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El Cazador
No longer in business
Opened: 2005-03 Closed: 2007-09

731 De la Guerra Plaza, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-5606

Reviews by the General Public

Nice Patio, 8/21/2007
Reviewer: Eli from Santa Barbara
Food was good, salsas were some of the best. Chicken taquitos & the beef chile relleno are a must try for those who really love authentic Mexican food. Service was attentive. Margaritas are also good!

The most boring Mexican food we've ever eaten - sorry., 8/18/2007
Reviewer: Greg and Company from Glendale, CA
We've been enjoying mexican food in southern California for 45 years - and this place served up the most boring food any of us have come across yet. From the fajitas to the tacos to the refried beans, it was all just bland. The food looks pretty, but the cooks forgot to put in the flavor. Margarita's were very good, but the food did not measure up. Maybe if you drink enough, the small portions of bland food don't matter? Certainly overpriced, considering other restaurants. The service was fast but not notably friendly nor outgoing. This is the first and only mexican restaurant I've eaten in that CHARGED for the pre-meal basket of chips! Santa Barbara is teaming with restaurants - if you're looking for good mexican food, look elsewhere!

Nice atmosphere, food that's nothing to write home about, 8/10/2007
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara
I've given this place three tries over the past several months. Each time, I was generally impressed by the ambiance--patio dining, very nice on a summer's day--but less than impressed by the cuisine. The quantity of food is hardly what one would consider generous, and the food itself simply tends to be rather bland, not well-spiced, without much creativity. The prices are no bargain, either.

us, too - great lunch, 7/11/2007
Reviewer: chris from Santa Barbara CA
The salsas and guac with chips were outstanding - a complexity of flavor treats. Presentation of entrees was sharp. Had the chile relleno and carnitas. Can recommend both, though the carnitas won due to the subtle orange-beer marinade. Nice side salad in lieu of the usuals. The chile relleno (1) was of the mild red sauce variety with a nice cheesy filling and a moderately thick breading - tasty but a tiche heavy. (Super Rica's creamy rendition retains first place, overall.) Courtyard was pleasant with service unobtrusive and spot on. A winner we'd comfortably recommend.

WOW!!, 6/29/2007
Reviewer: Rachel from Santa Barbara, CA
Just a couple of months ago my boyfriend and I literally stumbled upon this hidden gem! The food is truly fantastic [I LOVE the rajas appetizer!] and the wait staff are all knowledgable, attentive, and nice. Tequila selection is absolutely incredible [and yummy!] Outside patio is romantic and fun. This restaurant is one of our favorites, for sure.

Loved everything about this place!, 5/26/2007
Reviewer: Gaston Sanchez from Santa Barbara, Ca
I went to this place for my first time last night the location is beautiful and very welcoming. Our server Matias was excellent at recommending what to order for drinks and food. I had the sopesitos and they were great, almost as good as my margarita de talapia. Roberto was awesome too offering my table a shot of cielo tequila and also taught us how to properly take shots! I will definetly be back and if your a tequila fan or just a fan of all around great restaurants I would check this place out.

Real Mexican, 5/19/2007
Reviewer: Felipe Be from San Jose, CA
I'm a visitor to SB from Northern California. I enjoyed our meal at El Cazador. I've been to Mexico many times and I found this restaurant to be truly autentico. All the food is fresh, and the flavors are clean and flavorful without being overly spicy. They have 120+ different tequilas, but the house Margaritas are plenty good!

The most authentic, best Mexican food in SB., 4/9/2007
Reviewer: Frank D Dato from Santa Barbara, CA
Here ya go! Want Killer Mexican food? This would be it. Enter from De Le Guerra Plaza turn around back side of State Street by the news press and city park. Because of its access, you will always get a seat, but not for long. The owner of this establishment also owns some of the best restaurants in and out of town. I am sure you have already attended and loved them. He seems to acquire the best chefs around. Try it; guarantee you will return over and over again. I frequent El Cazador at least twice a week. Top ten in SB for me. That says a lot for a person who eats out every day.

GGRREEAATT!!!!!!!!!!, 4/9/2007
Reviewer: Joe from Santa Barbara
Great breakfast menu and the dinners are so good!!

They may charge for chips...., 3/23/2007
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
...but the THREE types of freshly made salsas and the amazing guacamole that come with the chips make the price WELL worth it! Love this place!

hot bartender.... good food...lots of tequila, 2/11/2007
Reviewer: james from santa barbara, ca
good times at this resturant, im going back asap

Wonderful location, great food!, 2/4/2007
Reviewer: Julie from Santa Barbara
This is one of my favorite restaurants in Santa Barbara. The food is great, the staff is the best in town and the location is charming and relaxing.

Finally, great Mexican food!, 12/28/2006
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Mexican food, but I had yet to find any GOOD Mexican food in Santa Barbara, so I am sooo happy I found this place. Definitely the best salsa and guacamole in Santa Barbara. I can't wait to go back and try other menu items and their margaritas!

Que Bueno!, 11/8/2006
Reviewer: Nathaniel from Santa Barbara, CA
The best secret spot in Santa Barbara for Mexican Food. I have eaten here twice with my Girlfriend and have not been disappointed. Fresh made tortillas, great ceviche, and lots of Tequila. What more could you ask for? I'm going back tonight!

BEST BURRITO, 10/28/2006
Reviewer: Johannes from Santa Barbara, CA
Most people in Santa Barbara live under the Illusion that Freebirds in IV or Chipotle Downtown has the Best burritos. They couldn't be more wrong. This is without a doubt the best burrito you will ever find in Santa Barbara! So don't hesitate, just get down there and Taste for yourself!

Will return as much as possible!, 9/20/2006
Reviewer: Leah from Santa Barbara
Friday night dinner was perfect. We ordered the shrimp fajitas and halibut salad and both were very good. The margaritas were expensive ($10) but you'll only need one and it's top shelf. I don't even like margaritas but when I saw the had a Patron one I had to have it and it was great. Our service was also very good but there was hardly anyone there which was also very nice. This restaurant is in a great location to head to the bars after and well priced.

THe BomB, 7/27/2006
Reviewer: jhon smith from santa barbara CA
TeQuila the have A Wide Selection of Tequilas God one too

SO FUN!!!!, 7/7/2006
Reviewer: ROBBIE from VENTURA,CA

Great Locals Only Hideaway, 6/13/2006
Reviewer: Krista & Tony from Santa Barbara, Ca
Definitely a well kept secret hidden in De La Guerra Plaza. you're unlikely to stumble upon El Cazador while strolling up and down State street but if you make the effort to find it you'll be rewarded. We've eaten here twice now and really like the quality and uniqueness of the food. They definitley have favorites like enchiladas and burritos but they offer much more with creative salads and nightly specials. I usually like to try the "standards" at a restaurant for my first time and I have to say I loved the enchilads with red sauce. A traditional dish but the sauce was rich and savory not sweet at all and the steak was well grilled and tender. Their menu is not extensive but it does have something for everyone with several fish dishes and as I mentioned a few creative salads. The prices are not high unless you're used to eating fast food. the menu ranges from $8-$16 or so, pretty standard for a sit-down, service style mexican restaurant in this town. Its cheaper than Carlitos but more expensive than the Rose Cafe. Oh yes, the Margaritas. El Cazador offers 9-10 premium margaritas. I've tried a couple and I havent determined my favorite yet. This is where it can get expensive as these are $10 a piece. A couple of those and , yes you'll be looking at a pretty high bill. Nonetheless, we had one each and they came served in a pint glass! These were NOT for the faint of heart or weak of knees because one was definitely enough for each of us. No skimping on the tequila there. Service wise, the staff is friendly and knowledgable but can be overwhelmed at times. Both times we've been here there were large parties (10) or more and they consumed the staff to the detriment of the other guests. Its not a huge place and the large groups notwithstanding the staffing level would have been fine so I'll give the benefit of the doubt .

It's very good, way., 4/23/2006
Reviewer: Goo from Santa Barbara
Best "coctail de camarone" in town and their salsa is bomb. Great margaritas too and guacamole and chips! They have a huge selection of tequilas to choose from.

Great Food, Great Staff, 1/10/2006
Reviewer: William from Phoenix, AZ
I had a wonderful night,they're food is great and the music too! it makes it really romantic. Margaritas are the best! The avocado salsa is really good. I will really go back, on my next visit.

Wonderful locals spot, 1/5/2006
Reviewer: Laura from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been here twice and absolutely love the place. The food is delicious and the service perfect. Super friendly owner and the best margaritas in town. We'll keep coming back

A hidden jewel!, 11/30/2005
Reviewer: Gigi Garcia from Santa Barbara
I love the ambiance and environment. The food was absolutely delicious. Have been 3 times and intend to go many more. The service was great and friendly - made you feel at home. The margaritas - THE BEST (but pricey). Keep up the good work!

Ok but Pricy , 11/21/2005
Reviewer: Sasha Lopez from Santa Barbara
Food was good, yet pricy for the amount your served. The service needs to be on top of tables, it felt like we were forgotten the whole time! Come around to check up on tables a lot more, and ask about drinks and take dirty plates and glasses to leave space for dinner.

Best place to drink and have a nice time, 8/9/2005
Reviewer: MIA from Santa Barbara, Ca.
The tequila and the food!!!!!!!! The owner is very friendly and the bartender is awsome:) I highly recomended it if you want to have a nice time.

More than 70 mark of tequila???????, 8/4/2005
Reviewer: ricardo from Santa Barbara, CA
The best mexican food I'd ever tried, and more than 70 marks of tequila to order from. From the Arete tequila to the Don julio 1942. Now I call that a tequila bar and mexican food. Taquitos, ceviche, caldos, enchiladas, salads and the speciality of El Cazador, chile relleno de picadillo, it is just great.

I have always been Impressed, 7/22/2005
Reviewer: Jonathan from santa barbara
I do not know what the person above is thinking....They must not be a local. The food is great, the service is great and the prices are pretty damn good... There lunch menu is great! The service is great considering it has the same investors as Luckys.....Great food and excellent service.

great food and service for us... like a resort, 7/17/2005
Reviewer: bob dickey from santa barbara
We've eaten there twice.. outside both times. Inside is quite pretty with a huge floor to ceiling mural, but is small. Outside has a patio with a couple fountains, nice patio furniture, umbrellas, etc. Lunch both times and it was pricey, especially for a "mexican restaurant".. but the food is atypical for a local mexican restaurant. lots of fresh fish, the guacamole comes with three little dishes of salsa--all very good--and fresh, "homemade" chips.. about a dozen margaritas to choose from.. something like $8-12, I think.. so on the upside.. and scores of tequilas.. we don't drink tequila straight, though I'm told the good ones are very good, so we're going through the Margarita list... tough job, but... my only caution is that the price is what you'd pay for at a high end SB restaurant and that might surprise those expecting inexpensive mexican food. but we found it worth it...

overpriced but okay, 6/28/2005

Nice location, very friendly service (especially at the bar), but the food was not that great. The seafood soup was overly salty and overcooked. Given the price, the food should be much better. However, they have not been open long so I think they have the potential to improve significantly.

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