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Due Lune Cucina

No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2010-02

10 E. Carrillo St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-8404

  • Category: Bakeries, Deli, Coffee
  • Hours: Mon-Sat Breakfast 7am-11:30am, Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm, Sun Brunch 8am-2pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Breakfast & Lunch
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Reviews by the General Public

Returning to Tuttini 1 year after 1st review., 1/3/2010
Reviewer: Amanda, Olly & Felix from Cambridge, UK
We came to Tuttini's and reviewed in 2008. We returned in August 2009 (I apologise for the late review). For us Tuttini has been consistently excellent for breakfast every time we have visited. The owner is a wonderful woman and the cafe is very much a reflection of her. As a visitor from England it is always great to find small unique places rather than a "large chain" and I know that Tuttini is definitely somewhere that we will continue to frequent when we visit Santa Barbara.

good food, bad service., 11/6/2009
Reviewer: Cristina from Santa Barbara, CA
The food in this establishment is delicious, and the hollandaise sauce, even one of the best I've ever tasted, but the service rather horrendous. Apart from our server quite obviously not being enthusiastic about taking our- or anyone else's order in the first place, when we expressed the concern that the food wouldnt be adequate to fill our very hungry tummies, and that we were looking for something that size-wise would be the equivalent to a full plate of food at a restaraunt, not only did the server refuse to offer us any options for side dishes,( we asked for toast, and it was apparently not an option) she led us to believe that it was definitely adequate. When our miniscule- albeit delicious- food arrived, I was more than irate- having payed out my nose to leave hungry. Our orange juice was forgotten and brought to us when we were nearly done eating, and then water was brought to our table when we were completely done eating. Other than these things, I liked this place a lot, and was very sad to have to call them and express our disappointment. I did feel that it would be better to let them know personally, than to just write a bad review. I felt I addressed it in the nicest way possible given the circumstances, and told them that since we had expressed our concern that there wouldn't be very much food on the plate, we wished someone would have informed us that that was indeed the case. During said phone call, I was treated rather rudely- or at least, with the least amount of understanding necessary to exemplify cooperativeness, and told that the tiny amount of food that was served on the tiny plate was "adequate for most people," instead of being listened to and worked with, was more made to feel that I was just a complainer than a legitimate customer. My response of course being that "most people probably didn't ask ahead of time if it would be enough food. We did." In lew of kindly offering us some compensation, we were instead informed by the manager we spoke to of how she barely made a profit after her rent was paid, and then she sighed and offered half heartedly to send us a gift certificate, which I felt would have been a generous, and very kind offer- minus the guilt trip. She also "felt obligated" to tell me that the other restaurants in santa barbara charge a lot more for their eggs benedict." If only she knew who she was talking to. I am an eggs benedict fiend, and have tried every variation offered in santa barbara excepting this one. So I happened to know that "those other" restaurants charge roughly the same or less, and offered a side dish of potatoes or hash browns OR fruit, in large quantities, at no extra cost. Nice try, but no- not really. All in all, other than to redeem our gift certificate, I will not go back to this bakery- at least not when I'm hungry. I do understand that specialty foods are different than restaurant foods, but I have also worked as a server, and I know that it is an age old rule that if someone expresses concern about whether or not their plate will be full, you give them a physical example of sorts expressing how much food is served on the plate, so that they can then make the decision to go elsewhere for a much less empty plate of food. Again, the food was delicious, however I do wish that our criticism had been taken constructively- and moreover, that they had just told us to go somewhere else if we were looking for a real full plate of food.

Delicious, 10/24/2009
Reviewer: Jason from New York, NY
Great sandwich with soup.

Best Place for Breakfast in Santa Barbara, 8/26/2009
Reviewer: Tim Peoples from Santa Barbara, CA
This is our breakfast stop on the way to the farmers market every Saturday. Small and intimate but the food is the best. An amazingly large menu including real poached eggs served in may styles including 'popeye' eggs (on spinach), and my favorite on their own baked bread sliced thick and toasted. The baked goods are excellent. I've never had a better muffin than a "Morning Glory" at Tuttini. On top of the great food (and coffee) you are always greeted with a smile.

to sally, 8/19/2009
Reviewer: jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
you will be so excited to know that Max is now working at the coolest coffee shop in santa barbara. (The Java Station) see you there :)

Not sure we'll be back, 6/21/2009
Reviewer: Glenn and Patricia from Santa Barbara, CA
We have a few places we frequent for breakfast around SB, but we decided to try something new today. We went to Tuttini for breakfast this morning around 10:00 am. We didn't have a very positive experience, here's a summary: 1) had to wait in line quite a while to order 2) the person taking the order had to ask another employee a question on almost everything we ordered 3) they were out of plain croissants (but still had chocolate ones) - I had planned to have a breakfast sandwich on a croissant 4) they had serve yourself coffee (out of those pump dispensers), but ran out of most of the flavors, so I had to ask to get them to make more, and wait to get coffee... 5) they made a new batch of one of the coffees, but they did something wrong with the filter, and the coffee was full of grounds, so they had to make yet another batch, and I had to wait a while longer... 6) one order came out missing an ingredient, and the waitress had to go ask the cooks whether or not the ingredient was really missing (when we ordered, she told us it did come with a topping, but then when she delivered it she wasn't sure anymore). Eventually, they did say the meal came with the topping. 7) While they were bringing out a side of the topping for that meal, that meal was getting cold 8) I started to eat my breakfast sandwich and noticed the bacon was missing. They took my meal back to the add the bacon. So now, my wife is watching her food get cold, and waiting for the topping, and I don't have any food (or coffee). 9) They brought back my meal, and the bacon was safely cooked, but it was seriously undercooked for my taste (for some reason, I don't remember why, but I thought the bacon was supposed to be crispy?) 10) After eating the meal, we were still somewhat hungry. They were very apologetic about all the problems, but it really didn't make up for all the issues - we actually split a lunch on our way home from breakfast because we were still hungry. My wife doesn't eat red meat, and several of the breakfast choices seemed to be centered around bacon, so she had a fairly limited selection. Overall, the price was medium, and the quantity was medium, but we frequent a few other breakfast places around SB that are better values. The items we had tasted okay, but were somewhat bland. The quality of the food & ingredients seemed good, and the chocolate croissant was very large, reasonably priced, and was good. When they did have coffee that was made right, it was good. Maybe we just got them on a bad day, but too many things went wrong, so we're not sure we'll go back.

Heart shaped Linzer Cookies, 1/25/2009
Reviewer: Evelyn from Modesto, CA
They have the best Linzer cookies. I can not find any in my hometown modesto so everytime I visit family in SB my first stop is not to grandmas but Tuttini's. On my way home I am sure to pick up a few for the road. The staff is always accomidating with my dozen to go request. That's right a dozen they are that good. I also hear the chocolate crossants are the best.

tuttini- what happened?!?, 12/14/2008
Reviewer: natalie from Santa Barbara, CA
tuttini has long been a favorite of my mine and my housemates, but today the consistently horrendous service finally got the best of us. we have continued to splurge here for quite some time because as far as santa barbara breakfasts go, few places can tout goat cheese, well-poached eggs, and roasted italian peppers. although these ingredients are significantly overpriced, at least you have an option of a cheese other than orange cheddar. even though we were prepared today to spend the usual $23 on two medium sized breakfast entrees and a shared coffee, it was a massive disappointment. we ordered a goat cheese and roasted pepper omelette for $9, and received a poorly made omelette containing neither ingredient and no reduction in price. though later we were informed by a charmingly dimwitted cashier that they were actually out of goat cheese (even though the omelette containing it was the special of the day), they had the peppers all along and simply decided to leave them out. it wasnt until we tried to send it back for something else (a request which was turned down), that we were informed that they did in fact have the peppers, BUT they were not going to remake the omelette for us. as a consolation, we received a bowl of cold peppers (presumably the ones that were supposed to have made it into the dish) to accompany our already dissatisfactory $9 mystery cheese omelette. everyone makes mistakes, i realize, but serving poorly made food to clearly disheartened patrons, and THEN telling them they neither can have something else off the menu nor can they have the dish remade to their liking, is really rather shocking. and to make matters worse, the wait staff is so belligerently incompetent that you cannot even begin to explain to them why this situation is upsetting in the slightest. as opposed to even the half-hearted sympathetic nod you get from most restaurants, at tuttini you are met only with confused stares and unintelligible mutterings. what a shame.

Wonderful place for breakfast, 8/22/2008
Reviewer: David from Chicago
The breakfasts are excellent. I recommnend the eggs Blackstone. Cappuccino and coffee also very good. Service is good. We ate here two mornings in a row and plan to return in the future.

Simply Superb- food, ambiance and service! , 7/6/2008
Reviewer: Amanda, Olly & Felix from Cambridge, England
We found Tuttini purely by accident, it became the place where we had breakfast every morning during our stay in Santa Barbara. Some of the previous reviews make Tuttini's seem almost like a Fawlty Towers kind of place, we can say that this was not true in our experience and the exceptional service was matched by the fantastic food. Tuttini is a real find and we will definitely come back when we return to California.

I agree with the reviewer below, 1/8/2008
Reviewer: C.S. from Goleta, CA
I had a similar uncomfortable experience. It was probably a month ago, on a weekday afternoon. I happened to read a newspaper article that introduced their winter-special peppermint white chocolate mocha, so I wanted to give it a try. The server was behind the counter. Everything was fine until after I paid for my drink... she realizes that the "white chocolate" is out, so the drink cannot be made. Couldn't she have been aware of that before I paid? Or at least, cross out the menu on the chalkboard so customers can know? Even after more than one of the chefs tell her it's out, she keeps going back and forth, scrambling through the bakery to search. It was quite irritating. I was thinking, "It's ok, just give me the money back..." and in the end she did. Apparently, she seems out of place and unaware about her surroundings. I still love this tiny cafe, but I'm weary about going back there now... Pity :(

Don't make me come behind the counter..., 1/6/2008
Reviewer: Sally from Santa Barbara
I LOVE this place, I like the two other writers, am a chocolate croissant snob... and this one is superb. They were out of the regular chocolate croissants and the girl said we have 'chocolate almond croissant' but they really should say 'chocolate marzipan' croissant which was extraordinary! BUT and this is a big but. The service was TERRIBLE. Not just on this occasion. My friend also noted it as well. There is a scattered girl with glasses that is behind the counter and while no disrespect is intended by this comment: I think she is much better equipped for a job that she is just doing one task like stacking books at a library. There also seems to be problems with communication with the people in the kitchen. I actually came months ago when a regular patron with two pugs was about to completely lose it has he had to repeat the order at least 3 times. Today was no exception. We were torn: but where to go? our marzipan chocolate croissant was begging us, no, Wooing us from behind the glass case. We had told the girl at least twice that the food was 'for here' but out came the plastic cup for coffee and our croissants in a bag. When I pointed out again (3rd time) it is for here can we please have a plate: another lady gives us two small saucers. PLATE IS NOT A SAUCER. The prices aren't cheap and while the quality of food is excellent I hope that the service does not put this place under. Where is Max the lovely young man in the tie that used to serve so aptly? Can any one bribe him and bring him back to Tuttinis? They surely need him

best breakfast!, 12/23/2007
Reviewer: lidia from santa barbara
this is my favorite place for breakfast. perfect muffins, salads, eggs any style u will wish, oat meal is good, tea, soy hot chocolate, God, can not wait till morning!=)

Best Mocha and chocolate croissant in SB!, 11/6/2007
Reviewer: susan from evergreen, Colorado
You have to get to Tuttini early, before all of the Chocolate Croissants are gone! They are to die for! Their Mocha is the best I have had in SB!

Best chocolate croissant in town, 8/14/2007
Reviewer: jimstoic from Santa Barbara
I am a chocolate croissant freak. I've tried them pretty much everywhere in town. The ones at Tuttini are light, not greasy, and not overwhelmed with chocolate.

Best Chicken and Tuna Salad in town, 8/7/2007
Reviewer: Annex from Santa Barbara

Simply lovely!, 1/24/2007
Reviewer: C.S. from Goleta, CA
Tuttini is by far the best cafe in downtown SB. Its off-state st. location is what makes it kinda like a "hidden" spot. Limited seatings, but its small interior (the bakery seems spacious though!) creates its "cute small cafe" atmosphere. Although a bit pricey, their breakfast/lunch menus are original and has "homemade" authenticity. I tried their choice of 3 salads and it was amazing. Baked goods in the morning is always fresh and warm! No wonder mornings seems busy (there is a line)! Nevertheless, the staffs are very attentive and friendly:) Especially the owner Susan...she is such a sweet person!

Best Coffee in Town, 10/30/2006
Reviewer: Sally from Santa Barbara
Best Coffee in SB: organic yirgacheffe... so good, rich and flavourful. Love Tuttini's, have a cup of coffee with one of their great pastries or muffins are out of this world. They know how to make cappuccinos and drinks.

OMG!!!, 10/23/2006
Reviewer: Coffee Junkie from Santa Barbara,CA
The vegetable panini is soooooooooooooo good! Can't wait to go back.

where the flavor is huge, 9/30/2006
Reviewer: tommy from Santa Barbara
i like tuttini. it reminds me of those intimate little 6 table eateries in new york city. it's where you sit hip to hip with your community- from the fashionably hip to the hip replacement set. The menu is an assemblage of worked out breakfast and lunch items along with breads and pastries made right in front of your eyes. The staff is friendly, the lattes smooth, the crowd- a nice blend of downtown office folk, tourists and local color. I like the polenta with poached eggs and steamed spinach. Or try the chopped salad and a pine nut cookie at lunch. For such a tiny place, the flavors are huge.

Perfecto!, 5/16/2006
Reviewer: Annie and Frannie (pix off state) from santa barbara
We rode our bikes on a beautiful saturday morning and then stopped to have a coffee and share a chocolate crossiant. The coffee was fantastic, one of the best I have ever had: smooth, flavourful and robust. DEFINATELY outranks *bucks by far!!! The ladies behind the counter were so pleasant and attentive. Their tuna salads I think is the best in town, and their pastries are fantastic as well. Grazie Tuttini!

Amaazing, 3/31/2006
Reviewer: Riley from Santa Barbara, CA
I looove Tuttini. Their muffins are the best, and they are always so fresh. My favorite is the Morning Glory muffin; its a must. The service is also great; after about my third visit, the employees knew my name and order. I love going in there, and i definitly reccomend it.

Chopped Salad is great!, 3/17/2006
Reviewer: Christina from Santa Barbara, CA
Although a bit pricey, I love the chopped salad with a cup of soup. Finish it off with a latte or mocha and you just can't beat it! It would be great if they could expand the seating area.

Best Mocha in SB, 7/27/2005
Reviewer: R.M. from Santa Barbara, CA
They have the best Mocha in SB. Their muffins are great. The staff is friendly and the decor is nice.

Great bread and pastries, 7/12/2005

We've purchased bread and pastries from Tuttini's to go, and have been very pleased with the quality of everything we've tried. However, their full-service sister restaurant, Tutti's Off Main, has finally opened in Ventura, and it's wonderful. As the name indicates, it's located off Main Street in downtown Ventura, in a beautiful courtyard setting. There is indoor and outdoor seating, both very inviting, and a separate takeout section. Unless you go at an off time, it's always very crowded, with good reason. This location does not offer a full bakery (they bring in bread from Tuttini), but they do bake some things there. I would happily submit a review at, except that Tutti's, as well as most of my favorite restaurants in Ventura, is not listed in that site's dining section. They're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we've tried them all--much to our delight. If you were a fan of Tutti's in Montecito, do try the Ventura location--it's worth the short drive down the coast.

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