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Taco Bell - Upper State
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2015-12

3771 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 569-1447

Reviews by the General Public

dont have all day. should have gone to any other taco bell, 11/8/2013
Reviewer: joy from Santa Barbara, CA
For some strange reason this taco bell always takes very long time ... Other than that its OK,ooh also sometimes it has a very fail smell

watch the fingers inside the cups, 4/28/2013
Reviewer: Keith from Santa Barbara, CA
Watch the workers when they hand you your cup with your order. They will pick up the cups with their fingers inside the cup. Disgusting and rude. Not to mention a health hazard. The managers and asst managers should enforce a hygiene protocol on their workers. Terminate those who don't follow that policy.

Had to Quit Taco Bell, 7/10/2012
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
With all due respect to the owner of this location...whom I've met there running the cash register a couple times, this restaurant is the reason I had to quit Taco Bell after 25 of good eating. Two reasons: 1 - The service here is awful. The employees do not enjoy working there. No smiles. No pleasantries. Just there for a paycheck. When they greet you it's barely audible. That's fine. That's their choice to work there and it's the owners choice to train or not to train. 2 - The food has been progressively getting worse. Perhaps my digestive system is getting worse, but it was getting harder and harder to enjoy myself after eating there. I'll spare you the details. Not sure if that's entirely Taco Bell's fault. I've loved Taco Bell for many years. Grew up here in SB with the Taco Bell at Fairview. Sorry to say that the owner just let this location down/go. The Fairview Taco Bell is exceptional. You actually get a smile and you have workers with great English skills. I'd like to leave with some advice that may or may not help others, but the advice I would leave for the owner is to hire people who have a genuine smile and care about more than just a paycheck. Let me just say that having met you many times there, a genuine smile is all that I ask for. You can spot a fake, cheesy, I don't care kind of smile or attitude. It's not hard. On one of my last visits I asked a worker if she would be kind enough to grill my burrito in the waffle like iron. They had been doing it for me many times. She said no. No more. No explaination. Very little English skills, etc. They seriously don't care if you come back again. Do not eat somewhere where the workers do not care if you come back. And to the owner...I hope you can make the necessary changes or this will go the way of the De la Vina location. Also, I would suggest playing some kind of music in there. The ambiance could be improved by some music. Best to everyone.

Worst Taco Bell Ever!, 8/20/2010
Reviewer: Patrick from Santa Barbara, CA
this taco bell is a serious disgrace to all the other taco bells, the food is not cooked the same and the sauces are awful. the service is terrible as well, most of them cant communicate with you past ok and yes or no.

GOoD fOod, 4/22/2010
Reviewer: Len churn from Santa Barbara, CA

Pleasantly surprised, 10/21/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Better quality,maybe its me but it blew away the Goleta Taco Bells I am more familiar with, put the sauce on for the flavor. They apparently have a "light" menu now too though not for me! Service quick, they take credit.

Open your minds, 10/27/2007
Reviewer: Floyd Stoats from Santa Babara, CA
Taco Bell has inexpensive food, great variety, lightening fast service, and I love the food. You get a lot, and it's cheap. Also, Taco Bell has one of the largest selections of low fat items of any of the traditional fast food chains. Soft chicken tacos without the sauce is an excellent healthy choice. If you think that eating at our traditional Mexican places is healthier than Taco Bell, like Rudy's, and especially Rose Cafe, you are sadly mistaken. You'll go home with more saturated fat, cholesteral, and transfats in one meal than you'd get at Taco Bell in a year.

odd taste, 5/27/2007
Reviewer: Juan Florez from Santa Barbara
when i went here for luch today, i was nothappy with the food. my taco was not as it should have tasted #1 the sheel was very week, whene i picked it up, the shell craked in half and the taco stuffuing fell onto my tray. the shell was crunch, but porrly made. the beef seem a bit old and lacked flavor and texture. it may fast but the their are plenty of other good mexican resturants that are better and take only a littel bit longer i think it would be worth the extra 5-10 minutes and choose a acutall mexican resurant, i guess i my taco craving continues

t-bell 4 life, 5/18/2007
Reviewer: Behroz from Beaver Dam WI
first of all i wanna holla at my boi pat and uli cuz they go to t-bell with me the i dont care what they say bout is the best restaurant and the most amzing thing that has happened to me..i adore taco bell and respect it very much. Also kyle and t-bone are great workers and i think that they are great people with great friendliness.. taco bell has not only gotten us through hunger..but made us happier..if anyone tries to get t-bell out of business your fighting a losing battle b.cuz me and my homies will fight back at you..i love taco bell and it will never change...T-Bell for life!!!!!!!

Here is the truth about the meat, 5/3/2007
Reviewer: Jamey Lewchanin from Fredericksburg, va Here is the truth about the meat. Taco bell is good

The Truth About Grading Meat, 5/1/2007
Reviewer: Tanya Babcock from Evart, MI
I love Taco Bell! Jacob from Cad. Mi. was the best worker ever... But that's beside the point. I went to as was asked and found that 'maturity' is based A-F on a grading scale... Not quality... Who cares about the maturity? It's quality that counts unless you are an animal rights activist... I pursuade you to go to this web site...And also others to check it out if you don't believe me... I think there is a lot more myth in fast food than truth but with a nation that thrives on issues, why wouldn't there be?

yes theres is, 4/11/2007
Reviewer: Zipolite Emerys from Staunton Va
USDA does rate there meat Grade A-F ignoramis....check out

te best food ever!!, 11/28/2006
Reviewer: tacoman from tacoland/taco world
it was the best food i have ever looked at eatn and smelt. i would pay 5000$ for a grilled stuff burito with stake but i nly have to pay 2.98$ wich is amazing cuase it is the best better then eney crapy gortmey food!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KICKS ASS!, 11/10/2006
Reviewer: Jonathan from SB, CA

dirty and poor service, 7/15/2006
Reviewer: kathie rose from ann arbor, mi
Taco Bell is Taco Bell. universal menu. not the healthiest food, but very tasty. i am rating the service low because i went to this taco bell and found that the dining area was very very dirty, and then they gave my order to another person! i waited to see what would happen and they ended up giving me HIS order. turns out they had called the same order number off twice. the other guy and i just switched our trays. before i left they had started cleaning the dining room, but it was still a pretty bad experience. i think i'll hit another location next time.

Watch Out Wolfgang Puck!!!, 6/15/2006
Reviewer: Christian Saunders from Santa Barbara
This place is seriously a close rival to Spago... Try the crunch wrap supreme... I loved it. This place at 2AM is the ultimate cure when I've had a drink or two (or 9) and am already thinking outside the bun! Serivea was amazing too.... our waiter was there at my every beck & call... will go again!

Grade D?, 6/14/2006
Reviewer: Kiv from Las Vegas NV
whoever said grade D meat??? LOL that persons just a complete moron . :D

haha "grade D", 12/6/2005
Reviewer: John Man from Santa Barbara, CA
taco bell is NOT "Grade D beef" that isn't how beef is graded you ignoramis

taco bell, 8/20/2005
Reviewer: lopez from mexico city
The two Taco Bells in SB rate among the best in the country. As a Mexican American I know my tacos and such; for those critics who complain about grade D meat I reply by saying, "If thats [grade] D meat, then fast food hamburgers are made from grade E." westside for life

I think there is a mistake, 8/17/2005
Reviewer: Granados from Santa Barbara
I belive is a mistake labeling taco bell as mexican food. First of all if you go to Mexico you will never see a burrito (like the ones made in US) in any restaurant, household or mecados (markets were the real food is served). The food is extremelly fatty and the meat is the worst rated meat in the US. If you want real mexican fast food go to El Pollo Loco but that is it.

Awsome Bathrooms, 6/10/2005
Reviewer: Elroy Punta from Santa Barbara, Ca
Are you kidding me? This place rocks! Best Chimichangas I´ve ever had in Santa Barbara plus the bathrooms are super clean. Where else would you go for mexican?

hands down, 6/3/2005

hands down this is the best mexican restaurant in SB. Whenever I am in town, it´s the first place I hit. Destination dining at its finest!

Not bad for fast-food., 5/4/2005
Reviewer: Colleen from Santa Barbara, CA
Well I guess I better put my two-cents in here as well. Granted, I would not consider Taco Bell to be a "restaurant" per se, but as fast-food goes, it´s actually pretty good. The Mexican Pizza is very tasty and of course, the bean burrito, a Taco Bell staple, always hits the spot (especially with onions!). So overall, I give “TB” a solid three-star rating.

It ain´t what it used to be, 5/4/2005
Reviewer: Jeff from the Valley from Santa Ynez Valley
After reading the two new conflicting reviews, I visited the "Bell" on E. Fairview. I had the steak burrito supreme and a couple of different tacos. The food wasn´t bad, but it certainly isn´t no "Izzy´s"(SuperRica). I give them 3 stars only because they have two locations so close to each other on Fairview. It´s hard to believe the "Bell´s" stay in biz considering the fantastic Mexi-food around SB. They survive off sheer convenience.

Are you joking?, 5/2/2005

Five stars for grade-D taco meat? Is this supposed to be a joke? It´s fast food, people, not a restaurant.

Always a winner!, 5/2/2005
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
This is a great bell, always clean with prompt food service. All santa barbara taco bells are great! Try them all! check out to read/write reviews about taco bells all over the country! Its valuable information.

Yummy, 4/27/2005

Yo quiero taco bell...classic Mexican food at great prices and the atmosphere is top notch..definately a five star place

best food in town, 2/25/2005
Reviewer: Jose from Paris, France
Simply the best!!!! Cheap! Clean!Fast!Good! Can´t beat that!! It makes me remember of my Grandmother´s Home cooking!!!

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