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Quizno's - State St
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2013-09

1213 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 560-0499

Reviews by the General Public

VERY RUDE & INSULTING SERVER (Good food), 6/28/2012
Reviewer: MK from Santa Barbara, CA
We were just there for lunch after the SB Solstice Parade. We were purchasing lunch for 5 people - two were children, to enjoy a picnic at Alameda Park. Part of our purchase was one order of sliders (comes with 2)for the children to share since they have small stomachs. We asked if the sliders could be wrapped individually (everyone knows children are messy - especially when not seated at a table). Since the items were small, the server (named "Darmish"- I don't know how he spells it) could have just split one wrapper and packaged each slider with half the wrapper, but instead he LOUDLY BERATED US in front of the packed store about how wasteful we were. The people around us were all as shocked as we were, and the woman paying ahead of us even spoke up telling him how inappropriate, and rude he was. WE WILL NOT BE COMING BACK!!!

Good Quick Food on State, 7/12/2010
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Not sure why people would want to go to the McD's next door, when I went at lunch hour the line was really long there and not at Quiznos. I think Super Size Me is right, there is something addictive in McDs food! Go to Quiznos for more healthy and better tasting stuff. The Quiznos was more cramped than I was used to, indoor seating only, no restroom I could see not so sure if a local one is around. Servers were nice.

just do it!, 3/3/2008
Reviewer: Sandro from Switzerland
I can only suggest going to quizno's! they have the best sandwiches i've ever tried! my favorite: try a baja chicken - that's absolut tasty!!

Incredible Roast Beef Sandwich, 4/6/2005
Reviewer: SantaBarbaraDianne from Santa Barbara
I hadn´t been here in awhile and kept meaning to try it out again because my last experience was so positive. I ordered the large Roast Beef Sandwich on white bread and was very impressed with the taste. Compared to Subway, which I still really enjoy, Quizno´s is definitely a few notches above it. I should add that the large is large enough for two people to split which makes for a very inexpensive sandwich.

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