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Valentino's Take & Bake
4421 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 967-7338

Reviews by the General Public

Pizza is the same size no matter what size you order....?
Reviewer: Nicholle from Santa Barbara, CA
Every time we order a pizza we get a mega, which they advertise as being 16 inches. The last several times we have taken it home to find that it is hardly bigger than a medium. Last night the mega was just enough to feed two people. It seems that you can order whatever size you'd like but when it comes down to it, the pizza sizes are all the same but you pay the higher price for a supposedly larger pie.

Chicken Pesto Pizza
Reviewer: Cris from Santa Barbara, CA
I cannot attest to anything but the Chicken Pesto Pizza recently, however it is delicious and I recommend it without reservation! Axxess discount is fantastic too!

Reviewer: John Dunsmore from Santa Barbara, CA
I have only been to Valentino's one time and i can assure you it was my last. I ordered a steak and cheese sub with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and NO Peppercinis. Only to take my first bite into a big Peppercinis. but that was the least of my concerns. when i order a steak and cheese i expect it to be cooked all together on a grill with melted cheese. what i saw was far from that. the girl literally slapped the sandwich together with cold meats, put it in the bag and then stuck the bag into a microwave. Who Microwaves a steak and cheese? This place does, and i thats why i would never go back. My girlfriend also ordered an italian combo which wasn't very good either.

Good sandwich/pizza
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Good sandwiches there. Out Quick. Pizza made quick too. You take it home and bake 12-14 minutes in the oven to give you a fresh pizza that is pretty good(not as good as Rustys though!). They apparently will make Calzones for you too to take home. Servers a little vague on what they have.

I don't know about the pizzas ...
Reviewer: David L from Santa Barbara
I rarely get the pizza's when i go here, however i do get their subs. They are really good, nice flavoring and a pretty nice portion for the price. The BBQ one is really strong in the flavoring so only get that if you have been watching the BBQ showdown on the food channel and you are craving it.

Reviewer: Dot from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Valentino's! I crave the Mediterranean pizza - it's my favorite pizza, hands down. The sandwiches are also delicious. All ingredients are very fresh and tasty. Prices are a bit high, but it's worth it for the quality pizza.

healthy pizza??!
Reviewer: annish from Santa Barbara
Raw pizza is Valentino´s forte -- you take it home and bake it yourself. Deep dish variations and calzone, too. Good simple party food. Seems less greasy than ´usual´ pizzas, even the sausage one. The sampler of 4 mini pizzas is a nice variation. Their sub sandwiches are pretty good, too. Menu is on their website,

Fresh and Tasty

A bit on the expensive side, but for fresh pizza with quality ingredient´s, Valentino´s take-n-bake is a good choice.

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