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Ralphs - Downtown
100 W. Carrillo St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-7000

Reviews by the General Public

I-Hate-This-Store!, 1/14/2019
Reviewer: Richard from Santa Barbara, CA
Closed all morning due to Power-Outage followed by inability to rapidly re-start Checkout Terminals.

Deli Win Out!
Reviewer: lyn from santa barbara
Having to provide lunch for 150 ladies and with a St Patrick Day theme I started looking for Cornedbeef and and Rye bread to start. After checking around SB I was lucky enough to find'Norma' at the Ralph's in Santa Barbara. This helpful woman provided me with exactly what I wanted on my schedule and assisted me with everything one can imagine in determining how much for 150 eaters! I can't thank her enough for all her efforts. The luncheon was a success.

No checkers...
Reviewer: Ann from Santa Barbara, CA
When the store first opened it was wonderful. There were checkers when the store was opened. Now there aren't any until 8:00am. Not convenient when having to be at work at 8:00am. They seem to think "self-check-out" is wonderful...not for the customer. The things don't work properly; tried 3 different times to use the service & got over charged each time. I agree about the should help the workers learn about the products they are selling...Management, where are you? Used to shop there at least 3 times a week. Now I go else where.

Oroweat Bread Always Out of Stock
Reviewer: Edwardo from Santa Barbara, CA
Ralphs at 100 W. Carillo St. Santa Barbara has lost my business. Almost every time I shop there, they are out of Oroweat Masters Best bread. I have spoken to managers many times and left more than 20 notes at the manager's desk. I drive to Albertson's, and they have it in stock. I'm tired of having to go to two places to get the groceries I need. So my second stop has now become my first. Constructive criticism: Store managers should communicate sales metrics with distributors to match supply to demand.

Great overall experience.
Reviewer: DeAnna from Santa Barbara, CA
The store is great. Fast and friendly service. Really quick checkout. The employees are very friendly. Meat department is fresh. The priduce has a great organic selection. The service deli is the bomb. The new lower prices are great.

Meat Department unhelpful and rude
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to Ralphs to get beef brisket and the only thing at the beef brisket sign was corned beef brisket. I asked the young meat kid and he said it was the same thing as long as I didnt use the spices that were packaged with it. So I made three briskets but then came out as corned beef. When I called another young man at the meat department listened to my story and said, "Sorry about that, I will tell my co-worker." That was it. Never going back there and have spoiled my husband's birthday.

C'mon, folks, it's a solid grocery store
Reviewer: Brendan from Santa Barbara, CA
Seeing a few recent negative reviews, I thought I'd add a positive one just to even things out. I live two blocks from this store and shop at it frequently, usually at least twice a week. It's just a grocery store, not some gourmet establishment, but as a grocery store it's perfectly fine. As others have mentioned, the outside is unusually nice-looking for a grocery store, and it has a pleasant seating area with a fountain. Unlike some other reviewers, I haven't had any real problems with the deli. Some of the staff are pretty friendly and will chat with you as they get your stuff. There are times when I've had to wait a while to be served, but usually that's because there were other customers in line ahead of me. I buy a lot of fish, and their fish selection is fair to middling. For most of the summer they had fresh wild-caught salmon at reasonable prices -- very tasty. Other times they don't have much of interest. Their selection of other meats is always solid though. I can pretty much always get everything I'm looking for in the produce section -- not that I have very adventurous tastes in produce, but fruits, berries, vegetables, whatever, it's all there. I almost always use the self-checkout. Occasionally it does weird stuff where it will say "Assistant has been notified to assist you" for no apparent reason, and it chokes if you bring your own bags and already have stuff in them from another store, but these are minor concerns. Out of the hundreds of times I've been there, only a handful have I had to wait long enough that it became a real annoyance. Again, when there's a delay, it's usually because the self-checkout attendant is helping someone else who goofed up their purchase somehow. Other than that, what can I say? They've got everything you'd expect at a grocery store, and it looks pretty nice too.

Dirty and disgusting
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
I live downtown and the Ralph's location here is/was convenient. But after seeing what I saw here last night, I guess I'll travel to the mesa for my groceries or to Smart and Final. Disgusting habits, that have no place in a food prep environment are practiced here, and when you look at the overall place...this Ralph's is a dump.

Not Knowledgeable in Food Service Deli Dept.
Reviewer: Debbie from Santa Barbara, CA
100% in agreement, "John D.".....The supermarket is great, but I always have trouble in the deli with the same similar problems that you have expressed. One time I asked for 'shaved pastrami', but only to find out later I got thick sliced corned beef...The staff in the Deli seemed very unaware of what brands of meats and cheeses are available, and you certainly couldn't ask any one of them about the products. One girl barely spoke English, and I had to ask to speak to the Deli Manager, and I had a large deli meat took FOREVER to get it right! How I would love to be able to get information on the cheese (such as Lazy Acres does), but I believe Ralph's has to up the anty and hire educated, intelligent employees who have the knowledge, experience and background to work in such a deli. Products rated A+, customer service ZERO. :(

Deli is the weakest link
Reviewer: John D from Santa Barbara, CA
I shop exclusively at the Carrillo Street Ralphs, and I can tell you unequivocally that their deli is their absolute weakest link. Not all of the deli workers speak proficient English, so communication is sometimes a problem. I recently called to find out if they had egg salad and was told they did, so I made a special trip to get some. Turned out they hadn't had any in days. Another time I asked for a specific kind of cheese and was told they not only didn't have any, but they had NEVER carried that kind--even though I'd bought some there the week before. Passing by the deli 15 minutes later I asked another deli employee about the cheese. Turns out there was plenty in stock. The Carrillo Street Ralphs is one of the best supermarkets I've ever seen. Why they don't whip their deli department into shape is beyond me. It would seem to be such an easy fix, i.e., hire employees who are fluent in English and have them aware of what items are and are not stocked.

Nice place, really hidden from view from the street
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
If not for this website I never would have known a Ralphs was here, its really hidden across the street from the bus terminal. Very large inside with spacious aisles. People were Ok there. Seems like the employees outnumber the shoppers? Deli sandwich Ok, their pasta salad bar is really good. Good place.

Unprofessional, but fun if that's your thing
Reviewer: a p c from Santa Barbara, CA
I go to this Ralph's cuz it's 24/7 and by my work. I went in the other day uncharacteristically tired and kind of irritable and had to hide in the bathroom to escape the loooooong drawn ouuuuuuut PA speeeeech that a dude in the meat department was giving over the intercom. I could tell he thought it was funny, but it was just grating on my nerves and I had to get away from it. Then I realized that most of the reasons I love coming to this Ralph's are because I get a kick out of the unprofessional (but occasionally hilarious) antics of the staff, and maybe that's not a good thing.

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