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El Mariachi
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2006

431 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-6400

Reviews by the General Public

El Mariachi is closed, no suprise. , 10/12/2006
Reviewer: Mike from Goleta
Owners it seemed didn't like to work, to bad it was great food.

Great food, closes too early, 11/4/2005
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, Ca
Fantastic authentic "Baja style food". Closes to early between 7-8 pm every night including weekends. They need to stay open at least to 10 pm during the week and midnight minimum on the weekends. After a few drinks later in the evening there is nothing better than grubbing on their small taco's. These owners could double their revenue if they stayed open a few extra hours.

High quality, Inexpensive Mexican, 10/29/2005
Reviewer: Izzy Glitch from Santa Barbara
Forget the munadane fake Mex places all over SB that charge huge prices for lousy food...this is the place. If you've been to Mexico this feels like you are there, the atmosphere isn't sexy but the food is excellent and the service is pleasant and helpful. Clean too. You'll see us 12 month locals eating there and the tourists snub their noses as they walk by looking to burn their dollars at some insipid chain. Ok my me... Our secret is now your secret. d'nada

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