A+++

The BEST Deli in Santa Barbara County, 10/25/2010
Reviewer: Jessica Dozoretz from Santa Barbara, CA
When you walk into The Deli Planet you're greeted by two of the most wonderful people with a always a warm welcome and smile. The sandwiches are works of art: excellent quality and variety of cheeses; delicious turkey, chicken, and other meats piled high; always fresh and locally-grown vegetables (I'm a huge fan of avocado and they load it on every sandwich for me); and an assortment of fresh fruit and side dishes. In addition, they have provided wonderful catering services for numerous occasions (meetings, conferences, etc.) at very reasonable prices, with exceptional presentation and timely delivery. I Highly Recommend this deli - honestly the best I've come across north of Los Angeles.

Great Experience, 9/1/2009
Reviewer: Derek Delayne from Santa Barbara, CA
Great food and service! The service was friendly, found it refreshing compare to what i get when i go to some fast food place. The family loved the sandwiches and enjoyed the variety of drinks. Will definitely be going back!!

Excellent Food And Service, 5/28/2009
Reviewer: BjAL from Santa Barbara, CA
The service was great and also the atmosphere it seemed pretty cool and intresting with the backround pictures and the clocks of different times in the world. The ladies that work there were nice and you could see the effort they put to get everyone to no make them wait long.The owner antonio was also very friendly. The sandwiches were great i dont know if the other people dont have good taste buds or are stuck in the past with their 90s sandwiches but i think these are as good or even more and mexican food along is perfect..!!! im definetly goin again!!!

Reviewer: Anna Johnson from Santa Barbara, CA
the food was amazing, and the taste was unbeatable! Everything on my sandwich was just perfect. Although there were two women making the food, who were not too friendly. The owner, Antonio was extremly friendly. The wait wasnt too bad (anywhere you go you have to wait) but i must say the sandwiches are amazing. I took some friends along and they loved the sandwiches as well. All you have to do is replace the staff and we've got a winner!

Mediocre Food...poor service, 4/21/2009
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
The servers were unfriendly, cold and confusing. They seemed greatly annoyed for no particular reason. Food was just OK. Soup was plain, chicken in the sandwich was cold and sandwich fell apart.

Great, fast service, mediocre food, 12/2/2008
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
The customer service here was great, there were two women working as a team to serve food very promptly. The dish was presented well but the food was not that great. The sandwich was bland, despite having garlic mayonaise on it. The soup (potato bacon) had a greasy broth with bits of bacon sprinkled in. The potatoes were in very large chunks and the broth was bland. The bread was just plain white (not sourdough as advertised) and the food was overpriced. The staff was friendly, but not friendly enough to make up for the food.

Pretty good food and service, 10/3/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Not great but good stuff. Problem is the wait can be long. The cashier was doubling as a sandwich maker(I did not check if she wore gloves or not while making the sandwich, I don't think so). Some communication problems with the hispanic servers though they are overall nice. Expect to wait during lunch hour. Decor is depressing(and 20 years old!), I don't need to see JFK assasination or shuttle exploding news head lines. I would suggest they change the name and decor esp as they are now serving mexican dishes along with sandwiches. Remodel!

Aristotle Sandwich- true, way too much lettuce, 7/16/2008
Reviewer: Marie from Goleta, CA
I have to say I agree with the Aristotle sandwich consisting of mostly lettuce. I learned of this sandwich when the original owner opened at Aero Camino and Hollister, in the late 90's. Fell in love with the sandwich, but the owner purchased the ingredients from a grocery store instead of having a produce delivery service, and therefore cut back on the salami and loaded up on the lettuce. I too have learned to make this sandwich and have continued to make it at home since the late 90's, only I load it with salami and cut back on the lettuce.

Great local atmosphere, 5/5/2007
Reviewer: Rich from Goleta, CA
Some of the best bagels in goleta! And the wide variety of hot suace is amazing. Great service, and great atmosphere

EXCELLENT, 3/16/2007
Reviewer: Rita Hyden from Goleta Ca.
I have been ordering from Antonio at Deli Planet for several years now and he always comes through. All of the ingredients are very fresh and the staff is very helpful and friendly. I have had to order for alot of luncheons at my previous place of employment and now at my current place of employment. Quality is great. I highly recommend Deli Planet in Goleta

Too heavy on the lettuce in my opinion, 12/26/2006
Reviewer: Maurice Bauer from Goleta, CA
I knew the originator of this restaurant, and they were always cheap on the meat. My favorite is the Aristotle sandwich, which now I make at home, after having eaten and discovered the ingredients. I was disappointed when the owner would put way too much lettuce in place of salami. You will find this out!

A little bit disappointed..., 9/19/2006
Reviewer: Johnny from Goleta, CA
The service was quick and the food was tasty. I was a little bit disappointed with the serving size though. The sandwich did not have enough meat on it, and it was a little bit overpriced.

Excellent, 5/3/2006
Reviewer: Klaus from Santa Barbara CA
John makes really excellent sandwiches - over a year I have been a regular customer there. Unmatched even in England the home of Lord Sandwich they do not make as excelllent sandwiches as the deli planet. Also the service is really heart warming. The best sandwich is devenitely the Jason special - if you know John well you get it with all the salads that you want (which is everything basically). The soups are a real treat and the vegetarian sandwich is really healthy and yummy!!! Keep on the good sandwiches

Great food and friendly Service, 12/13/2005
Reviewer: Kumar from Goleta
The food is great, good quality, especially the chicken sandwich. Breakfast is also good.The service is very, very friendly.

Efficient and friendly service, 8/1/2005
Reviewer: Kelly from Goleta, CA
We order food for office meetings, the food is always delivered on time and as we ordered it. The service is prompt and friendly. The sandwiches are pretty ordinary but tasty.

Decent, 7/28/2005
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara,CA
Decent sandwiches. Nothing special. Only thing unique or special about this place is they have like 40 different kinds of Hot Sauce.

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