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Vineyard House Restaurant
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2018-03

3631 Sagunto St, Santa Ynez
Phone: (805) 688-2886

Reviews by the General Public

Best in SY Valley, 4/16/2015
Reviewer: Tom from Solvang, CA
My wife and I have dined here very often. We have never been disappointed and have never had a bad meal or experience. Everyone from the servers up to the owner are very cordial and accommodating. The food has never disappointed us. The best meal I have ever had was the Venison Oso Bucco that melted in my mouth. We have gone here for birthdays, anniversaries, and just plain Saturdays. It has always been great and I have recommended VH to everyone who asks. If you had a bad experience, I am sorry, and I am surprised that the owner did not do everything possible to make it right. Give it another try if it was not great for you. Everyone has an off day/night.

Unpretentious, Terrific Place, 8/27/2011
Reviewer: Craig Shields from Santa Ynez, CA
Completely under-rated, the "VH" never disappoints. Great food, in a charming, relaxed environment. I'm a local, and I take guests there all the time; I'm always confident we'll have a wonderful meal and an excellent experience.

cathy, 4/4/2011
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
In their defense Cathy, why would you have eaten the wrong plate of food and then complained about it? Wouldn't you have thought it more wise to tell the manager before you ate it? I can see why he wanted you to pay for it

Salad served was terrible, 4/4/2011
Reviewer: Cathy from Santa Maria, CA
I love this restaurant for 10 years. Today I find the salad they served not even as good as MacDonald's. What was on the menu was NOT in my bowl; no roasted red peppers, no artichoke hearts, no mixed salad greens. The manager argued with me about what was in the bowl, never owned up to the fact that was what was on the menu was never served, expected me to pay full price, then continued to argue saying I ate what was served. I was hungry! Never was I asked if it could be corrected or another item served. The manager kept arguing. Never returning.

disappointing, 8/19/2010
Reviewer: stuart from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I went up to hear our favorite local Jazz band (Dave and Yvonne Bazinet and friends) and we ate dinner. Our experience was the opposite of several written below in that the service was great but the food wasn't. My fried chicken breast tasted like the one at Denny's and my wife's lamb chops were raw at the bone. I did like the venison stew appetizer which was like a spicy pot roast. The setting is beautiful. IF we go again to hear our friends play we will stick to appetizers/salad, dessert and coffee. We did like the little individual loaf of bread served on a cutting board. Oh yes, it was expensive too ($80 with tax and tip and a small cover charge for the band. We did NOT have alcohol, dessert or coffee.).

Great food, horrible service, 10/26/2009
Reviewer: Erika from Burbank, CA
This was the first time I had dined at the Vineyard House. The service we received from the waitress was appalling. She was short, extremely rude & never came back to refill beverages. She was also kind enough to point out that I changed my order (salad dressing). She personally delivered the correct salad, making it a point to state that she fixed it for me even though "I had changed my mind". Besides the horrible service, the food was excellent! We had the pleasure of meeting the Chef. Chef Guzman runs an amazing kitchen. My filet mignon was cooked to perfection, vegetables cooked to savor their flavor. We called the Chef over requesting for the manager. When we explained the situation he was sincere and profusely apologetic. TIP: DO NOT ASK IF THE BILL CAN BE SPLIT. That's when it went all down hill. Bottom line they won't do it. We were told they were too busy. There were a total of two parties in the main room. One of the parties being our group, the other, the chefs’ family. When we left several of other employees greeted us with smiles and thanked us from joining them. I was amazed at how pleasant they were and disappointed we received a waitress with such a poor attitude.

Beautiful setting and comfortable atmosphere, 11/10/2008
Reviewer: Chris from Lawndale, CA
My family and I just visited Solvang. On our last night, we decided to try the Vineyard House. I found it to be the perfect balance of class and comfort. It's located in beautiful house. Since I had my children with me, I was a little scared that we might have chosen the wrong type of restaurant to dine in. This was not the case. They had a children's menu and a contest for children to decorate their menu. The service was fantastic. It happened to be someone's birthday and, much to our suprise, the host sat at a piano in the foyer and played "Happy Birthday" on the piano. It made you feel like you were at a friends house for dinner as opposed to a ritzy restaurant. The menu had a beautiful selection of dishes. I had the filet mignon. It was terrific. Wonderful wines, elegantly set tables. It gives you the satisfaction of dining in a fine restaurant, without having to worry about wearing a coat & tie. The prices are fairly reasonable. Most of the entrees were in the $16-28 range. Not exactly cheap, but definitely no more expensive than your average steakhouse. I'd highly recommend it to any travelers heading to Solvang/Santa Ynez.

Amazing Food in a Great Environment!, 9/15/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
This is has been our restaurant of choice for awhile. The food is excellent and the decor is like you are having dinner in a Victorian house. Its not too formal either. The portions are gourmet but filling! Try the venison verde appetizer and you won't leave hungry! Strongly recommended for dinner.

Very Disappointed, 8/13/2007
Reviewer: Lee from Santa Barbara
Even though we live in Santa Barbara, we have dined here many times over the years. We have recommended it to family and friends. It is a charming place and, until yesterday, we enjoyed the food and the service. Our attempt to have the Sunday brunch was a disaster. The place wasn't crowded and there seemed to be enough service people to handle the diners. We were seated promptly and our order was taken. Everything went downhill from there. We got our drinks (coffee and iced tea) and then we became invisible. After a lenghty period of time we tried to get refills on the drinks and couldn't get the attention of any of the service people. My husband finally took our glasses and went up to one of the waiters and asked that they be refilled. Meanwhile several other tables were filled. At least three of these parties received and finished their meals while we were still waiting. Finally, one of the waiters who we have seen there many times came over to say hello. He asked if we had ordered and we responded that we had ordered well over 40 minutes ago. He assured us our meals were coming. Other patrons were getting drink refills and attentive service. After an hour of waiting we finally decided to simply move on. My husband attempted to give the waiter we have seen many times some compensation for the drinks and, to his credit, he refused to take it. I'm mystified about the complete lack of service. Perhaps we will give the place a try again, but sertainly not soon.

perfect, 5/12/2007
Reviewer: Ira from Lompoc, CA
My wife and I wanted to try a new place to eat. We found this restaurant in John Dickson's restaurant guide. Everything we ate was delicious. The spinach salad with figs and bacon was the best i ever had. the service was friendly and always there when you needed them. We'll be back!

Great Service, Great Restaurant, 8/24/2005
Reviewer: Don from Santa Barbara
Awesome Restaurant...Great Food and Service...The owners do indeed make you feel like you are a guest in their home. Excellent local wine list Very romantic restaurant across a nice courtyard from the Santa Ynez Inn. Highly recommended!!!

Friendly staff and good fool = great dining experience!, 5/1/2005
Reviewer: Colleen from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to the Vineyard House twice in the last three months and have been very impressed by both the great food and the accommodating staff. Although I live in Santa Barbara and am unable to frequent this restaurant on a more regular basis, I can only say that the two occasions that I have visited this place have been positive both in a palatable way as well as in a customer service way. If you are ever in Santa Ynez, stop by the Vineyard House for a great meal and superior hospitality.

If you´re in the area, definitely stop at the Vineyard House, 3/24/2005

We were referred to the Vineyard House by one of the wineries and were so glad we stopped there for lunch! If the weather permits, outside dining is great and the sandwiches were amazing!

Great Food Great Service!!!, 3/18/2005

I eat at the vineyard house offten. The food and service are always great. The owners and staff are very friendly and make you feel like you are a guest in there own home.

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