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KFC - Goleta
5697 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 967-0702

Reviews by the General Public

nashville chicken
Reviewer: fred from Santa Barbara, CA
NASHVILLE CHICKEN......Flavor and crust were good, but oh the grease! Came in a tub with an eighth inch of grease on the bottom. The chicken crust was saturated with grease. Went back for more napkins 4 times. I like their hot wings, but will AVOID the sopping Nashville grease forever. Their coleslaw is still the best.

The best!
Reviewer: Anabeth Ramairez from Santa Barbara, CA
I was just in there yesterday around 5-6. The service was Great the only disappointment was the strips weren't ready for My order to be complete, I waited but the girls were so nice! They offered a drink and cookie for waiting. When I got home I saw they had gave me some Extra strips and we're very sorry for the inconvenience. KFC you have satisfied me! I will be back every often :)

Is this a joke?
Reviewer: Chloe from Santa Barbara, CA
The poor reviews are just proof that people will complain about ANYTHING. I don't go to KFC expecting refined cuisine, I go to sate my American glutton-driven cravings- and nothing else. I seek KFC, I obtain KFC, my contents are always in the bag, the employees are always kind. What is there to complain about?

Dry, drier, and dryest
Reviewer: David from Goleta
I would have been better off picking up a bag of chips--they would have been as moist as these hot wings are. They must have been cooked yesterday.

Have you tried the Grilled Chicken? Word of caution--DON'T!
Reviewer: elle from goleta, ca
There's a reason why the F in KFC = Fried. I haven't stepped into KFC for a good year+, but decided to try the Grilled chicken. BIG MISTAKE! Dry chicken, lacked flavor, and disappointing. Preference = El Pollo Loco where at least you know that they're truly grilling the chicken (like it should be). I was probably better off saving the $$$ and grilling my own chicken at home. Service was decent today from what I last remembered.

Efficient Fast Food
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
Obviously KFC food is...KFC. You're not getting mom's home fried chicken or mashed potatoes but their food is consistently hot, served very quickly and they make subsitutions quickly. I've been served by people who have worked there a long time and could tell you the menu in their sleep and with someone who had their first day. Both times were pleasant experiences, a little slow with the new guy, but he was apologetic and seemed to be trying his best. Overall great experience, this is fast food at its best.

Great cheap food, but why dones't anyone understand English?
Reviewer: Richard Anderson from Santa Barbara, CA
I have always liked KFC but it seems like every time I try to place an order, no one knows what I'm saying. I'm born and raised in Goleta, speak English only, and I have no accent so that can't be the problem? As the reviewer before me said, its only KFC so what kind of service do you really expect? It's just a good thing I majored in Spanish for 2 years in college or my order would never be right.

Hard to beat the fried chicken
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Hard to beat the fried chicken here. Service is so so, I got shrugs from employees when I walked in the door, you get the we are just kfc employees so don't expect much attitude. Oh well.

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