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Domino's - Goleta
185 S. Patterson Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 683-1155

Reviews by the General Public

Decent Pizza 4 the Price, Cleanliness Questionable!
Reviewer: Lenny from Santa Barbara, CA
Takeout: waited 20 minutes for what was to suppose to be 10 minutes or so I was told when I ordered. Noticed during the wait that the employees taking the order, handling the cash, using the mouse/keyboard and answering the phone were the same ones making the pizza by hand. At no time between the calls and accepting cash did they wash their hands, nor do they use food service gloves like you would find at Subway. On top of all this, an employee reported to work as I waited and went directly to handling the pizzas from the oven to the box without washing his hands. Somebody needs to do a quality control CHECK on this place, dirty aprons and all.

great service
Reviewer: Tony from Santa Barbara, CA
i orden a couple of pizzas 2 days ago and when I pick up the order I realize that I forgot to tell the phone person to go easy on the pizza cheese, it was my fault, but the general manager with out any question make another 2 pizzas the way I like, That is what I call customer service, thanks Alfonso I will recommend your place to all my friends.

Good food / service, got takeout
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Called in and got takeout so can't comment on delivery antics. Nice 2 for 1 coupons available usually so look for those in coupon books. Pizza was good.

Wait a minute
Reviewer: Just Jeff from Santa Barbara, CA
Bro, you went to Dominos for Thanksgiving and are complaining about it? You're hilarious.

Never going here again
Reviewer: Mike Michaels from Goleta, CA
I went to Domino's on Thanksgiving because that was the only place open. I had a friend visiting me for the holiday and we needed food. We went into Domino's and ordered one of the specials up on the wall. The pizza guy told us that the store manager had instructed him to only sell pizza for full price that day unless the customer brought a coupon. I asked to talk to the boss, and of course he had the day off. I think that Thanksgiving may be the worst day for a pizza shop. Not only will I never go to this place again, I have convinced about 20 other people not to go there again. Happy Thanksgiving Domino's Manager.

Always a GREAT experience
Reviewer: Kay from Santa Barbara, CA
We often order pizza at Domino's and are treated with kind respect and quick service, and really great pizza. Thank You Domino's

Reviewer: Bob from Goleta
About three days ago I ordered that spectacular seven from Domions Pizza on Patterson. About 35 minutes later I get my order and an order of cinnastix that was not mine. I said "you know I LOVE that stuff but I did not order it." when the driver said that actually when you called, the owner is the one that took your order and you seemed very unhappy so he hopes that this small gift will put a smile on your face. Well that did put that small smile on my face as it is nice to know that there are people out there that care. Thank You again, you have earned a customer for life. Bob B.

New "Blaze" Pizza is not great!
Reviewer: Chuck from Goleta, CA
I tried the new "Blaze" Pizza that has recently been advertised on t.v. I didnt even eat the whole medium pizza to discover that it was a real let down. Just so other people out there can know, they dont use Mozzarella cheese and the sauce is really different. It basically tastes like they put tabasco sauce as the base and they add provolone cheese, pepper jack cheese, onions, tomatoes, and hamburger meat. Quite frankly its a real loser pizza. I think that Dominoes Pizza is at the bottom of the totem pole as far as pizza is concerned. So I have spent the last 6 months eating pizza about three times a week from various Pizza establishments from Santa Ynez to Carpinteria. Unfortunatley, I really dont have anything else better to do. After spending close to $1,100 dollars on pizza I came to the conclusion that Deano´s, Mesa Pizza Co., Paesanos, Gino´s Sicilian Express happen to make the best pies. I was at Rusty´s recently and I told the manager after I tried the pizza that they needed to take down thier "Best Of" Awards because the pizza was lousy!! I am sick and tired of seeing people fight on this website about whos got the best. I have come to the point where I may have to start paying people cash just to keep their mouth shut for promoting lousy pizza joints.

Reviewer: poisonxbones from santa barbara, ca
So about a month ago, me, my boyfriend, and our friend were having a small get-together. We decided to order 3 pizzas (the deal was 3pizzas for $5 each.) We were paying with cash. The total was $20.94. i put the cash on the side of the couch were i was sitting until the pizza guy came. About 30 mintues later (approx time the operator said it would be there) the delivery guy knocks on our door, he opens his sack and hands us the pizza. I then handed him the $21 dollars (a $20 bill and a $1 bill). i turned around and set the pizza on our table, and close the door. He then yells at me, saying we didn´t pay for the pizza! I couldn´t believe my ears. I said I paid him $21, and he kept emptying his pockets saying " no no, i only carry $20 for change, and thats all i have." i instructed him to empty his fanny back and his pockets, but he resisted. he called his boss at the main dominoes pizza in our area and was cussing us out over the phone to his boss.i told the delivery guy "im not paying $40 for pizza." and he says "no, see, you wouldnt be paying $40 for pizza, when you didn´t even pay me!" he then put his hand back in his pocket to ´check´ for the money again, and there was our money, crumpled up in a little ball. i slammed the door in his face and called the main store closest to us. the manager said that if the driver comes back without the $21 that we owed, that we were going to have to pay it. Turns our, the driver came back without the money. but since we kept a close eye on this scam, the manager said he would let it fly this if we never paid! Worst service ever. In fact, I took it to the corporate dominoes, and still, nothing has happened. Bad way to run a business with con artists running out and about..

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