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Blue Collar Bistro
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2005

233 W. Montecito St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-1290

  • Category: BBQ, Burgers
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 4:30pm-10:00pm
  • Chef: David Burkholder
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Dinner
  • Reservations: Yes, but usually not needed
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Reviews by the General Public

Tri-tip and Beer, 12/1/2005
Reviewer: Jason from Santa Barbara, Ca
If you're in need of some good tri-tip, a cold beer and a place to watch the game, this is the place for you. Get the combo platter if you can't make up your mind.

PBR, 11/16/2005
Reviewer: Peter Sharp from Santa Barbara
Excellent BBQ, Great service, Board games to loan out, Flat screens with the game, Well stocked jukebox, patios in front and back, a locals vibe and PBR on tap!! Need I say more? I will be back. I even sat in on an Extreme game of Jenga with some neighborhood locals....Good times.

It's the best...forget the rest, 11/9/2005
Reviewer: Ruth from SB
I love this place. Great food, cheap beer and a relaxing atmosphere. Definitly a no frills locals kind of place. Dave and his crew hosted a B-Day party for my boyfriend on the patio and everyone had an awsome time. I was a little worried about everybody ordering food at the same time and backing up the kitchen, but everything was served suprisingly fast, hot, and delish! Dave, your a sweetheart and I hope this place blows's well on it's way!

Tri-tip to die for! plus outstanding service., 9/6/2005
Reviewer: Linda Dong from Monterey Park, CA
I called Blue Collar Bistro about a dinner for 100. Their response was great! They met us at the beach, on time, and set up everything, complete with tablecloths and utensils. And at a very good price. The food was excellent. And the BBQ tri-tip was out of this world! It was so moist and tender, and very flavorful. Many in our party commented on how good it was. We had to fight for the leftovers! I highly recommend it!

Blue Collar Bistro writes: Thank you Linda for the nice feedback. It is always nice to hear that our efforts are appreciated. Please call us for your next catered event. Sincerely, Dave
Mediocre Barbeque - not worth a visit, 8/16/2005
Reviewer: Mike Gale from Santa Barbara, CA
The rave reviews for this place which you'll find on this site (which are the reason I went) truly indicate how poor the barbeque is in the Santa Barbara area. First of all, no self respecting barbeque place uses a gas grill you can buy at Home Depot...but that's how they "barbeque" here. Why not a wood pit, or charcoal, or at least some wood chips to provide some flavor? The chicken was okay, as were the beans, but the tri-tip was tough and overcooked. Anyone who knows tri-tip knows that it should be served medium rare. The ribs were tasteless; I'm guessing the meat was boiled ahead of time -- this ensures it will fall off the bone, but also guarantees it won't have much flavor. They didn't even serve extra sauce. And who serves white rice with barbeque? Where's the corn? Or slaw? Santa Barbara is in desperate need of good "Q." This is simply another in a list of disappointments, which include Woody's, Smokin' Jack's and Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch. Stay home and cook it yourself -- it'll be better.

Blue Collar Bistro writes: You know what they say, you can't please everyone. Sorry Mike, sounds like you haven't had any luck in Santa Barbara Restaurants. Your review will make us work harder to maintain the rating of Best BBQ in Santa Barbara. We hope you will try it again. Just let us know how you want it next time and we will make every effort to please.
GO HERE!, 8/3/2005
Reviewer: SB tourist from SB, CA
If you're in the SB area, absolutely, positively, go here. The food was simply amazing, and with great prices, you can't go wrong. The BBQ sampler plate (chicken, ribs, tri-tip) was delicious. The pulled pork sandwich was also scrumptious, as was the $10 Kobe beef burger. The ribs were simply to die for, and were the best I've had ever, anywhere in CA. It's a local's kind of place, so there'll be no tourists here, unless you read this review :)

Blue Collar Bistro writes: Thanks for the praise, you Rock!
West Beach Gem, please don´t come, 6/24/2005

The best place in town for ribs, tri-tip and BBQ chicken. Fat Tire on tap and great atmosphere. 2 big screens showing the game or B movies. I can stumble home so its perfect. Please don´t come to the BCB, I like that I can always walk in and get a seat at the bar. My only complaints are that they have a PBR sign but none in stock and where the heck is Shonna?

Blue Collar Bistro writes: Thanks for the praise, you Rock! There is room for lots of people. We do not advertise much, so send your friends. The tourists are welcome too!
Half Pound (Kobe Burger) $9.95, SERIOUSLY!, 5/26/2005
Reviewer: Larry from Santa Barbara, CA
A serious burger for a serious burger lover. Snake River Farms, Idaho provides the American Style Kobe Beef to the Blue Collar, as told by Chef Dave. These cattle are fed a healthy diet, listen to opera & even receive massages regularly...No Kidding! The time and care will shine through in every bite. Simply cooked on the barbecue grill the Kobe Burger is topped w/ cheddar, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions & 1000. Did I Say $9.95! I did and the reason being, I have had this same Kobe Burger in Saettle, WA for $16.95. It is worth a trip. You will love it!

Blue Collar Bistro writes: Larry, I could not have written it better myself. Thanks, Dave
the best bbq ribs in california !!!!, 5/15/2005
Reviewer: fat bob from waest beach
What more can I say, Great vibe,Great food. Lunch special is a great value. The tri tip depends on the cut their provided, can be a bit tuff at times and the chicken is not moist enough for my taste due to the real bbq. BUT THE RIBS ARE THE BEST!!!! Do yourself a favor and check it out. Play pool while you eat in the covered patio in the back. Or eat inside and watch sports on 2 big screens. You can check you e mail too.

Blue Collar Bistro writes: Thanks Fat Bob, we will do our best to keep our cuts and preparation consistent.
like eating at the neighborhood BBQ, 5/15/2005

great service, great atmosphere, awesome food!!! If you leave hungry it is all your problem because they are going to try and feed you like going to grandmas house. If you are not local please dont attend lets keep this one small. A must for some BBQ.

Blue Collar Bistro writes: Thank you, thank you...
You´ll never guess what happened at the Blue Collar Bistro.., 2/24/2005
Reviewer: Glenn from Santa Barbara, CA (West Beach)
It could happen to you. Well, last night when everyone was away I decided to sneak over to the Blue Collar Bistro and thats when it happened. I ate the best BBQ chicken in the entire Santa Barbara Area! It couldn´t have been BBQ any better. The sauce is perfect, the recipe is perfect, and the beer their just giving it away, Santa Barbara Blonde served chilled for only $3 dollars. If you haven´t tried this place your missing out. Give it a shot and I think you will have found a new favorite place. Thanks Dave!

Blue Collar Bistro writes: Thanks Glenn
Best BBQ in town! Seriously!!!, 2/7/2005
Reviewer: Julie from Santa Barbara, CA
This was my second visit to the Blue Collar Bistro, and it delivered a second time. The staff remembered me from my first visit and what I had ordered, the Loaded Chili Dog. This time they convinced me to try the Slow Cooked Baby Back Ribs and they were amazing, served with Buttered Rice, Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Tortillas, and Salsa. For less than $10.00 for a BBQ Plate, the place is hard to beat! To make your mouth water even more, the Beer Flows at $2.00 for any 12oz BEER!

Blue Collar Bistro writes: Julie, you are the first reviewer. Thanks for spreading the word.

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