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Santa Barbara Roasting Company
321 Motor Way, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-0320

Reviews by the General Public

Beyond cool
Reviewer: Andy from Zurich Switzerland
Sorry fellow reviewers This place is beyond cool. The bums are actually an important part of this whole , almonst theater like, scenery. But granted, it's not for everone, thank G. Only more sophisticatet folks may apply please.

Cult Café
Reviewer: Andy from Zurich Switzerland
My favorite coffee shop on the planet. Stop here evey time on my trips from Zurich to California. Only bums, hipsters, sophisticated people, Tesla drivers, millonaires, bikers, and everything in between need apply though. And it's not always entirely clear who is who. I love their espresso con pana, my wife prefers their State Street Blend or an Americano. What a place for people watching and music listening. Cool Cool Cool P.S. For dining----well, this is Santa Barbara haha

Thankful Memories
Reviewer: Georgie from Santa Barbara, CA
Looking at the photo's shared and knowing it has been 22 year's since I was an employee at ROCO truly helped me feel old and made me realize it's time to go home and enjoy a nice cup of fresh brewed Jamaican Blue. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photo's on Motor way and the gift bar, those brought back many memories. If staff members from the 1994 is around or reading this post, I hope all is well.

Lovely, but paper cups
Reviewer: Giulietta from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is lovely- great music, great coffee, kind baristas. However, you have to make a special request for ceramic cups, which almost no ones does. Looking around right now, I don't see anyone here with a reusable cup. Other than this concern, I can recommend SB Roasting Company.

Great coffee, trash environment
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
The coffee is always descent although I feel like I'm paying for all the other people who walk in and help themselves, hang out ALL DAY without paying. Forget about getting the tables or bathrooms clean especially since Luis left. The barristas are just stuck behind the counter. Nice place gone to seed

Great coffee, comfortable atmosphere
Reviewer: Cal Henderson from Montecito, CA
This was my first time coming to "RoCo" and I left quite impressed. We came in on a Saturday morning, it was busy but not packed. I ordered a German Chocolate Cake latte (highly recommended!) and my wife ordered a pour-over of the Kona 100%, we then enjoyed our drinks in their seating area. She loved the Kona and enjoyed the conversation she had with the barista who prepared her coffee. Overall this was a great experience, can't wait to go back!

The best coffee in town
Reviewer: AJ from Santa Barbara, CA
The service is always great, and I dig the place. For me, it is more of a "stop by and grab a cup of coffee" place. They do have the best coffee in town, period. When it comes to tea's, specialty drinks, and food, I am not sure how it compares. But as a coffee shop, five stars across the board.

Reviewer: Lauren from Santa Barbara, CA
Without a doubt, SB Roasting Company has the BEST coffee in town. But their store front is packed full of smelly people who look homeless and creepy older men. They hang out in the front of the store all day smoking cigarettes across the street and talking loudly. As a female student, I have stopped going to the Roasting Company bc I'm tired of feeling stared at by the older male customers who appear to be 85% of the clients there. Its a shame also bc the Roasting Company is so close to my school and I would love to go there more often. Perhaps hiring some male baristas? I've never seen a male working there except one. That's why I now go to the French Press. Everyone there is chill and the customers are trendy and clean cut. I have a feeling all the male customers at the Roasting Company go there to have a cup of coffee and think inappropriately of the poor girls who work there.

whoa whoa whoa
Reviewer: a p c from Santa Barbara, CA
Current manager never ever smiles or interacts with customers, esp compared to past managers. The chai is really really bad. I think it's a couple of the spices being really overextracted? It's the sweet chai AND spicy chai. Time to try some other chais around town maybe, and quality check your batches.

Great Coffee!
Reviewer: Carter from Santa Barbara, CA
State St blend is STRONG and fierce! It will get your day going HARD!!! I love you can come in the morning, drink coffee and have a backyard bowl from next door and sit down and surf the net on their WI-FI system! The bathrooms are pretty dirty as mentioned below. That said, it is a very busy and public place and add caffeine and that is a lot of number twos getting dropped lmao. In fact, I am writing this review from the ROCO right now and I used their facilities! Thanks RoCo you are great and your coffee rules!

Excellent coffee. FILTHY bathrooms!!
Reviewer: Sandie from San Diego, CA
My granddaughter said the expresso latte was the best she's ever had. Staff was very helpful and patient with us in making a couple of coffee selections for gifts. Visited twice in three days and each time the bathrooms were FILTHY!!! No sign of even a quick once over clean. The unsavory people taking up the chairs outside ought to be encouraged to go elsewhere.

Favorite place to get coffee
Reviewer: Spencer from Santa Barbara, CA
The coffee taste has changed in the last 1-2 months, all of it smells and tastes sour now ESPECIALLY when it has cooled off slightly (indicating acidity I suppose). I really like the place, but I have switched to americanos lately. The music can be a bit loud at times as well. A+ joint if the coffee goes back to the way it used to taste!

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