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Menehunes Bar & Grill
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2006

6549 Pardall Rd, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-5768

Reviews by the General Public

Menehune's is closed.
Reviewer: Ashley from Goleta, CA
Menehune's lost their liquor license and since they were essentially a bar, they packed up and left town.

Reviewer: Tim Vernon from Santa Barbara, CA
Menehunes is a pretty seedy place located in the heart of what Isla Vista might call downtown. I have only been there once when they did not have live music and found it to be pretty lackluster. However, the other times the place was packed with sweaty bodies and a healthy dose of fresh, different live music from local bands and even sometimes out-of-towners. I applaud this place for trying to bring something different to the area. A definite booster to the usual deadpan Isla Vista scene.

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