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Due Lune Cucina

No longer in business
Opened: 2005-02 Closed: 2009-05

213 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 892-5533

Reviews by the General Public

??, 7/5/2009
Reviewer: Chino Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
Why did they close this place?!?!?!?!?!

Awesome service!, 12/15/2008
Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
Well, I have been to Tacone several times, and lately, the service has blown me away! The young man working the counter was super friendly, gave good recommendations, and brought out food to us with a smile and asked if there was anything else he could do for us. The food was good, too. Yummy sweet potato fries and a delicious turkey wrap. Mmmmm.

Great Sauces, Above average service, 12/11/2008
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I would not say that either the food or service here is anything to write home about but I will say their selection of sauces is creative and dynamite!! I've ordered fries here several times just to try all the sauces. Their cilantro sauce is out of this good!

The Mariner is a winner!, 7/14/2008
Reviewer: Lisa A. from Santa Barbara, CA
My friend took me to this restaurant and ever since then I'm hooked. Today I tried a new item...The Mariner. It was so great and very tasty! The staff there is very friendly.

Finally under New Management!!!, 12/16/2007
Reviewer: Demetrius from Santa Barbara
I recently went back to Tacone to get some of their sweet potato fries that I love and I learned they were under new management. The service was great! I didn't have to deal with people who didn't want me there! These two new young guys (who I found out were the new managers/owners) were very courteous and held good conversation when incited. They were just as enjoyable with every other guess I seen too. The food was great, the atmosphere was uplifting, and I think this was just the thing Tacone needed!!!

Good food, poor customer service, 11/25/2007
Reviewer: Lori from Santa Barbara, Ca
I had a very good lunch here with a friend from out of town. The sweet potato fries were amazing. Sadly, however, another customer had an unfortunate incident. He left his food for just a brief moment to get some ketchup and the pigeons were watching. As he turned his back, the birds got all into his food. The staff did remake his food for him, but they were very rude when he asked. It is true they can not help the elements outside and you eat at your own risk, but they made him feel stupid for asking for a replacement meal. I've worked in the food industry for 8 years and I've never seen someone act this way toward their customer. Unfortunately, the service is as bad as the food is good. I hope the management does not treat all their guest like that. Maybe it was just a bad day for Tacone.

Not that great, 10/18/2007
Reviewer: JS from Santa Barbara
Tried this place with a friend and wasn't impressed at all. The service was below standards, with a very unfriendly worker taking orders. While ordering, my friend requested extra cheese multiple times, and when we finally got our order, guess what, no cheese at all...

Unmelted Cheese In My Malibu Melt Wrap Sandwich, 1/20/2007
Reviewer: Santa Barbara Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
...and a very small amount of it too. It's called a Malibu Melt with a small portion of unmelted cheese?? Classic! I also was very disappointed with the taste as it was very bland. It was served with stale tasting chips. The sweet potato fries were exceptionally good and my friend seemed to enjoy her angus beef burger with foccacio bread. I wish I'd gotten that instead.

The Angus Khan hit the spot., 1/5/2007
Reviewer: Alan Prichard from Santa Barbara, CA
Located where Cafe Orleans once was, this place seemed worth a try. I tried the aforementioned, which is angus beef on panini style bread. It was kickass. The price was very reasonable. Very tasty burger indeed. Maybe the best chain (?) out there.

can't rate the food - didn't get that far, 10/18/2006
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara CA
We went to Tacone to give them a try. We chose two of their Global Grill Platters which, according to the menu outside, are "served with Choice of 1 Tacone Side + 1 Flavor Side" for $7.89. Good deal. When we tried to place the order, the cashier told us there would be an extra charge of $1.65 each for the Sweet Potato Fries, one of the items listed under Flavor Sides. While it's only a couple of bucks, there was no mention of a premium charge on the menu, and a lengthy debate with the clerk got us nowhere. That's not quite true; it did get us to a different restaurant. Tacone either has an 'inaccurate' menu on display outside or a problem with their counter staff training.

Tacone writes: Chris - We are very sorry to hear that you had an unhappy experience at our restaurant. In trying to offer our customers the most options we can with that dish, the decription on the menu is somewhat confusing. Yo are not the first to complain - but unfortunately Tacone is a franchise and we have to use standard menu language. Our excellent staff is generally very proficient at helping folks in getting what they want. Again, as the owner, I am concerned enough with your story that I have decided that the Global Grill platter will come with ANY side the customer desires (premium or not), at no additional cost. The only upgrade to the dish is if you desire Grilled Shrimp or Filet Mignon in place of Grilled Chicken (for just + 60 cents!!!). I am confident that if you had the opportunity to try our food, you'd be hooked. Please do give us a second chance.
FOOD 5.0 STARS 8/28/06, 8/28/2006
Reviewer: Ivonne from Santa Barbara,Ca

Good Burger but a bit pricey, 5/17/2006
Reviewer: T. Mastres from Santa Barbara
I love burgers and had bypassed Tacone because I'm not into wraps and that seems to be their focus. Recently, though, I noticed that Tacone has an "Angus Burger" . Great I thought I'd give it a go. I had the bleu-cheese Angus burger and I found it quite tasty and well prepared. The bleu-cheese sauce was pretty strong but very tasty as well. I ordered sweet-potato fries as a side and liked them a lot better than the potato chips that come with the burger. Their layout is great because you can doctor your burger any way you like with BBQ, teriyaki etc at the condiment bar. My guess is that this place will not make it in this location but I'll definitely go back if I get a jones for a good burger and I'm in the area.

Tacone writes: Having purchased the Tacone Paseo Nuevo in January of this year, we are pleased and grateful for your kind words. Please come back and try the rest of our fare and you will be delighted - we guarentee it!
7 bucks for that?, 10/1/2005
Reviewer: Lindsay from Santa Barbara, CA
after waiting in line for 10 minutes to place my order (there was only one cashier open and a line out the door) i was dissappointed to see that my T.J. Cobb Wrap was missing the blue cheese crumbles and cheddar cheese. After waiting at the counter for 3 more minutes I finally managed to get the attention of one of the two cooks to get me my missing ingredients. The worst part was that both my wrap and my friend's were so hard and stale at the ends that we had to rip the ends of the tortilla off. If prices are going to be so high for a wrap and potato chips, the service and food quality should at least be average.

Tacone writes: As the new owner of the Tacone Paseo Nuevo, I am are truly sorry that you suffered at the hands of the inept and careless former operator of our establishment. Having purchased the restaurant in January of '06, I guarentee that any dining experience you have had in our restaurant this calender year would have been 180 degress different from your first visit! Please come back and give us a try - and mention that you read about us on SB.COM for a free order of our mouth watering sweet potato fries!
needs consistency, 8/10/2005
Reviewer: MIA from santa barbara, ca
Tried the Malibu Melt the first day they opened and loved it! I was happy to have the convenience of the location and a healthy lunch option. However, every time since that I have been back the wrap has been different, ie. missing avocado, no sauce, no cheese, etc.. I gave them the being new excuse and needing to hire better help, but on my recent visit again many many months later I still have not had the original quality that first won my business. The cooks truly need to pay attention to detail!

Cook doesn't know how to make their most popular sandwich, 8/9/2005
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered the Malibu Melt which is one of their most popular items and listed top on their menu. I ate half of the sandwich and noticed it tasted much different than my last time. Turns out the cheese was not melted. When "melt" is part of the name of the sandwich, it is important to get that right. The kind manager apologized and offered to have another one made. The second one arrived and also had no melted cheese, just cold shredded cheese in the middle of the sandwich. I took it back again and the manager apologized again and gave me a certificate for a free sandwich. She said the cook needs to be retrained to make this sandwich right, and offered me a full refund but I thought the free sandwich certificate was fine. I can only guess how many people have received wrongly-prepared food from this cook. Probably hundreds.

tasty and clean, 5/5/2005

It´s really clean and the atmosphere is nice for a quick lunch. Try the Malibu Melt with fried chicken or the Vegetable wrap. Both are great. Experiment with some of the sauces, most of them are really good

Very nice addition to Paseo Nuevo mall, 3/24/2005
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
I ate at Tacone for the first time. I had heard of them before today, but mistakenly thought they were Mexican food because the first part of their business name is "Taco." Rather, they are a healthy California food restaurant. Their menu is divided into major categories of wraps, sandwiches, salads and smoothies. I had the Malibu Melt wrap with grilled chicken. It was very delicious. Their menu is unlike anything else in town and I plan to have lunch here alot when I am downtown. It is nice to have food downtown that is healthy but also quick and simple. I used to go to The Habit for quick & simple food on State Street, but these wraps are much healthier than burgers & fries. Tacone will pickup alot of business from me now, when I am working on downtown!

Great, Fun, Diverse Food, 3/21/2005

Food + Service were great!!! Loved all the detail put into the concept! Would recommend it to any of my friends!!

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